10 thoughts on “One for the Trumpsters”

  1. Trump, boor that he may be, got more things done in his first year in office that Obama did in his eight years. Those who love Trump will continue to love him; those who hate him will continue to hate him — probably 45% on each side of the love/hate coin. The unknown remains what the 10% swing voters will do. And for those who hate Trump and love to remind us that Shrillary ‘won’ the popular vote, it must be pointed out that her winning margin came totally from one state — California. Finally, I have it on good authority that Santa Claus wears a MAGA hat when he’s lounging around the North Pole.

      1. Well, let’s see… he cut taxes; slashed of a lot of red tape for business; seated a conservative jurist on the SCOTUS; kept us out of the onerous Paris Climate Accord boondoggle; pissed off the French (always fun); cleared the way for England to go conservative and exit the EU; etc. What he HASN’T gotten done can be laid at the feet of the rabid Left, which has fought him at every moment since he took the oath of office.

        Oh, I almost forgot: his greatest accomplishment was keeping the horrid Hillary Clinton from the White House. Questions?

        1. HAPPY MONDAY !!!
          ( me, not being a well person, used to like Mondays, going back into work)
          Count me in on the band wagon. The President of these United States is representing all Americans ! Hopefully, sooner, rather than later, the band wagon will pick up a lot more riders. The faux impeachment should seal the deal……….

          1. Tony,
            I missed that ” me not being a well person” beginning of your comments. Unfortunately we are in a similar situation, to what degree, I obviously don’t know. Personally, when asked how I am doing, I say Hanging in, hanging on, hanging out, just for a laugh. When it comes to those breakfast’s, I set myself up so I’m the butt of it. Always have. Didn’t mean to preach.
            I wish us both well!
            HAPPY MONDAY!!!

      2. Tax cuts! $2000 a year for my deplorable son
        Irredeemable me gets treated like a General at th VA, Yes sir!
        Just recently new tax cut incentives for employers to help poor families.

        All one has to do is Google it. Don’t look for it on channel 3, 6 or 10, Inquirer, CNN etc.even FOX
        Oh, most times you have to dig deep into google.

        This is what Trump is referring to, I believe, by the fake news, the unreported accomplishments.
        I’d be tiked off too if I were him

    thanks for the early Christmas gift !
    I can’t agree with your numbers. Assuming that the American Voter has a brain (sic), how can they not vote for our President ? The success of this nation did not happen by circumstance. A powerful businessman challenged the machines and, putting the people first, won the White House ! President Trump did not realize how deep was the Washington Swamp really was . Since the ’60s, almost everybody down there put themselves first. Their family and friends second. Then dumped the garbage on us, the working class. To me, the worst part of this is how the public just stood there and took it ! Or should I say, the voting public just bent over and took it !
    No Vince, I disagree with you. Now that Mr Trump has lit the torch, the American people are waking up and seeing the light !

    1. Churchill said it best: “The best argument against Democracy is to spend 10 minutes with the average voter.”
      Trump SHOULD be a shoo-in, but there are too many haters on the Left who would rather vote for Stalin than Trump.

  3. Thanks! Stu, for the early Christmas present. The coal, I assume you mean the House vote next Wed., will be to those like me, his Badge of Honor. And as Tony said the people are seeing the light.

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