Bloomberg holds his own

The coming attractions promised a feature something like Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill,” but titled “Kill Mike,” as in the billionaire former mayor of New York, Bloomberg, who has bought his way into second place in the Democrat race for president.

The pundits predicted the other five candidates would gang up on Bloomberg, who would be rusty and unable to defend himself, the experts said.

They were largely wrong.

The other five — Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg — did what they had been doing, sniping at each other, even more than at Bloomberg.

On this judge’s score card, Mayor Pete got points for making accusations and defending himself without raising his voice. I like calm and rational, but that’s just me.

Warren seemed pressured to make her points to stop her slide in the polls. Biden tends toward liplock when he talks too fast and trips on his tongue. Sanders was, well, the same — coming across as a thundering Old Testament prophet with his vision of a brave new world.

I thought much more would be made of Bloomberg’s blemishes — his support of New York’s flawed stop-and-frisk policy, his opposition to increasing the minimum wage, his torrent of cash, his reported abuse of women, his unwillingness to reveal his tax returns and his health report.

He defended the billions he has amassed and said he is giving away his fortune for the good of the country. His debate performance was more than just adequate, except for being rocked halfway through by Warren’s demands for transparency about Bloomberg’s non disclosure agreements with an unknown number of women.

Sanders said he had 10.6 million people on Twitter and 99.9% were decent, and disavowed any of his people who were not. In the big picture, there are 330 million people on Twitter and I’d estimate at least 10% need to have their mouths washed out with soap. But that’s just me. 

When Sanders complained about the “corrupt political system” that allowed major companies to avoid paying taxes, a stoic Bloomberg countered, “Who wrote the tax code?”

The billionaire also said it was “ridiculous” to believe the American people would support turning their country toward socialism.

Sanders said Bloomberg had more wealth than 120 million Americans.

Bloomberg seemed to be OK with that.

Just before posting this, I see the talking heads on CNN are calling this a disaster for Bloomberg.

Everyone’s got an opinion. What’s yours? 

7 thoughts on “Bloomberg holds his own”

  1. Stu, Bloomberg was a disaster he looked like a deer in headlights. He acted like a rookie out there. Elizabeth is fighting for her life. Joe gets confused over and over… sad. Pete may be a decent mayor but is way over his head. Amy repeats her rehearsed statements over and over. Tonight President Trump was the winner … Big Time.

  2. I said it last night (see last comment, last post), Bloomberg is their best shot and none of them know it. He won period. But won’t be acknowledged as the winner.
    Still, it doesn’t matter.
    Viva la Donald!

    pallie Stu,
    I got home late I’m a member of the township zoning hearing board. I was flipping back and forth between our President and the debate. I did see Mr Trump honor a 100 year old WW II Vet ! ( I think he cheapened the thought, when Don Jr handed the old soldier a couple of baseball caps and campaign buttons. That’s the show man in the President )
    Gotta agree with you again. For the little bit that I saw, Mike Bloomberg did more than hold his own. There will be weeping and nashing of teeth today, as the other candidates try to figure out Bloomberg. The next debate will be a bloodbath if they pick on “little mikey”.

  4. Stu, the highlight of Bloomberg’s performance was his walk to his podium. From “horsefaced lesbians”, through his halting attempt to explain his tax return situation and including the sheepish defense of nondisclosure agreements in his past, Michael seemed I’ll prepared and foolish. He lacked the basic tactic of pivoting during his responses to highlight his accomplishments and promote his views of the future. The Dems are in deep trouble with their current stable of candidates. I think the brokered convention will be worth watching…

  5. Bloomberg seemed to be adrift in the Sea of Asperity. Native American Sen. Elizabeth Warren was on the warpath.

  6. The funniest comment of all apparently slipped by everyone. Pocahontas Warren listed every horror about Bloomberg imaginable, gasping at the dreadful, terrible things the man has done. Then said she would support him if he was the nominee. You can’t make this stuff up! Politicians are the best stand-up comedians extant!

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