Hip, hip, oy vey

By the time you read this, what you see pictured should be completed.

That is hip replacement surgery.

Looks ugly. Glad I will be asleep.

For me, it was the left one, which has been giving me a lot of problems for the past year. I controlled it with cortisone for a while, but that doesn’t work forever.

So I may be less active for a few days, or maybe not. I have done my third anniversary column for Friday.

Prayers, thoughts or positive energy is appreciated.

18 thoughts on “Hip, hip, oy vey”

  1. Good Morning Stu,
    We hope all goes well and send you our best wishes for a speedy recovery!
    Paul & Lionel

  2. Hope all goes well. I had that done 4 years ago, at age 57. I was back walking within about a week (with a walker), and back at work in 3 weeks. The surgery changed my life – for a while I couldn’t walk more than a block without stopping (usually less), and needed a cane. Now I routinely go over my 10K steps a day without even blinking.

    1. Stu, my Brit cousin had hip replacement about six months ago. He’s never felt better, plus he’s been RV–ing.
      My prayers and a speedy recovery.

    All the best to your surgeons and to you. Don’t remember who you like. It all comes down to you trusting your Doc. We use Penn for all of our needs. Pam had a few surgeries. I had a few more than her. Three knees. Three shoulders and a bunch of other stuff. I was the ‘six million dollar man’ a few million ago !

  4. Good luck, my friend. I am sure you feel WAY better after this surgery. As I mentioned, I’ve had several friends who had it done and it was life-changing for them.

  5. May the road rise up to meet you… while you’re upright rather than face down.
    Heal well

  6. From someone who does not miss reading all of your columns and only once sent a response, and a conservative, I send you my very best for a speedy and full recovery. You have opened my eyes with alot of your columns . So, Stu, please know we are all pulling for you and look forward to many many more columns from you. Trust you will have little discomfort. Blessings!


  7. Stu,Best to you and the surgical team.My BIL just had it done and is doing so much better.My son’s FIL ( 80 Y.O.) also is enjoying a much better lifestyle.
    God Speed & Slainte’
    We need you Stu!
    John C

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