The big, fat asylum fraud

People — poor people mostly — are desperate to get to America. So desperate they will lie and distort the law to achieve sanctuary here.

I don’t blame them for wanting to come here. I do blame them for subverting our law — whether they crash the border and run for the interior, overstay their visas, or claim an asylum status for which they know they do not qualify.

A caravan of migrants, mostly from Central America, head north along a coastal highway. (AP Photo/Marco Ugarte)

According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, there are three requirements to qualify for eligibility for asylum:

First, asylum applicants must not have been convicted of a serious crime or an aggravated felony.

Second, they must show a well-founded fear of persecution in their country of nationality and permanent residency.

Third, asylum applicants must prove that they would be persecuted on at least one of five protected grounds: 




Political opinion

A particular social group. (Such as gays, for example.)

Asylum is offered to protect a class of individuals from persecution flowing from inherent characteristics.

These are broad, but clear, strokes. I will not engage in minutia. Some try to make it as complicated as particle physics, but this is the basic law.

Notice what is not included: Hunger, joblessness, climate change, drought, flood, threats from criminal gangs, lack of housing. All of these are sad characteristics, but they do not provide a basis for asylum under U.S. law.

The reason is simple: If poverty, for example, were admissible grounds for asylum, that would bring hundreds of millions to our doors. Think of the U.S. as a lifeboat with a limited number of seats. Try to “rescue” too many and the lifeboat sinks, drowning everyone. 

Nearly 150 million people would move here if they could, Gallup reports. That would increase our population by 50%. How could we possibly sustain that many people? 

You think climate change is an existential threat? Less so than Open Borders.

The U.S. can handle a garden hose of asylum seekers. What we have now is a fire hose. It will drown us. 

And while I don’t want to make this political, it is an inescapable fact that border jumping had hit a low before Joe Biden’s inauguration, it has spiked since then, directly due to sentimental comments about how different Biden would be from Donald J. Trump.

Suddenly caravans  were cruising toward our border. 

And while the Bidenites denied a “crisis” that even the MSM admitted, they were forced to make statements such as “Don’t come, at least for now.” Too little, too late.

Did you happen to see T-shirts many immigrants were wearing, directly appealing to Biden? The ones that said, “Biden Please Let Us In.” 

Heading to the border with an appeal to a friend

They wanted him to ignore U.S. immigration law and let them in.

He couldn’t do that out in the open, so they created a workaround: They would claim asylum status knowing that they were entitled to a hearing before a judge and also knowing there were not enough judges, and a hearing could take years to arrange. During that time, Biden would allow them to wait in the U.S. 

The court backlog now stands at 1.6 million. The system is not so much broken as completely overwhelmed.

After being intercepted at the border, the feds have been giving them free transportation to where they want to live. Most likely to where they already have family (which may be here illegally, but the government does not ask.) Call it Open Borders Lite.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott pulled a stunt by busing the immigrants to “welcoming” Sanctuary Cities such as New York and Washington, to force them to feel the burden of immigrants the Southwest alone has felt.

Upon arrival in New York, they are given free cell phones if they don’t have them, they are given free housing, sometimes in pricy midtown hotels, they are given health care and their non-English-speaking children are enrolled in already-overburdened schools. 

Are citizens treated that well? 

After being given a number and being told to wait their turn to have a hearing before a judge, which could take years, one of two things will happen. 1- They will melt into the population and not appear for their hearing. (I found contradictory stats about the percentage who show up. It seems a majority do.  I have trouble believing that, but I give you the best figures I can find, not the ones I like best.) 

2- If they do show up, they will claim, and will get various nonprofits to argue for them, that they have “put down roots” in the years they waited and should not be deported. (Under Trump, they had to wait in Mexico, which was far less appealing.) 

In a nutshell, that is the scam — not “illegal,” but using the law to freely enter when they want  and set up housekeeping. Legal immigrants,  on the other hand, seeking residency here and citizenship, have to wait in line for years and pay thousands in fees.

No free cell phones and hotel housing for people who did everything the right way.

Our priorities are wrong. Government policy should first ensure the well-being of our citizens. 

It is our country, we make the rules.

And the rules must be tightened to prevent what seems like a slide to Open Borders that will, without question, destroy us. 

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    Immigration IS a political football. You’ve been around long enough to have seen how ‘illegals’ have benefited companies. I’m sure that when you cruise the streets of Philly, you notice the flood of immigrants, whether legal or illegal.
    Like him or nor, Trump tried to fix the problem. The residents of these third world countries wouldn’t be leaving there if they were no longer third world countries. Trump proved that most of the money given to South American countries never hit the targets. The money did in fact give the ruling junta a better life. ( see Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic ) Trump tried to stop the flow of money, but congress was/is against commonsense and reasoning. Because of that and other issues, Trump squeezed those countries as much as he could, without the help of congress. It has been proven that Soros, through his many funding companies headed by his son, was/is the biggest tool/fool working the system against the American public. Sorry to say, most of us are too full of Trump hatred to see the truth. I hardly think that Mexico willingly spent the money to (try) close their southern border and then support us at their northern end.
    What has happened in the past when we would get overloaded with immigrants is we would stop accepting immigrants from those overloading countries. It better happen again – real soon.


  2. Actually, there are FOUR requirements for asylum: the 4th is “You must agree to vote Democrat.”

          1. I don’t know how, honestly. I know those things are called emojis, but I don’t know how to use them or find them, etc. I’ll have to ask my grandchildren I guess.

          2. Stu, I knew Vince was joking. That is why I did not respond to what he said. I do know, however, some (many, most?) people cannot tell sarcasm without some sort of clue.

        1. Vince, if you are using the Chrome browser in Windows, and are typing a post, press the Windows key and the period key at the same time. That should open up a box with a bunch of emjoi’s. Click on the emoji you want to use and it should show up in your post.

          I am not sure if it works the same way with other browsers or with other operating systems.

          I hope this helps you. 👍

  3. Democracy is about voting, and one vote can make a difference in any election. Your synopsis makes the point that this president is investing in a political ploy mostly for 2024 and in all the
    other elections in the country. If those who enter without a proper venting then down the road, we have no background information to find out if they were criminals, scam artists or unemployable. We open the gates with a care package to those who could be the worst illegal aliens we should have stopped by using the very law that millions of others have respected and obeyed to become proud and productive citizens and taxpayers. Before we bestow all those paid for benefits including education at least find out if they have a profession or job skill that could become an asset to our country and be placed where there is an acute shortage but only after a judicial hearing. As you stated for years the word illegal must be enforced whether it is at the border or in our crime ridden cities.

  4. The second coming of the Mariel Boat-lift on steroids has arrived on our borders. The Biden administration has encouraged illegal entry by criminals, subversives, sexual predators, drug gangs, human traffickers and it will continue as long as he is in office. Can someone in his administration wake him up to this reality and protect our borders. By the way, when you pay your next phone or cable bill, review the costs for the Universal Connectivity Charge. We are paying for the free phones and phone service for refugees and welfare recipients. These phones are aka as Obama phones. No one asked us if we wanted to pay that extra charge on our phone bill. Congress passed this law and set up our unexpected payment plan.

    1. Aloysius+M, why did you not mention that the Universal Connectivity Charge actually funds four programs. The programs are:

      Connect America Fund (formally known as High-Cost Support) for rural areas: This will expand the benefits of high-speed Internet to millions of consumers in every part of the country by transforming the existing USF into a new Connect America Fund focused on broadband.

      Lifeline (for low-income consumers), including initiatives to expand phone service for residents of Tribal lands: Lifeline program has provided a discount on phone service for qualifying low-income consumers to ensure that all Americans have the opportunities and security that phone service brings, including being able to connect to jobs, family and emergency services.

      E-Rate – Schools & Libraries USF Program: The schools and libraries universal service support program, commonly known as the E-rate program, helps schools and libraries to obtain affordable broadband.

      Rural Health Care: Provides funding to eligible health care providers for telecommunications and broadband services necessary for the provision of health care.

      It seems to me the Universal Connectivity Charge does a lot of good for a lot of people and places.

      If you are going to speak about something at least try to tell the full story.

  5. This is what the people wanted. Biden ran on this and raising taxes. He also said he was getting rid of trumps American first policy. I would like to hear from the Biden voters how it’s working out for them. I know my standard of living has gone down dramatically since he took office.

  6. Let’s put the Universal Connectivity Charge on the ballot. Who wants to pay for a service you already have paid for monthly. Let the voters decide what we should and should not pay. Did congress ask their constituents if there are other alternatives to pay for these services. I believe companies such as Verizon, Comcast and their PAC’s donated to and promoted the UCC to be passed. Can rural residents pay their own phone bills. Is cell phone ownership a necessity or a luxury. I did not have a cell phone for 40 years without problems. Do you receive a dividend from Comcast, Verizon or other cable or phone companies for your payment in these services provided to others. I am sure these companies are making money on the development of these services.

    1. It’s called redistribution of wealth. The democrats think it’s great for the government to confiscate your money and give it to able.body people. Equity! If you have it I get it to even though I didn’t earn it. This is what we voted for.

    2. Aloysius+Martin, I have no problem with what you suggest. Let it go on the ballot along with if abortion should be legal.

      1. Along with all the orphans in the world I’m sure your glad your mother didn’t kill you.

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