Sad sack Kenney plays the race card for migrants

One thing for sure: When you hear our Sad Sack, clueless mayor call something “racist,” you know one of two things — it is not, and he has no better argument.

Mayor Jim Kenney reads typical asinine statement

So you know he’s bullshitting when he claims Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is being “cruel and racist” for bussing 28 illegals to Philadelphia, a proud and lawless sanctuary city.

Hey — remember how we’ve been hearing these poor folks were Venezuelans trying to escape the workers’ paradise in which they live?

From the city’s press release: “Many of them are from Colombia, Cuba, Panama, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic.”

What’s missing?


“Hey! Philadelphia is too dangerous. Send me back to Colombia,” one of the migrants did not say out loud. 

Upon their arrival, Kenney said the city would be happy to help “our newly arrived neighbors” to “provide support to families hoping to build a new life.”

“Neighbors,” not “visitors” or transients, although most will leave.

Even if you accept their claim of asylum — and I don’t and will explain why — that means they are entitled to a hearing to determine whether they qualify for asylum status. Not only is that status not automatic, it is denied in at least 70% of cases.


Because qualifying for asylum status is very narrowly defined under our law, not that sanctuary cities care about the law, because they do not.

I explained why most of those claiming asylum are gaming the system in a previous column. In summary, applicants must prove that they would be persecuted on at least one of five protected grounds: Race, Religion, Nationality, Political opinion, particular social group. (Such as gays, for example.)

Asylum is offered to protect a class of individuals from persecution flowing from inherent characteristics.

Notice what is not included: Hunger, joblessness, climate change, drought, flood, threats from criminal gangs, lack of housing. All of these are sad characteristics, but they do not provide a basis for asylum under U.S. law.

The reason is simple: If poverty, for example, were admissible grounds for asylum, that would bring hundreds of millions to our doors. Think of the U.S. as a lifeboat with a limited number of seats. Try to “rescue” too many and the lifeboat sinks, drowning everyone.

The asylum court backlog now stands at 1.6 million. The system is not so much broken as completely overwhelmed because President Joe Biden wants not that way. There is no other conclusion. That hapless hack, DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas, maintains the border is closed. He is a moron.

After being intercepted at the border, the feds have been giving illegals free transportation to where they want to live. Most likely to where they already have family (who may be here illegally, but the government does not ask.) Call it Open Borders Lite.

And Open Borders is national suicide, a form of population Russian Roulette.

Philly says five of the immigrants want to stay here, where they already have family. Are those families here legally? Illegally? Who knows and the city doesn’t care.

And these 28 — like hundreds of thousands of others — are counting on either skipping their hearing when it comes up, or counting on the Open Borders types who will tell the judge they have “already put down roots” here and it would be “cruel” to deport them.

And that’s how the system is gamed and how they receive preferential treatment over legal immigrants who did everything the right way — by waiting their turn and paying all the required (and excessive) fees.

It rewards bad behavior and it is a sickness of progressives, who seem to think law can be changed as easily as race and gender. 

10 thoughts on “Sad sack Kenney plays the race card for migrants”

  1. Can’t wait til Jim Kenney leaves office, he has been a disaster for Philadelphia. The problem we will soon be facing is what progressive liberal socialist democrat will be replacing him. Philadelphia is no longer the city that I was proud of and loved. It turned into a city of killings, drug deaths, and a city council and mayor that pretend it isn’t happening. Philadelphia is a city beyond repair and I don’t see it coming back.

    1. The true disaster has yet to announce. Brown and Domb are capitalists, not socialists.
      Cherelle Parker and Derek Green are sane, as is Rebecca Rhynhart.

      1. I sure hope that nutjob asshat & delusional madwoman Helen Gym doesn’t run. She’d make Kenney look like JFK.

  2. I would certainly describe myself as a progressive. However, most progressive also believe in the rule of law. People seeking asylum, as you describe above, should certainly have the opportunity to state their cases. However, people who are breaking the law should be treated as such. The system of granting asylum, like any social welfare program, is there for good reason, and designed to help folks who really need it. Those gaming the system should be treated accordingly. How’s that for a progressive position?

    1. Strikes me as liberal, not progressive. But labels can be slippery. Progressives seem to be in love with identity politics, where everything is seen through a prism of race (or religion, or gender, etc.) Liberals see people first as people.

  3. IN MY OPINION, once these people are here, we as fellow humans have a responsibility to at least feed them. The failure of government doing its job at the border is not an excuse for us to toss these people onto the ash heap. When we see a fellow human in need, we do not ask about his politics or his religion or his race or his whatever — we simply have to see the human being and his needs. That being said, my anger toward my country’s government is boundless: that government sees this problem at the border and does NOTHING to stem the tide of illegals crossing over is a disgrace. And shame on the voters who don’t show their anger at the polls.

  4. The True disaster met the migrant bus at 30th Street station. She ensured her left leaning face was front & center in all the news photos and videos helping the illegals disembark from the bus. I still can’t figure out who her constituency is in Philadelphia. Money talks and bullshit walks. She has money for the play to pay game of getting votes. Where is that money coming from?

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