Logic lacking in Council’s nonlethal bill

This won’t take long.

Two current incidents create a portrait of why an IQ test ought to be mandatory for public office, in addition to age and citizenship requirements. Or a passing grade in logic.

Attorney Shaka Johnson blames Walter Wallace’s death on the city

The two incidents are the unfortunate death of Walter Wallace Jr. and the misplaced action of City Council in banning nonlethal weapons such as tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets, some of which may have been used improperly on protestors who illegally blocked I-676 in the wake of George Floyd’s death in the spring.

If they were used improperly, the logical thing would be to punish the bad cops and improve supervision and training. 

As you know by now, police were called by Wallace’s parents, and police radio told responding officers they would find a man with a knife threatening an elderly man and woman. That is damn serious.

They did find a man with a knife, who refused to drop it when ordered to do so. He then moved toward the two officers, who at first retreated, and then fired, killing Wallace. They were not equipped with nonlethal Tasers, something former Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey had planned to get for every officer, a plan that inexplicably dissolved when he left. 

Listen to Shaka Johnson, attorney for the Wallace family, which said it did not want the two officers charged with homicide.

“The city has failed not only the Wallace family . . . but the city has also failed those police officers,” he said. “It failed them tremendously. The only remedy the police had in that moment, for their thinking, was their service weapon. There was no less lethal option available.”

And almost at the same time this was happening, City Council was removing less lethal options from the hands of police.

Tear gas or pepper spray might not have worked in the case of the deranged Wallace, but rubber bullets might have, along with Tasers, which now probably will be distributed to officers.

The point — which will escape the bill’s sponsor, the harridan Helen Gym — is that as you remove nonlethal weapons from police, you make them more reliant on lethal force.

That is obvious to everyone except 14 of 17 members of City Council who believe in acting to make themselves feel righteous. Never mind about logic.

15 thoughts on “Logic lacking in Council’s nonlethal bill”

  1. 100 % correct. Being PC is having no logic or common sense whatsoever .They leave police with no option to disperse rioters other than lethal force.I am beginning to think this is what they want.So sad merchants have to hire private security,board up their stores or arm themselves to protect their business and themselves.We are on the edge of becoming a third world country.

  2. worst city city council in my lifetime. I worked in city council for 14 years , this group are fringe players. Give me the old days with Tayoun and the group who fought for their districts . Mark

    1. Stu, you always make sense, too much for feel-good liberal, leftist brains. I’d be willing to bet that Donald Trump would agree with 95% of your blogs. Donald is for common sense and against PC bs. I hope voters like you don’t make the difference.

  3. barely HAPPY SATURDAY !!!
    You are always on top of the news. Nice. City Council was a topic on facebook today. I can barely do this blog, facebook has me overwhelmed. So, my reply to the post was this. I suppose that from now on, an attorney will do ride a longs. This way, if there is an issue, a professional member of the jury will tell you when to pull the trigger.
    There is no rhyme nor reason for the present thinking. This is a post on facebook. The Republican Committee of Chester County wants the dimocrat candidates to answer the question. I told my guy that ALL republican candidates should answer. So far, he’s the only one .
    The RCCC is asking all of the democratic candidates for their response as to, “what would you do?” regarding the riots. We can answer that ! Read this over, let me know what you think and put it on facebook .
    Very clearly, destroying public and private property is absolutely against the law. Illegal gatherings are against the law. Assaulting anyone is against the law. And especially, assaulting a policeman or policewoman is against the law .
    All signs of criminal activity should be addressed immediately. When it is expected that there will be retaliation for police activity against criminal activity, the police should be assembled and given orders to stop all illegal activity, by using the tools and the training that they possess. Further, any arrests should be met with a high cash bail and immediate court dates. Serious criminal activity should demand serious response from law and judicial departments. If the need requires assistance, then the National Guard should be brought in immediately to protect the citizens of Philadelphia and their property.

    1. In general, enforce the law. I do not agree with high cash bail, partly because “high” is subjective.
      Bail is used to insure the accused shows up for trial. If they don’t, they can be arrested and charged with that, along with original charge.

      1. palie, under normal circumstances, you are correct. drastic actions require drastic measures. If antifa & blm are in town, they are usually out of towners. Supported by the dark side. To them and the local low lives, I say, “DON’T DO THE CRIME, IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD DO TO THE TIME !

  4. I’m wondering what the geniuses on the city council would suggest as less lethal alternatives to guns now that they have banned crowd control measures. Perhaps they could send a platoon of social workers to deal with lawbreakers and looters? I hope that this move does not get approved and signed by Kenney and that saner heads prevail. But I doubt it.

  5. When will the residents of Philadelphia wake up. In 1950 the corrupt Republican office holders were thrown out by the citizens of Philadelphia, replaced by Democrats, ending the 50 year rein of the Republicans. Now 70 tears later the corrupt Democratic party is in charge. Time to replace them!

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