Racism, or juvenile prank?

What had been the annual occasion for most Americans to take pride in the accomplished men and women of our service academies was smeared by apparently racist symbols flashed by a handful of cadets and midshipmen.

Apparently racist symbol flashed at Army-Navy

I am giving them the “apparently” because they could have been playing something called “the circle game,” as reported by the New York Times, but I doubt it.

The symbol — what generations have known as the “OK” sign — Is considered a symbol of white supremacy when the fingers are held down or horizontal. This symbol, and dozens of others, are collected by the Anti-Defamation League.

ADL has assembled an alarming number of actual symbols of hate, not the Betsy Ross flag that Nike got buffaloed into dropping by Colin Kaepernick.

As to Army-Navy, once we exclude “the circle game,” I see two choices: The students flashing the sign are either racIsts, or they are juvenile ayeholes pulling what they thought was a prank on national TV.

After a thorough investigation, any students found to be racist must be expelled immediately. They don’t belong in our egalitarian armed forces and they sure don’t deserve a free college education.

The students found to be “pranking” need a severe reprimand and a good talking to. Who best to straighten them out? I would sit them down with the white members of any of the service teams. Who better to explain to them that merit is not related to skin color?

It’s terrible a few morons ruined a great day for America, but it’s better to get the ugliness into the light so we can deal with it.

11 thoughts on “Racism, or juvenile prank?”

  1. I have been labeled a racist many times,(moderate conservative, criticized some of the Obama actions, strong believer in equal but not special opportunity, work reward efforts etc.) but was unaware of ADL and list of offensive signs. I could be de-certified
    I do note that the news media takes any opportunity to use the racist label.
    Outside of selling their product, I wonder what this buys anyone?

    On the assumption that everyone is innocent till proven guilty, we’ll fast forward this. We are not talking about kiddies in a vo-tech or community college. These middies and cadets are supposed to be the cream of the crop. They haven’t been kids in a million years. Am I being too harsh on the screw-ups? Maybe in your mind, but not in mine. These military recruits are EARNING an education that is second to none. In return, they are obligated to serve active duty for a brief time. Most do not make the military a career, however, where is a better place to start.
    How about about this scenario. If found guilty of being childish, they get to serve as enlisted for a time, then onto their chosen field. If guilty of racist symbols, then not only expelled from the academy, BUT they get to reimburse the U.S. for the loss.

  3. I’m with you Stu but I would be a bit harsher. If these jerks were just pranksters, then they are old enough to understand that pranks have real world consequences, so they need more than a stern talking to. I think I remember being that young and I’d have listened meekly and then have a good laugh about the lecture with my pals afterward. So something more substantive and with a bite that they will remember. If it was racist, expel away. You’re right, we don’t need this poison in our armed forces (or anywhere for that matter).

  4. I was at my son-number-two’s house last night and he was hysterical with laughter, as was his brother (son number three)i. They told me the ‘racist’ sign was a sign they both used at GW and Penn State (and is in use at other universities) that brought on a double arm punch if the recipient looked at the sign. That’s why the midshipman was smiling in the video, as he tried to ignore the sign being given by the West Point cadet: he didn’t want to get punched. Naturally, no one thought to ask the students what the sign meant; rather, the separatists immediately go for the racist card — if one assumes ‘white power’ is racist, which I don’t. I am proud of being white and of western European stock. just as my black, brown, red, yellow, etc. brothers and sisters are proud of their heritage. And all of us are most proud of being an American.

      1. What, racism? Of course there are racists. But I think the cadets and midshipmen were horsing around with the ‘earn-a-punch’ game. Hey, they’re wanna-be soldiers, but they’re still a bunch of young guys and gals having a lark away from the drudge of school. Cut ’em some slack.

        1. Have to agree with “cut ’em some slack, horsing around etc ,” We send them to fight our wars at 17, 18, but the frontal cortex of the brain doesn’t fully develop until 25, both male & female……. Reasoning, judgement, maturity, etc.
          Just saying.

  5. Vince cleared up for the moment the meaning of the “racist sign” that his two sons clearly explained. If that is accurate after a full investigation, what should come next? That’s the $64000 question! My answer is zilch, nada, nothing.

    Instead, I believe, it will be conveniently “wrung through the rollers,” serving another example of racism. In many cases we find that racism is the racists’ scapegoat. If so, then will there be accountability?

    In these times it seems everything is a rerun.

  6. Vince is correct. I play that game with my son who’s 14. Somehow you’re supposed to be dumb if you look at it. We don’t do the punching thing.

  7. still HAPPY MONDAY !!!
    So why the “KKK” instead of “flipping the bird” or some other club symbol ? Could all be innocent, but maybe not. Maybe the “KKK” symbol lost its meaning at the frat houses a long time ago.

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