Joe Biden needs a Sister Souljah moment

At the risk of alienating my (few) progressive friends, I have diagrammed an end-around play to save Joe Biden’s floundering presidential campaign.

Bill Clinton successfully objectified Sister Souljah as a racial extremist (Illustration: Slate)

He needs to create a Sister Souljah moment: Kick the Squad and the extreme Left to the curb, occupy the center and double down on unqualified support for Israel.

I know that last one is controversial, but he did it the other day in utterly rejecting the International Criminal Court’s plan to seek arrest warrants for Israeli leaders as well as the Hamas terror masterminds. 

Israel’s actions are “not genocide,” he firmly said, and there is “No equivalency” between Israel and Hamas.

Remember Sister Souljah? It’s been a while since her 15 minutes of infamy. Bill Clinton was sailing in rough seas in his 1992 campaign when he brilliantly isolated and condemned the Black hip hop star, author and activist known as Sister Souljah, who had advocated killing white people.

That is now known as a “Sister Souljah moment,” in which a politician castigates an extremist person on the same side of the political divide. And all this was before CRT, Woke, and DEI took their places in the public consciousness.

Over the years, the Left has invented many good ideas, from Social Security to equality, but too often has taken a good idea and pushed it too far, into absurdity. An example is “equity” replacing “equality.” ‘Equity” wants defined outcomes, while “equality” demands equal opportunity and treatment. “Equity” makes decisions based on race, and that should be a no-no. (Cue Dr. Martin Luther King “content of character” speech.)

Biden should sing the song of equality, as American politicians have for generations. It is in our national DNA. 

With rare exceptions, America has been a centrist country, sometimes leaning left, sometimes tipping right. You can see it in who we elect President. Since 1960, the longest a political party has held power was three terms.

I know progressives say the cure is to go further left. I think they are reading the room wrong.

Support for Israel seems to be a touchy subject now, but not as touchy as some think. 

This gets a little tricky. 

We have been hearing for a while that a majority of Americans disapprove of Biden’s Mideast policy. That has been widely interpreted as providing too much support for Israel. 

A recent Fox News poll, however, shows 62% of Americans think Biden got it wrong, but that 62% splits almost evenly between those who think he gives too much support to Israel, 32%, compared to the 30% who feel he gives too little support.

A March Gallup poll shows that 58% of Americans have a favorable view of Israel, as opposed to 18% with a favorable view of the Palestinian Authority. (The favorable view of Israel was 68% last year, no doubt down because of the deaths in Gaza.)

The point being that a good majority of Americans prefer Israel to the Palestinian Authority/Hamas and Biden should use that as a hammer, as he does with abortion, and with lesser success, the economy.


Even among the young and ignorant, even there more favor Israel than the Palestinian Authority. That number takes in all young people, not just college students.

And do keep in mind that the college students in tent cities are just a fraction of all students on campus.

Like Sister Souljah, they have been radicalized and speak for  very few of the youth (who vote in distressingly low numbers anyway).

Biden can condemn Hamas, and the keffiyeh-wearing student minority, and find success in his own Sister Souljah moment. 

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  1. Biden has to go. His weakness and incompetence caused this mess in the middle East and Ukraine. Why would anyone want another 4 years of this dope.

    1. ….as opposed to 4 more years of the Other Conniving Hair-Brained Idiot? Sure!

        1. Sweet Jesus are you deluded. Nothing Trump did had a single thing to do with any peace we had, and nothing Biden has done caused the conflict in Ukraine nor the conflict in Israel. Please stop drinking the Trump Kool-Aid, look at the facts, and try to understand how things actually work in the real world, genius.

          1. Another uninformed post . Your Trump derangement syndrome is showing. The people with common sense know your a idiot. Bidens weakness and bad policies have everything to do with both wars.

        2. TRUMP = Totalitarian; Reprehensible; Unstable; Morally Perverted.
          That about spell it out for ya?

        3. Great answer. Now explain how Biden is responsible for the Hamas attack and the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. Was he secretly plotting with Putin and Hamas? Could he have prevented wither of these two events from happening by sending in American troops?

        4. You mean like when Trump directly with the Taliban for a withdrawal, excluded the Afghani government, and released 5000 Taliban fighters as part of the deal.

  2. Biden was unable to properly serve the first 4 years, it would be a big mistake to give him another term. Electing Biden would sooner or later give the presidency over to VP Harris, and that would be a bigger mistake. During Biden’s term food prices have gone through the roof. The price increases affected Democrats, Republicans, Independents, white, black and brown people alike. Every food shopping trip these voters think about how the food prices increased under Joe Biden, how they have to try to stretch their paycheck to feed the family. This will be a major problem for Biden/Harris on election day and may put Donald Trump back in the White House.

    1. Another genius who doesn’t understand the reasons why things happen. Please explain EXACTLY what Biden has done to increase the costs of groceries, and while you’re at it, tell us how Trump kept those prices down. It’s kinda important that you understand how economics work and what forces drive inflation (which is generally trending downward, by the way). I know the Trump morons love to piss and moan about how this is a “shit country,” and how bad things are, but guess what? Reality does not fit your narrative, and if you had a clue of how to look at the economic numbers, you’d be able to see that for yourself. But never let the facts get in the way of your bullshit, huh? Biden has not been perfect. No president is. But any thought that an orange idiot with dreams of fascism and a slew of criminal cases hunting him down is gonna do ANYTHING for you or anyone else is pure fantasy. The man has never been about anything but himself, and he never will be. Wake the fuck up.

        1. That Freeze seemingly does suffer from TDS. And Anger-Management issues. And Bipolar psychosis. And Tourette syndrome. And quite possibly epilepsy. But most definitely Acute Ass-holeism. What a shame.

          1. The facts are right in front of your eyes. I can’t help it if your to blind to see them. I’ve explained them before

      1. Wake the …. up. I don’t insult others by tasteless name calling. The middle class don’t worry or care about the word’s “inflation” or “economic’s. They know that since Biden was elected food prices have skyrocketed, unlike when Trump was President . I’m not speaking for myself when I posted this above, I was speaking about the middle and lower middle class. These are the families who are trying to get by and feed their family on the salary they bring home. These are the people who will come out on election day and vote right or wrong and elect Donald Trump. Please knock off the cursing and name calling in your posts it is not necessary..

    2. I did not realize that President Biden controlled the price of food. I always thought it was greedy corporate CEO’s, thank you for setting me on the right path.

      1. If you take your time and read my message you will see that I didn’t say Biden was responsible for the increase in food prices. I said many voters believe that it is Biden’s fault. Many voters that didn’t always vote in the past but will show up on election day to vote against him.

  3. Strictly looking at the political optics, I agree, and endorse everything you said, Stu. At this stage Biden needs to forcefully kick the progressive elements aside. It’s already probably too late on immigration, which along with the economy are the two top priorities for most voters. And while I follow economics fairly closely, and the numbers are in fact terrific, they don’t correlate with how people feel when they fill up their gas tank or go to the grocery store. His problem isn’t numbers, but the optics. It’ll take bold action to turn the perception around. He’s still got my vote, but so would the Philly Phanatic if he (she/it?) were running against Mar A Lardo. But I’m I deluding myself that he’s done a great job? No. If his opponent were Nikki Haley, guess what, she’d have my vote.

    1. That’s called party over country. If she didn’t Trump would have turned his social media microphone against her. All she is doing is responding to blackmail.

  4. Here is stark “Reality.”

    OK, voters certainly disapprove of each candidate, but does anyone approve of Biden’s VP, who will likely move up to be President in the next four years if Biden wins?

    A champion of gibbering, incoherent word salads, with not a brain to be detected anywhere from anything she has ever said. K. Harris is far too dangerously stupid and vapid to become President if Biden, rather dumb and common as a sidewalk himself, would be anyone’s choice to win.

    If every voter’s goal is to protect and strengthen our country, the 2024 election ought to hinge on the potential of Trump’s VP to lead, since he might not survive four years, either. Biden’s VP has proven many times, conclusively, she has no potential to lead anything.

    1. Pence didn’t win my vote of approval. He would not meet with a woman in his office or any where’s else without another person present because of his faith. Anytime he became involved in a project that outshined Trump he was pushed aside. He had the charisma of a piece of white bread.

  5. I prefer to comment on Stu’s thoughts than engage in tossing insults to others expressing their opinion, rationale or otherwise. So now onto my comment regarding Stu’s post.

    The salient thought that Stu expressed was: “An example is “equity” replacing “equality.” ‘Equity” wants defined outcomes, while “equality” demands equal opportunity and treatment.” We will progress as a society if we can agree to follow that policy.

    I am reminded of my mother’s words “if you can’t say something nice, keep your trap closed.

  6. So what Stu wants Biden to do is victimize someone to inflate Biden’s own self worth. What a compassionate idea since this is Stu’s modus operandi. Biden is going to have more than enough Sista Soljuh moments every time Trump opens his mouth, especially during the debates.

    1. How exactly does equality result in victimizing someone, asking for a friend.

  7. In today’s news that Republicans don’t want you to see:

    News along the southern border is offering the Biden administration “an unexpected reprieve” as the November election looms. Internal government stats show that illegal migration from Mexico into the US has fallen 54% from December to May, with US Border Patrol officials recording a daily average of 3,700 apprehensions of migrants between official ports of entry during the first 21 days of this month, reports CBS News. For context, that daily average was around 8,000 in December.

    1. Here’s what you are ignoring in current news. Senate Republicans have shutdown two different bipartisan bills on border security on Trump’s orders. This no different than when Mitch McConnel refused to have a mearing on Merrick Garland become a Supreme Court Justice because it was an election year. Then when Trump did the same he held a hearing.

  8. Doesn’t any GOOD American see the danger lying ahead? The choice is between a doddering old man who is rapidly slipping into dementia or worse, and a dangerous huckster who sees himself as the nation’s savior. God bless America…without His help we are doomed.

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