Press abides illegal immigration hustle

As we get closer to the undeniable surge of illegals undocumented persons crashing our border, the AP put out a story that violates the norms of objectivity and fair treatment.

Here’s the lede paragraph, which I will edit with italics to add missing words or note the errors:

CHICAGO (AP) — U.S. cities already struggling to shelter thousands of illegal migrants are calling for federal help and an end to bipartisan Republican political gamesmanship over illegal immigration, concerned that an expected increase in the number of people entering the country when pandemic-era asylum restrictions end on the U.S.-Mexico border May 11 will further strain their budgets and resources.”

What we have is a decades-old problem that had largely been contained under policies adopted by Presidents Barack Obama and Donald J. Trump, see the chart, and came roaring back under President Joe Biden. 

“Chicago has long pledged to welcome illegal migrants. But a tenfold increase in recent days has taxed resources and the virtue signaling. Illegal Migrants awaiting beds in city-run shelters are sleeping on floors in police stations and in airports surrounded by suitcases. They’re depending on donors for food, medicine and clothing.”

After years of denying the problem, the Biden Administration is sending troops to the border (to do record-keeping and administration work) while failing to announce a workable policy. Much of the media, led by the AP, decided to subvert U.S. law by dropping terms, such as illegal or undocumented, in favor of “migrant,” to obfuscate their status.

Everyone should laugh when DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says the border is “closed,” but if you use his terms, you can see why he tries the shell game. 

OK, enough with the italics.

Mayorkas cites the number of illegals “stopped” at the border.

What he does not say is that the vast majority are then released so they can continue their voyage into the United States. That is an Open Border.

The above chart talks about “apprehension,” but does not say that most of these people are released into America.

That’s because in the past decade or so the typical border jumper has changed from someone trying to sneak across the border into someone with a spurious claim of asylum, which means they have to get a hearing before they are expelled. I covered this in a previous column.

You’ve seen the pictures. They walk right up to border patrol and ask to be taken into custody.

There is a huge shortage of judges, the backup for a trial can take years, and in the meantime these “asylum seekers” are admitted into the country and can melt in, as opposed to Trump’s “wait in Mexico,” or elsewhere, approach. No wonder they keep coming.

Asylum seekers fleeing danger at home are supposed to stop and apply for asylum in the first safe country. They are not supposed to cross the border into the U.S. to claim status, and Biden has said he will start enforcing that requirement.

That would change things markedly, but can we trust Biden to keep his word?

I don’t, and I would like to see more illegals sent to Philadelphia, which has the same “welcome” to illegals policy as Chicago and New York. That might end our “Sanctuary City” status that invites law-breaking.

And in New York, Mayor Eric Adams says he is completely swamped by 50,000 illegals and says he has been betrayed by the federal government. The federal government of Joe Biden.

Which is what people like me have been saying for years.

The U.S. should always welcome immigrants, but we should expect they will play by the rules.

22 thoughts on “Press abides illegal immigration hustle”

  1. Give them all Social Security Numbers and have them immediately hired by fast food chains who need good workers. The rest can serve in the military. Practical solutions are always the best.

    1. Giving them jobs will encourage more illegals, and getting them into the military presents language and education problems. I believe that military service for legal immigrants should fast track them to citizenship.

  2. There has been no viable political answer to this issue coming from either party. Trump invoked a health-related quick-fix that will expire, and that cannot legally nor morally be reinstated. The two parties are going to actually have to negotiate a solution, something that is VERY difficult to do nowadays thanks to the extreme right-wingnut members of the Republican Party (see the debt ceiling bullshit for reference). I believe it is clear to the vast majority of Americans that there needs to be an intelligent solution, and that our politicians are failing on this. Pinning this on one party, be it Republican or Democrat, is simply wrong. They both have to bear responsibility here and work out a solution.

    1. You focus on Trump, but notice the numbers were dropping fast under Obama. Why? He enforced the law. Biden ignores it.
      Immigration law is not as broken as many think. It appears broken when it is not enforced.

  3. The City of Philadelphia can’t afford the financial strain of housing, feeding and emergency health care for thousands of migrants. Send the buses north to NYC, Boston or Canada. These cities and other country are better prepared for the increase in migrants. Philadelphia is recognized as the poorest city in the United States.

    1. If we can’t afford it, why do we have the welcome mat out? Sanctuary City status encourages lawlessness and now NYC, Wash and Chicago are paying the price. Until now, the border states had to shoulder the burden.

      1. Our Mayor and his welcoming committee will eventually cause the city to go bankrupt. It ‘s time to follow the law and only allow legal entry of migrants.

  4. I am convinced that many illegal immigrants are here to do us grievous harm. The loonies from the Middle East who want to wipe Israel off the map, would love to do the same to us. Because of our open borders, their ‘martyrs’ (i.e., suicide bombers) are probably spread all over the USA now, as part of a long-term, multi-year plan to destroy our country. The 9/11 bombings were the result of a multi-year plan of Osama Binladen, so our open borders have become an invitation to our own slaughter. Here’s how it will be done: put highly radioactive material into the back packs of 100 ‘martyrs,’ send one to each city in the USA, and detonate on a given date. The result: a radioactive nightmare, the collapse of banking and investments, followed by the end of food production, and then…. write your own ending. Joe Biden is the point man in this nightmare, and he is too addled to know it.

    1. The chart shows 3/4 of immigrants are NOT from Mexico. I am sure there are some terrorists getting through, but I don’t share your catastrophic view.

      1. “Some terrorists” are too many terrorists. Remember, it took only 16 to bring down the World Trade Center. I hope and pray I do not have to end up slowing in the dark and starving, looking for you in the rubble so I can say, “I told you so.”

          1. In this case, it’s more than crossing the street against the light; it’s inviting — indeed, welcoming, killers into our house.

  5. You clearly stated the problem; but I feel the politicians will not move towards a rational solution. Why, you ask? It is a numbers game as there are many Wackadoddles on both the left and the right that the Dem & R politicians fear to offend and lose that voting block. What is need is a Middle of the Road party not governed by social media but by realism!

  6. Don’t disagree at all with your observations, nor your conclusions. Immigration in this, and other countries, is a cluster****. Where we part ways is your direct blame on the current President. While he’s surely not blameless, really no President can get a handle on this situation. That function of government rests squarely with Congress, the same know nothings from both parties that are only interested in their own re-election. And, oh yeh, we’re supposed to make laws to benefit the United States? Please. They couldn’t pass anything remotely meaningful if their child’s life depended on it, which frankly, they do.

    1. The chart speaks to which Preisdents we’re effective — Obama and Trump, and who were not — Bush and Biden. This is non partisan. And congress refuses to stand up.

  7. Maybe it;s time to cease all immigration for a couple of years, since nobdy can figure this out, or will act on it. It’s not like other countries don’t do it. Just put a time limit on which you can stay. Make congress move on this or continue to cease letting anyone immigrate.

  8. Of equal concern for me is the original content required your italicized comments to have foundation in fact. That is exactly why I came here 3+ years ago. The distortions, needed to “sell a narrative,” are rampant in the media. I am saddened because I do not read newspapers & do not watch the news, local or cable. Things I once enjoyed.

    And, as it relates to the meat of your column, another fantastic one. Please keep them coming.

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