Biden hasn’t prepared us for possible pain

No U.S. military will fight in Ukraine, but we will fight at home.

It will not be a missile attack — not even the overreaching Vladimir Putin is that nuts. More likely he will launch a cyber attack against our infrastructure.

President Joe Biden hasn’t explained pain (Photo: ABC)

The power grid is — astonishingly — vulnerable. So is air traffic control, bridges, dams, power plants, even more. 

Imagine the chaos if we lose electricity for 12 hours, or more.

The stock market can crater, harming investments. Expect skyrocketing gas prices, and prices spiking at the supermarket.

A piece in the Administration-friendly Washington Posts says President Joe Biden has not sufficiently prepared Americans for what might happen yet.

Only 26% of Americans, according to a AP-NORC poll, want the U.S. to take a “major role” in the largest war in Europe since World War II. 52% want a minor role, and 20% want no role at all.

Approval of Biden’s handling of Russia has dropped to 43% from 49% last June.

 “I will not pretend that this will be painless,” Biden said a few weeks back.

He ought to be saying more about the home front before the bad things happen and he seems to be running after the parade instead of leading it.

Biden apparently didn’t empty his six-shooter with sanctions. More sanctions could come, but when, and how heavy?

If sanctions don’t change Putin’s behavior, and Americans are suffering at home, Biden is in deeper trouble than he is now.

If average Americans are being hurt in the pocketbook, I would suggest another bailout. 

If the U.S. had a trillion to send to workers idled by COVID, why not now?  Also reverse his foolish decision on the Keystone pipeline and reboot domestic drilling.

That could toughen Americans’ willingness to slog through the mess.

11 thoughts on “Biden hasn’t prepared us for possible pain”

  1. Stu, nothing would get Biden to reverse his stands on Keystone pipeline and drilling. It’s like a religion. You’re more likely to see ham on a Passover menu.

    1. 😀 You are probably right, but — to me — it is the smart thing to do.
      Right now he should be getting ready to join Carter and Bush as one-term presidents.
      Regarding energy, my opinion: Europe is dependent on Russia for energy because it stupidly shut down nuke plants. And the much vaunted sun-power and wind-power and tide-power we can see can NOT run a modern economy.

      1. I have suspected from the moment he became prez that Biden would become another 1-termer. Your comments certainly point in that direction.

    For years, we were warned about the possible/probable sabotage of our power grid, internet and just about everything that we depend on. Nothing has been done about it. At least, the feds aren’t talking about the needed security.
    I can not understand how the far left can be so willing to shut down our economy. I ca not reason that there philosophy is so pure that we will not only survive, but improve. I don’t know how to intelligently counter there argument.

  3. Highly unlikely that President Biden will reverse any energy-related shutdown decisions that he’s made so far because he is too beholden to the Green Deal wing of the party. Now that we are no longer energy independent we are at the mercy of those who will be providing us with our oil and gas. And I’m sure they will be very merciful. So childish to just undo Trump’s energy policies because they were done by Trump.
    And how ridiculous was Kerry yesterday when he worried aloud that the Ukranian situation will distract us from climate change initiatives? We could be on the brink of war and he’s worrying that we’re not going to be building enough solar panels.

  4. Russia’s economy is based on oil production. We have a wealth of oil and gas in the US. It’s time to rescind policies on oil and gas production. We can supply Europe with LNG and limit Russia’s profits. These actions will limit the money needed by Russia to pay for their wars. Let’s start moving LGN out of Philadelphia, Baltimore and Newark right away. We have the infrastructure set for mass production and delivery for Europe. It will take leadership from our President to sell this policy as a vital interest. Also concerning cyber attacks our country has assets to prevent this behavior. We also have offensive cyber maneuvers that can cripple our adversaries. I have faith in Silicon Valley and the US Military’s Cyber Command to protect us.

  5. Thank you for this article. We need to promote the keystone pipeline and continue domestic drilling. We also need to promote nuclear energy. Unfortunately, I do believe the United States needs to do more militarily to assist the Ukraine. This is an invasion of a sovereign nation. What other country will Putin want to invade next?

    1. Per energy policy: Vote for those who share your views. Per intervention: we have no treaty with Ukraine. Ground troops would escalate. We should send them weapons. The Ukies are putting up a brave fight.

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