No Oscar for De Niro’s street scrum

As an unpaid (and unrequested) unofficial advisor to the Joe Biden campaign who has made previous suggestions, such as here  and here I have to call the freelance appearance of Robert De Niro an unforced error.

Robert De Niro argues with a heckler (Photo: CBS News)

Lots of reasons why.

First, the Biden campaign said it would not comment on the ongoing Donald J. Trump trial/fiasco melodrama.

It then broke its word and did, violating the rule that when the enemy is shooting himself in the head, do not remove his gun and move focus away from his possibly illegal actions.

(And, yes, possibly illegal because the jury has not yet decided. I know this is tough on the TDS people, but everyone is presumed innocent.) 

Second, unleashing De Niro had several negatives.

A- He’s ranted and raved all over the media before, exploding anti-Trump F bombs wherever he goes. We’ve seen that movie before. Passion is one thing, panic is another. The other day he quickly moved from Trump will destroy democracy, to Trump will destroy America, to Trump will destroy the entire world. Tomorrow, the solar system?

B- He apparently wrote his own lines, which underscores why Hollywood needs professional writers. His script was no Gettysburg Address.

C- He didn’t bother to memorize it, and then broke the fourth wall, in a sense, by arguing with a heckler, who knocked him off his script. That exchange reduced him from an Oscar winner to someone in a street scrum. His performance was more  “Meet the Fockers” than “Killers of the Flower Moon.” Not a good look. 

D- Using De Niro played into the familiar Republican canard (that happens to be true) that Hollywood is run by Democrats, and also that it poisons our culture (which is only partially true). 

Third, De Niro is an example of the Progressive Elite, which is not where most Americans stand. (I must note the GOP does not have the same disdain for Hollywood when it produces stars on the conservative side of politics, such as Clint Eastwood, Jon Voight, and Kelsey Grammer.)

I doubt the endorsement of any star will result in more votes for any candidate.

Except maybe Taylor Swift.


Final piece of advice: When the Trump jury delivers its verdict, read the same statement, whether it is guilty or not guilty:

We have faith in America’s judicial system and we accept the decision of the jury. Now we look forward to resuming the campaign.

That’s called the high road. Don’t look for cheap political advantage. Don’t give Trump ammunition.

If the trial ends in a hung jury, as I have predicted, say nothing. Because, what can you say?

33 thoughts on “No Oscar for De Niro’s street scrum”

  1. I do agree that bringing in DeNiro was kinda dumb at this stage of the game. I am very interesting in how a jury is going to handle this case. My initial thought is that we will have a mixed verdict, guilty on some counts, not guilty on others, with a very small penalty that includes no jail time. But let’s face it: the result doesn’t matter a lick to the Trump sycophants, who will follow him right down the drain no matter what. These people will simply never let a fact get in the way of their love for this orange asshole, who cares about nothing but himself.

  2. Let us agree that a similar number of voters dislike each candidate.
    Many voters are full of hate, vitriol and impolite words to characterize the other man.
    Fair enough.

    However, the question all voters must ask instead is: “Which candidate has selected the VP who is best able to take over the White House should either elderly candidate die in office?”

    That is the most important question to ask over party politics and over likes and dislikes of the two men!! To strengthen the USA.

    We do not know who Trump will select, but we well know Biden’s VP, and she is a certifiably braindead thoroughly embarrassing nincompoop.
    Winner of the title: Miss USA Word Salad.

    Would anyone vote for K. Harris even for the township’s dogcatcher?

    To strengthen the USA, to protect our country from enemies, to give confidence to our many allies in a world full of trouble, it seems that all voters must focus on whomever Trump selects for his VP.
    Above everything else!

    1. Plus, K Harris wears ill fitting and ugly pants suits!!
      Horrible colors, too!
      Nincompoop and ugly clothes.
      And she cackles…
      She could never be President.

    2. Plus, K Harris wears ill fitting and ugly pants suits!!
      Horrible colors, too!
      Nincompoop and ugly clothes.
      And she cackles…
      She could never be President.

      1. Seen at Libertarian conference: Trump/Fauci 2024—Give us another shot.

  3. You would have to be blind if you can’t see how the democrats have politicied our justice system. Most of the greatest legal minds in this country have said this case has no merit and that the judge and DA are bias. This is only being done to interfere with the election. And any fair minded person knows it.

    1. Daniel – I agree. The judge was CHOSEN so that he can break every rule in the courtroom AGAINST a ‘supposedly Innocent until proven guilty’ former President of the US – Yep – like it or not HE WAS. The judge gave no chance for defense and instructed the jury that there were 3 possible crimes committed and that the jury could be considered unanimous even if any of the 3 chosen were the crime of choice for that juror. This is my United States at it newest low. A banana republic.

    2. Well, corrupt, reactionary conservatives control the Supreme Court. And Federal judge Aileen Cannon is in Trump’s back pocket.

      BTW, He’s GUILTY!!! That’s guilty, guilty, guilty on ALL counts!

      1. Your an asshole! And every fair minded person on both sides knows this case was politically motivated.

  4. When you say Conservatives do not have the same disdain for Hollywood when it produces conservative stars, you have to remember conservatives use the word ‘Hollywood’ as a synecdoche for the progressive ultra-woke ideas that are ruining the nation.

  5. DeNiro went of the rails a long time ago, Biden having him in his corner is like backing into a sword. Yeah there is no middle ground, you either hate Trump, or you hate Biden, but, these side shows are getting SO stupid, its really hard to see what the out come is really going to be. The court case is a joke, taking up time and millions in taxpayers money. DeNiro is making an ass of Biden, isn’t that Harris’s job? Trump if he wins is going to come out like an F-16 hunting for bear. Where do the real issues come in, who is really going to do what? Is Comedy Central going to handle the debates? Are there going to be debates, orare these the debates? Tune in!

  6. I never got why people think that celebrities’ opinions are in any way important. Being a good actor, good athlete, a good comedian or whatever doesn’t make one a political genius or in any way make a person’s opinions worth something special. I will say that the dog and pony show put on by the Trump suck-ups wasn’t any better. I agree that all of these are side shows. What De Niro said, or what Kid Rock says, isn’t going to to change a single vote.

    By now everybody knows that Trump got convicted. No hung jury, despite the MAGA juror everybody thought they spotted. As Robert Frost said, “A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer.” And boy-oh-boy did Trump’s lawyers screw up. In their defense, it was the defense Trump insisted on, and it wasn’t a good one. When one is performing for the client instead of the jury, one is bound to lose.

  7. Looks like Stu forgot about a few things.
    A. DeNiro has the same right to free speech as Stu does.
    B. DeNiro was speaking as a private citizen, not on behalf of Biden.
    C. DeNiro is far more of a New Yorker than Trump and Stu combined.
    D. Guilty on all 34 counts.
    And the most important rule of all.
    Never write an opinion piece when the jury is deliberating.

    1. Congratulations on forcing a reply. Not a lie this time, just stupidity.
      I “forgot” nothing. I did not try to silence Bobby any more than I do you.
      I criticized the TACTIC of using him, and his stupid engagement with a heckler. And he WAS there on behalf of Biden. It was a BIDEN EVENT. What is wrong with you?
      De Niro’s status as a NYer is not the issue, and I am more of a NYer than you. Nor was this about Trump, the trial, or Trump’s guilt.
      The piece was posted before the verdict, and that was risky, but (unlike you) I am not a pussy.

      1. “but (unlike you) I am not a pussy”. I gave you and your supporters a chance to prove me wrong about your last bicycle column. Neither you or any of your supporters stepped up, you had the chance to prove me wrong. Instead you were a bunch of pussies who were to scared to show up.

        ” I am more of a NYer than you”, no Stu you are not. Both of my parents are from NYC, my father is from the Bronx, lived on Valentine Ave, was born 10 years before you, and got his undergraduate degree at CCNY. We visited relatives and friends of my parents on a regular basis and by the in the mid 1970’s I was riding the subways on my own and walking through Times Square. During college I worked for The Palladium nightclub and after graduation spent several more years living in Corona, Queens in a neighborhood known as Little Columbia.

        As for DeNiro, how is what he did any different from all of the Republican members of Congress who made a pilgrimage to Trump’s trial. Then stood before the press and proclaimed Trump’s innocence.

        Just like I said the last time, no one is forcing you to respond to me, that is your choice. You can also chose not to respond.

      2. P.S.
        I’m still waiting for you to explain how a 21% increase in Indego rides does not count as people commuting on bicycles.

          1. I’d be more than glad to wait. Because you know you can’t manipulate this data.

          2. How dense are you? Using a rental bike does NOT mean you are commuting to work. The 2.1% is the FACT, not your unsupported wish that commuting is up.

          3. What do you think people on Ride Indego are doing when they ride? They are running errands and commuting. Ride Indego bikes mean you don’t have to worry about maintenance, finding a place to lock it, store it at home, or run the risk of having it stolen. How do you explain the 21% increase in ridership since 2019?

          4. I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.
            One last attempt: If we accept the Census figures as commuting rates are static, AND we accept Indego figures that riders are up, the logical conclusion is the Indego riders are NOT using the blue bikes to commute.
            (And “commute” is very generous — it requires you ride a bike to and from work only 3 times a week.)
            Do you need a frigging Venn diagram?

        1. “I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.” = You have yet to explain it, outside of your opinion.
          “If we accept the Census figures as commuting rates are static, AND we accept Indego figures that riders are up, the logical conclusion is the Indego riders are NOT using the blue bikes to commute.” – What exactly are the Bike Indego riders doing with their bike rides if they are not using bike lanes or commuting and what supporting data do you have to verify this?

      3. You haven’t done anything than make things up. According to you people on Ride Indego are not using bike lanes, using bikes to commute, or run errands. Why, because you say so. Any time you don’t like it, don’t respond.

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