Too many good wishes

Thanks to all of you who took the trouble to wish me well. There are so many I can’t find them on my iPad.

Thanks to all of youse.

The Wednesday surgery went off with no hitches. By 5 p.m. the nurses had me taking a few steps. As of Thursday 1:10 a.m., as I write this, there is little pain. Except when I move. 🙂

Thursday morning they check me out to see if I can walk using the walker. I can do that. They want a BM. (Sorry.) Not sure I can do that.

Everyone here at Jefferson has been great — professional, efficient and tolerant of my sometimes edgy jokes. (I have not asked their opinion of working for an institution named after a slave owner. 😉) Nurses are God’s fingers. If you are an atheist, nurses are dog’s fingers.

I should be released Thursday afternoon. Pardon any typos, I am working sitting in my bed, very uncomfortable and hard to see.

But, my Friday 3rd anniversary column was done in advance.

25 thoughts on “Too many good wishes”

  1. Stu, I am very happy to hear that things are going well for you. I am sure you will continue to improve quickly. In speaking with you over the many years I have come to know you as a fighter. So keep on punching my friend.

  2. BM? Big Mac? Isn’t your diet restricted? Out of bed, soldier! On your feet! Your people need you!

  3. You look great, Stu. And you know what Fernando, on SNL says, with accent, “It’s better to luuke good than to feeelll good.”

      1. No, you misunderstood See Billy Crystal’s impersonation on SNL of Fernando.
        Google it. I think you’ll enjoy.

    You look like a Christmas Tree or Hanukkah bush with all of those wrist tags. I think the one says, ‘do not open till Christmas’. The other sez ‘ in case of fire, RUN ! ‘ Not sure ’bout ‘tahers
    All the best,

    1. My advice if you want it…Walk, walk, walk. Walker for some weeks, cane for a few more. Hopefully your IT band doesn’t give you fits of discomfort. Find a pillow for between your legs. Sleep is underrated in the healing process. Thinking good thoughts for you Stu.

  5. Hang in there, Stu. maybe Kenney will resign, so sta well. You may have to finish his term!

  6. Hang in there Stu, you may have ti replace Kenney, he’s just not feeling The LOVE anymore!

  7. Craig McCoy and the Inky will send a Thai Child Prostitute to relieve half-pint.

    That will help You heal Your wounds.

  8. Stu, best wishes for a speedy recovery. Sorry for the late response. Must have missed that you were undergoing surgery.

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