Need a good lawyer? Settle for Rudy

This is today’s Sunday Funny. You know the rules here: If it makes me laugh, it gets used.

Jokes don’t have to be true, but this one gets pretty close to the truth. The man once known — thanks to his stellar performance in the wake of 9/11 — as America’s Mayor, has trashed his reputation as President Trump’s lying lawyer.

He has sunk lower than the ocean bottom, his lawyer’s briefcase is filled with manure and his TV appearances are contradictory and comical, and not in a good way.

Thanks to his craziness, Rudy now has hired a lawyer to protect himself. I don’t have a law degree, Rudy, but listen: STFU.

6 thoughts on “Need a good lawyer? Settle for Rudy”

    Yo pallie !
    Here’a a few jokes for you and your readers.
    1) impeachment
    2) lousy politicians
    3) political correctness
    4) illegal immigration
    5) lack of cohesiveness in neither Harrisburg nor Washington D.C.
    6) your tax dollars not at work
    not so funny, after all

  2. Few People know that Moses was a lawyer. When he came down from the mountain after
    speaking with G-d he told his people, “Well, I convinced Him to cut the Commandments from
    fifteen to 10, but adultery is still in.”

  3. recalls this hoary chestnut from college days…..lower than whale feces on bottom of ocean, yet higher than drumpf

  4. Randy & Vince, I am still laughing. I stole this one-
    Q: How does a lawyer sleep?
    A: First, he lies on one side, then he lies on the other side.

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