Why Bernie might kill the Dem Party

It’s amazing that the leading Democratic candidate for president is not even a Democrat, it is independent (socialist) Bernie Sanders, who is running as a Democrat only because it offered his best path to victory.

That didn’t happen and Dems fear Bernie

If he didn’t hate the Democratic Establishment before 2016, he certainly did after the behemoth leadership put their thumbs on the scale and probably denied him the party nomination. 

So it’s no skin off his back if Sanders becomes the person who destroys the party, at least the platypus it has turned into. It is an ill-fitting patchwork of radical progressives, blue-collar labor, white-collar teachers’ unions, some extreme positions on abortion (up to the moment of birth) and gun control (we will take them away from you), and every imaginable minority looking for validation.

The Party Establishment fears a Sanders win will result in a George McGovern 1972  electoral massacre. The party went way too far to the left and handed the election to a widely despised Richard Nixon. Sound familiar?

If Sanders doesn’t capture the 1,991 delegates he needs to win the nomination, but has more than anyone else, and the party gives the nomination to an also-ran — Joe Biden? Mike Bloomberg? Michelle Obama? — the Berners will bolt.

The Berners will say to the Democratic National Committee, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. In a Moses-like move, Bernie Sanders will lift his staff, spread his arms and lead his version of the Israelites to the promised land of a third party — the Socialist Party U.S.A. He will take the free-for-all crazies with him. 

Viva Eugene Debs! Viva Norman Thomas!

“You will give the election to Donald Trump,” the Establishment and the liberal media will cry.

“I did it your way last time  and the putz was elected anyway,” thunders Sanders. “Blame yourself.”

In November, Trump wins the election with 45% of the popular vote. Air Canada adds flights from LAX to Toronto.

The Democratic Party is in shambles, resembling the wreckage that was left after the racist Dixiecrats left the party in 1948. A reformation followed.

So, too, the Democratic Party again will reconstitute itself as an actual party of the middle- and working-class, the traditional Americans who believe in a level playing field, no one being above the law, no one being left behind, and, above all, common sense being more important than ethnic identity and the culture of grievance.

15 thoughts on “Why Bernie might kill the Dem Party”

  1. This is the best summation of the present state of affairs to be read anywhere in the media today. We miss you Stu!

    yo pallie,
    Given today’s political climate, you speak many truths. Rhetorically speaking, who in their right mind would be backing the bern ? Obviously, the answer are those that are very wet behind the ears, and already have all of the answers.
    Because the rich gets richer and the swamp is full of very rich swamp creatures – from all parties, the country is in this current sad state.
    Again, the bern will be cast aside. The dems know that the country will not elect a socialist. We also know that there may be a half hearted attempt to resurrecting the socialist party from days of yore, but that too, will fall by the way side.
    Being naive and eternally optimistic, let us all hope that after this election, the two parties move past this debacle. Let us further hope that we all can unite as one nation under God.

  3. Excellent column, Stu.
    Couldn’t have said it better myself.
    I accept your offer to share your wisdom and insight
    with thinking citizens far and wide.

  4. It was Bernies supporters that cost the Dems the election in 2016. Hillary was not perfect. But look what we got instead of her!! In my opinion, although Bernie caucuses with the Dems, HE IS NOT A DEM and therefore should NOT have been allowed to participate in the 2016 primaries or now in this current (2020) one. It will not only be the death of the Dem party, but the death of democracy. Now I fear it’s too late to exclude him without major damage to the party, and therefore tRump will be re-elected. Nor should Bloomerg be the candidate as he’s simply another old rich white man. Not a bad man, but we’d do better with a younger, more demographically acceptable ticket. Warren/Buttigieg or Klobuchar/Buttigieg are my suggestions. The Dems must take back the Senate in order to get any legislation moving again!

  5. Good article Stu, but does it matter? Trump’s a shoe-in, barring something beyond our control.
    What’s scary is the aftermath. We’ll have the dems, the never’s, the MSM and the new socialist party in concert attacking the president. They haven’t acknowledged 2016. Why would they 2020?

    Unlike Tony I’m not hopeful. Wish otherwise. I predict at some point, regrettably, blood in the streets. And there are times I wished I’d remained apolitical back in the day.

    1. Sorry to get off topic Stu, but are you watching the debate? The best question was just asked by Bloomberg when he said I’m the only one on this stage that started a business, right? Nobody said anything, the audience didn’t respond, that speaks volumes!! He was right and nobody understood. That’s why Trump is president and Bloomberg is the dems best chance.

  6. Bernie got bushwhacked by the Democrat establishment in 2016. It’s happening again in 2020. It wouldn’t surprise me if Bernie runs as a third party candidate.

  7. If you want to show your kid why what Bernie Sanders preaches is destructive and dangerous, take half of your kid’s ice cream away. And give it to a stranger.

    1. I’ve already taught my child to share. She likes sharing. She loves it when she can make other people smile. That’s just as good as ice cream. May be you should try allowing a child to teach you something. Observing my daughter teaches me things every day about how we could all grow quite a bit wiser by putting much of this adult foolishness behind us.

      1. Learn to read. I wrote TAKE your kid’s ice cream. TAKING something and giving it someone else is not ‘sharing’ except in the fevered brow of Democrats.

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