Tucker Carlson’s war on the facts

Update: On his 2/24 show, Carlson admitted Putin was the aggressor.

Let’s start with Tucker Carlson, who knows he’ll never win an Edward R. Murrow award, so has set his sights on the Lenin Award. We will also end with him.

Tucker Carlson, host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Putin’s pet poodle (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

There’s a lot of confusion about what’s going on with Russia and Ukraine, but Carlson has been Putin’s pet poodle forever.

Almost nightly he rails against (unnamed) “neoconservatives” and others who are “calling for war” against Russia.

(For a brief, pre-war explainer, check the Philadelphia Inquirer’s  well-sourced Trudy Rubin.

I have yet to hear anyone in the Biden administration “call for war.” Just the opposite. They do call for economic and other sanctions, but people like Carlson and others push the lie that the U.S. will send troops to defend Ukraine. We will not, and we have said so. Repeatedly.

Wednesday night Carlson used the graphic “War Machine” when talking about the U.S., when it is obvious to a bat that the “war machine” has a “Made in Russia” label. 

He talked about “Joe Biden’s adventurism in Eastern Europe” as if the U.S. and NATO were the perpetrators of aggression. 

Carlson seems to have swallowed Putin’s argument that because Ukraine was once part of the Soviet Union, it is always  part of Russia.

If he believes that, he ought to get his heine back to the United Kingdom, where I believe his roots are. Using Putin logic, the U.S. always belongs to the Native Americans, so they can take it back.

And Mexico gets Texas, of course. 

It seems like the bow ties Tucker wore since his days in exclusive boarding schools has cut off the flow of blood to his brain. 

The response of the Free World will be economic and diplomatic. No Western troops will join the battle of Ukraine. 

If Putin crosses into a NATO country, that’s a different matter. That could be World War III. 

In his last HBO show Bill Maher made an unusual pirouette. 

In the first half of his show, the leftist comic basically said he doesn’t know anything about Ukraine and doesn’t care and turned a blind eye to the despotic Russian bear that was preparing to swallow Ukraine, bite by bite. 

In Maher’s view, it’s none of our business, and maybe NATO should end. (Reminder to Maher: You are agreeing with President Donald J. Trump.)

Maher does not operate on a genius level, as revealed by this fallacy.

There hasn’t been a war in Europe since 1945, he asked, so why do we need NATO?

There has been no war because of NATO, which was created to put a brake on Soviet expansion. The USSR is gone, but it’s largest chunk, Russia, exists and is acting exactly like it’s predecessor, with Putin lacking only a handlebar mustache to be Josef Stalin. 

In the second half of his show, Maher attacked despotic China for how it treats its Uygers, as if that were our business, in Maher’s mind. He went on and on about “autocratic” China, quite contrary to his view of autocratic Russia.


Last week, in dismissing the growing crisis and commenting on the Ukraine crisis and President Joe Biden’s sanctions response, Fox’s Greg Gutfeld asked why Biden doesn’t just pick up the phone and call Putin.

Biden had done exactly that a few days earlier.

A fact that seemed to escape Gutfeld’s attention.

Back to Tucker, who said Ukraine was not a democracy, was corrupt, had financed Hunter Biden and perhaps Joe and cracked down on the freedom of the press.

Since Carlson went to all those high-end schools, he must have learned not to take the sins of the previous Ukrainian government and pretend the current  government was guilty.

In reality, President Volodymyr Zelensky  is a reformer who ran against the previous corrupt government, he was elected and then — by democratic election — won control of the parliament.

While the Columbia Journalism Review reports Zelensky has a “tense relationship” with the press, the crackdown of journalists comes from guess who — Russia, Carlson’s pretend home.

Those are the facts you don’t get from Carlson.

19 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson’s war on the facts”

  1. As always, spot on. Bill Maher is one of those non-thinking, knee jerk liberal, which is why I quit watching him. As for Tucker Carlson, I’m sure he doesn’t believe any of what he says on the Russia issue. He has no scruples and is just in this gig to increase his networks ratings. But you will get blowback on this post dear friend! However, you are more than capable of handling it!

    There you go again. Picking on the weak and defenseless.
    I used to like FOX way back when. Since the Presidential election, I don’t watch much news from any network. Everybody has an opinion and you will hear it. Don’t let the truth get in the way. It’s all about ratings, which translate to, it’s all about the money, honey.

  3. Once again Stu you post facts, not fiction. Carlson was, is and always will be a total piece of shit. Bill Maher, on the other hand is mostly known for his stupid comments, as you have pointed out.

    It is interesting that so far no one on the right here is defending Carlson but they also are not condemning what he has said. Just as they have ignored all of the lies trump has told and continues to tell.

  4. My pipe dream.

    Since oil is financing Putin’s war on Ukraine, Biden should free up his freeze on our production which will lower the price on all oil.

  5. I’m not afraid of Russia, I’m afraid of OUR government and the people pulling Joe Biden’s strings.

    1. You speak Russian, so maybe that’s why you do not fear them. Please name the string-pullers, and provide proof of who the puppeteers are, if possible.

      1. Stu, five will get you ten he will not provide them to you, or if he does they will be as phony as the proverbial three-dollar bill.

      2. String-pullers are almost always in deep background; I wish I were able to name them for you. I find it easy to accept there are people pulling Joe Biden’s strings because I have heard him too often unable to string sentences together, much less run a nation. Remember when President Reagan was obviously losing his intellect? I’m sure there were deep-background string pullers then, too.

        1. Vince, you are making accusations without having any facts. You fit in completely with the trump group.

        2. You can’t name any. Maybe because there are no hidden, mysterious string-pullers, other than his own staff.
          One of my Trump pals thinks Obama is the puppeteer. Anyone who knows politics would find that laughable.

    2. Vince, you say you are afraid of the people who are supposedly pulling Joe Biden strings but it appears you have no problem getting behind the people who pulled trump’s strings. People like the oathkeepers, the kkk, the proud boys, etc. I guess you feel they are okay.

      1. I’m trying to keep politics out of these responses. My fear of Biden is not that he is a Democrat, but that he is evincing signs of mental failure (NOT mental illness). I was similarly fearful following President Reagan’s obvious mental decline in his debate when he ran for a second term. It was obvious RR was befuddled and losing track of his thoughts. I wish all of you haters of DT would try to remember he is no longer president, but Biden is. And I posit the thought again: he has string pullers because he is obviously suffering from mental failure. Remember, Biden was elected as the oldest president ever — older when elected than Ronald Reagan was at the end of his second term. Now, repeat after me: IT’S NOT ABOUT POLITICS, IT’S ABOUT THE SAFETY OF THE NATION.

        1. Vince, while I agree that it is about the safety of our nation I do not believe you are downing Biden simply because you feel he has “mental failure”.

  6. We are both entitled to our opinion Vince.
    One other thing, in reference to the comment you made about DT haters. What were you trying to say? I am not sure what your meaning was since we were not talking about him.

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