Happy 3 to me

This is the 3rd anniversary of this blog and I am re-running my first column, because not everyone saw it, and because it states my principles and my intentions. People should know what they are getting. It appears largely unchanged from July 15, 2019.

If you landed here because you were looking for a Russian troll farm, you are free to leave.

The rest of you know my name from the Daily News and the (cough) Inquirer, where I worked for 47 years before leaving “voluntarily” last Friday, with a farewell column that announced the birth of this website.

To distinguish it from the Old Column, a friend suggested that I write here in haiku, but limericks are more my style.

So now you know I will use humor. It might be a bit edgy sometimes. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

I would prefer starting this adventure with something torn from the headlines, but I feel I have to show you a road map, so you know what to expect.

Courtesy Visit Philly

StuBykofsky.com is open to ideas from the Right (wing nut) and the Left (loon). My intent is to explore serious subjects — politics, reparations, socialism, Medicare for all, free higher education, illegal immigration, culture, bad behavior, good deeds, Beyonce, and space aliens, if we can find any. It also will be silly sometime.

I expect this venture will develop a life of its own. I suspect it will be a hybrid — part column, part diary, part Facebook post. We will find out together.

I am a centrist, sometimes leaning left, sometimes leaning right. I believe in the rule of law as protection against anarchy and chaos. I also believe facts matter.

I also believe The Middle is where people meet to get things done. That’s what we (meaning me) at StuBykofsky.com believe. I know the extremes draw more attention, but they are destructive.

Compromise to me = common sense, whether in a government or a marriage. Self-indulgent ideologues don’t believe in compromise because they think the morality of their cause demands purity and excludes “settling.” I think that is one reason our national government is gridlocked.

I believe, in essence, America is a good country with some bad people and some bad patches in its past and present. If you believe America is a bad country, you won’t be happy here.

If you need trigger warnings, a safe space, or a puppy to pet when you see an idea you don’t like, leave now. Straight talk overrules delicate feelings.

This column will be Philacentric, but with a world view. The PC police have been handcuffed. The language may sometimes be rough, but we are all adults. I am the benevolent gatekeeper of The Middle.

There’s nothing in the middle of the road, said Texas Democrat Jim Hightower, but a yellow stripe and dead armadillos.

That’s a funny line, but is it true?  Let’s road test it on politics.

As of June, when Gallup asked Americans about their party affiliation, it found 27% said they were Democrats, 26% claimed to be Republicans and — approaching a majority — 46% chose to be independents.

Those figures suggest the emergence of a third political party is possible, but I don’t want to get over my skis. The bulk of Americans are middlist, which is a word I thought I invented, but someone beat me to the punch.

In terms of my home ground, it means purple Pennsylvania is more in tune with America than is deep blue Philadelphia.

I am an enrolled Democrat (I have to be in Philadelphia, where the primary determines the winner almost always) who has voted for some Republicans — Arlen Specter, Thacher Longstreth, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush (once) and maybe some others. I vote for the person — not the party, not the gender, not the skin color, not the religion, not the astrological sign, not the age, not the spirit animal.

I vote for the person who I think will be best for America, not necessarily best for me. Voting only for who is best for you is entirely understandable, but self-centered.

“Jews earn like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans,” said political commentator Milton Himmelfarb, about his (and my) people. It was a comment on the Jewish commitment to liberalism, which thrives even as American Jews uncouple from their religious roots.

Jews are the only people I know who put the interests of other minority groups above their own.

Is that harsh?

It is an opinion and that’s what you will see here, but opinion standing on a platform of fact. I won’t always be right, but I will always try to get it right — and to  correct it when I am wrong.

And so the adventure begins.

52 thoughts on “Happy 3 to me”

        You were one of my favorites way back when, but then a few moved on, one or two were fired, several died. You survived as the victor, head and shoulders above the rest. I’ve been with you for most of those years. Thanks for educating me, giving me hope and for the many laughs.

  1. Happy First Anniversary to the most valuable blog on the cloud. Keep writing!

  2. It was a very sad day when you “voluntarily” left the Inquirer, leaving only left wing woke columnists who completely ignore the majority of the working people of Philadelphia and only push their agenda. I’m a slightly right leaning centrist and I appreciate having a blog hit my inbox every day that actually presents a balanced point of view. I’m waiting for karma to happen and for the liberal left Inky rag to go belly up as people who don’t want to be indoctrinated leave its subscription base — and the city in droves.

  3. Never did see the first column, and now am so glad you re-ran it. It is YOU, warts and all. If only all of us could be so honest about ourselves! “Pust’ vsegda budyet’ solntse.” (By the way, you described yourself as a mugwump. Not bad, not bad,)

  4. Stu,
    Congratulations! What a year!! For me you can’t imagine. But mainly you!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent. Enjoy your day! Looking forward to Number Two!

  5. Happy Anniversary….wishing you at least 47 more in this forum and others! It is great that voice is still being heard!

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!! ( as sung by Barney and his group from the Flintstones ! )
    You did it your way, my friend ! You are consistent as the day I first met you ( wearing your Brooklyn Dodgers jacket !)
    side note: in the photo that you show. Looking west through Philly. Just to the right of center, in the far back, is the “Blue Cross” building. In a tradition in construction. When the building is erected there is a “Topping out ” ceremony. I took it one step farther ! In 1988, when we finished the “Curtain Wall” , I Flew my Father’s Casket Flag from the highest point of the building. Left hand point of the ridge roof (625 feet above ground). As my crew gathered for a group picture, a small Cessna circled above us and was seen “dipping his wings” in salute to our Flag and my Father. pretty special moment.
    stay well,
    stay strong, keep writing

  7. Thanks for not deserting us in our time of need…..the thirst for knowledge is strong in this one. 😊🙏❤

  8. Philadelphia, PA

    Dear Stu,

    Keep up the good work!

    I especially appreciate your Philadelphian and “centrist” stance. Loyalty to party is no substitute for love of country.

    But there will be no third party until and unless one of the existing pair goes down entirely. That hasn’t happened since the 1850’s.

    H.G. Callaway

  9. Mazel tov! You know the routine Stu…keep slaving away for our mutual enjoyment.

  10. Chuck Stone would be proud. Continue to challange the false narrative with the voice of honesty and common sense for many more years.

  11. Happy Anniversary.Great job.You are one of the rare voices of common sense left in this country.

  12. Happy anniversary. I’m not sure how I came to know you but Stu I have been reading you for most of this year and just so you know I have never sent anything to anyone and as a centrist slight right leaning I want you to know how much I Iook forward to reading your blog. For whatever reason you have a way to be fair and report on things factually that today you can’t find it as everyone seems to be so one sided. The perspective you bring is most refreshing and you call it the way it is regardless as to who it might not be favorable to Republicans or Democrats. It is so difficult to find today reporters who will be objective, fair and honest to their readers. My sincere compliments for being who you are and what you are doing. Please keep it up. Our best.

  13. Happy anniversary and congrats on the milestone Stu! Keep up the great work!

  14. Happy Anniversary, Stu! Thanks for sharing your first article as I’ve only recently discovered your blog. Thanks for being a voice of reason in these turbulent times. Wishing you many more years of bringing sanity to our inboxes.

  15. Dear Stu.
    Just going through my emails as I was at the Jersey Shore for the summer. Must have missed this wonderful “Happy
    Anniversary” one. I always read your article in the Inquirer, which I cancelled after many, many years.
    I agree with the comments given esp Wanda. Please keep writing and stay well!

  16. Happy anniversary Stu. I look forward to reading your musings for many more of them.

  17. HAPPY FRIDAY !!!
    You introduced that word,’pallie’ to me on our first date ( meeting ).
    Aside from some new words such as woke, your first column could have been written today.
    We got history you and I. In some ways, it’s been like the road trips of yesteryear. Fun full of adventure and keep it to yourself.
    All the best,

      1. it came with the dodgers jacket. I think that you had a company lease car that day. I think it was a saturday . too many concussions ago.
        who is this , anyway …..

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