First night is a Trumpaloosa

Since Donald J. Trump ran for the presidency four years ago as a disrupter, and has spent 3 ½ years upsetting presidential precedents, it’s no surprise that he knocked down tradition in his convention, which began last night, from Charlotte, N.C., and elsewhere.

Nikki Haley lays it on the line for Trump

For better or worse, the Republican Party is the Trump Show. That’s why the speakers’ list contains a lot of Trumps (excluding his sister and a niece) and not a Republican ex-president, George W. Bush, nor presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Nothing to deflect from the majesty of Trump.

Trump broke with the tradition that the candidate doesn’t show his (or her) face until the final night, providing the climax to the infomercial.

Trump smashed that in the afternoon after delegates named him their candidate and he showed up in Charlotte to spend about an hour talking to what seemed like several dozen people. As they chanted “Four more years!” he ad-libbed, “If you want to make them crazy, say ‘12 more years.’” 

During the evening telecast, which started at 8:30, a half hour earlier than the Dems, Trump was seen in two taped segments — one with “front line workers,” the ones we call essential, and the other with six Americans who had been held hostage by foreign governments, who he had gotten released.

In each case the group did not wear masks nor observe social distances — including two people in the first group who had contracted the disease.

The Monday night finale position was handed to South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, the first Republican to be elected to the Senate from the Deep South, where he had grown up poor, living with a grandfather who had been a sharecropper and died at 99.

His family, Scott, said, “went from cotton to congress in one lifetime,” in his folksy explanation of the promise of America. Like many other speakers, he tried to handcuff Joe Biden to socialism, which is laughable if you ask Bernie Sanders.

Who was at the convention, by the way, as was Hillary.

Well, they were in a video, tying Democrats to socialism, which works for some of them, but not most. How can I say that? Because centrist Joe got the nomination, not Crazy Bernie or Elizabeth Warren.

Scott touched on race, but former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley, put it in a bear hug. “America is not a racist country,” said the first woman and the first Indian-American elected governor of South Carolina. “This is personal to me… I was a brown girl in a black and white world,” said the daughter of an Indian immigrant father who wore a turban and an Indian mother who wore a sari. And look what she became, as a first-generation American. She said Biden would do the bidding of Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and the Squad. 

Another immigrant story was told by Miami businessman Maximo Alvarez, who at 13 was brought to what he called “this blessed country” by his father, who pulled the family out of Cuba to escape Fidel Castro.

He said he sees “shadows” of some ideas he has has seen before, tying the Democrats to Castro. 

He praised Trump as being a family man and, with his eyes welling up, said that he if he gave up everything he now owns, “it would not be 1% of what I was given” by America.

Freedom, in a word.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump’s girl friend, and the daughter of immigrants, also had her say, but don’t let me leave this subject without asking when I will hear Alvarez’s kind of immigrant gratitude from Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Another side note about Guilfoyle: She is the ex wife of uber Left California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who was also at the convention — in a clip thanking Trump for his help on covid-19, joined by New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, all of whom must be fit to be tied.

Someone must have told Guilfoyle that the mic wasn’t working, because she delivered her speech like the balcony scene in “Evita.”

Loud hardly begins to express it. It was passionate and dramatic and thematically pointed.

She said Trump always puts America first, while the socialist Democrats would offer open borders, closed schools, amnesty, job loss, defunding police and lawlessness. 

At the beginning of the evening, some “regular” Americans, who happened to be women, talked about topics individual to them, such as health care, aid to business, and education, each checking a subject box.

The Second Amendment box was checked by Patricia and Mark McCloskey, the couple who defended their St. Louis home against protestors by brandishing weapons. They face felony charges. 

They said the Marxist Democrats want to let criminals skate, while prosecuting citizens. 

Another Second Amendment entry was Andrew Pollack, the father of a senior slain at Parkland High, who said the system failed by not acting against the gunman when he had made threats.

It was good seeing former Eagle Herschel Walker, who said he has been a friend of Trump’s for 37 years, since he played for the USFL’s New Jersey Generals, which Trump owned. Walker declared Trump is not a racist,

The strongest declaration of night came from the first speaker, Charlie Kirk, co-founder of Turning Point USA. “Donald Trump is the bodyguard of Western civilization,” he said. With a straight face.

Another rocket was fired by Georgia state rep Vernon Jones. “The Democratic Party does not want Black people to leave their mental plantation.”

Or as Trump might say, what do they have to lose?

23 thoughts on “First night is a Trumpaloosa”

  1. George W. Bush, or Mitt Romney would not have accepted even if asked. “Nothing to deflect from the majesty of Trump?” Not the reason.

    1. Romney is a bitter wolf in sheep’s clothing. Its why I never voted for him, or McCain, but sat those elections out.

  2. Philadelphia, PA

    Dear Stu & readers,

    It has long seemed clear to me at least that Vice President Biden is the “safe man” of the Democratic party establishment. If that is correct, then what he will actually do as President is somewhat up in the air. In any case this appears to be no threat to Wall Street which continues doing high-wire acrobatics. The Trump-Republicans now see a chief threat from the loss of traditional Republican voters in the nation’s suburbs?; and it seems that the “anti-socialism” theme is directed there. I have seen the claim made that this implies taking the populist blue-collar vote for granted –moving toward the center in a sense?

    I wonder what you think. Given an overview of the RNC, is the campaign moving away from Trump’s 2016 “populist” themes? Has the contest shifted to the suburban, upper-middle class and the stockholders?

    H.G. Callaway

    1. It has been said, H.G., in certain circles, that Biden is in effect, the Manchurian Candidate. Regardless of all the commie tags heaped upon Biden and the Dems, rightly or wrongly, there are some points in fact supporting the Manchurian theory, and have been discussed elsewhere. It just lends more credence to the “safe man” description.

      1. Philadelphia, PA

        Dear Acorcey & readers,

        I doubt that Vice President Biden is the “Manchurian candidate,” or perhaps, better, I wonder what this may be taken to mean. I do recall the movie of that title.

        Saying that Biden is a “safe man” of the Democratic party establishment merely means that he is not about to cross the powers-that-be in the party; and we got a good look at who this includes at the DNC last week. People more open to expanded trade with China? Well, perhaps. But this may seem quite natural for Wall Street interests generally.

        Also, I suppose that Biden is not about to repudiate the “peaceful demonstrations” in various cities across the country, even though many people in those various cities are having their doubts.

        It is perhaps worth remarking that these demonstrations, peaceful or not, have tended to concentrate in the upper Midwest and the Pacific Northwest. These are just the places where one might expect more traditional “populist” and “progressive” movements and developments, of the sort directed against “elite economic dominance” over policy decisions. Think of LaFollette in Wisconsin, for instance –back in our last Gilded Age a century back.

        I expect readers may already be aware of the following paper:

        If not, then you may want to have a look.

        H.G. Callaway

  3. “The king is dead! Long live the king!” (NOT!) I missed him egging the crowd on to saying “12 more years.”

    I did some research and found that Trump’s middle initial is actually “M”, which really stands for Mussolini. I don’t hate the guy, but he is a flaming A-H. Calling him a showman is heaping too much praise upon him.

    1. Randy,
      It wasn’t ‘egging the crowd on’, instead the usual joke to stir it up for those who bite.’ They knew. I laughed. I’m also glad you ‘don’t hate the guy,’ the ‘flaming AH.” Another ‘flaming AH’ is running England right now and they love him, a conservative AH. 😀
      Enjoy your comments

      1. Tom – I appreciate your sentiments. Now – Hitler is someone you can actually hate.

        One of Trump’s many – but his main – problem is his ego. A little ego is necessary in this biz, and I accept that. He just has way too much of it, and that places him in the A-H category, at least to my way of thinking.

        1. Randy,
          How many Billionaires do you know ? Millionaires ?
          I met the then “Donald ” building casinos, starting in 1979. Billionaires are in a far different universe than that of us mere earthlings. Millionaires . Most of the ones that I know are relaxed and easily reached. They are most definitely driven in their chosen profession.
          When talking about billionaires, I think of geniuses that I have met over the years. Some of these guys were so far out there, it was amazing that they dressed themselves. sidebar : Do you remember Jerry Lewis playing in the nerd ? He played those nerds on the mild side. Some, after we greeted each other, you couldn’t understand if you had a computer with you.
          So ya. you better believe that Mr Trump has a ego. But then again. You aint bragg’n’, if you are do’n’.

    yo pallie !
    Nice of you to say nice things about OUR President and the Republican Party. Now, it’s my turn.
    The “opening night” for “the show”, was nothing but good news and happy proud Americans ! There was no pretenders, no one from the dark side and no kiss-up folks. It was all real, from real people, carrying a message.
    I have been proudly puffing out my chest, thinking that the powers to be, actually heard me say – a hundred times – TAKE THE HIGH ROAD ! President Trump and the party did just that. We can stand on the record of accomplishments made by this administration. The dimocratic party has nothing to offer and will continue to be negative, right up and through the election. I had said before, the dims are going to keep coming after Trump every day. They have an arsenal of bull and it will be more crap added on top of the pile of fertilizer.
    I would say to Callaway that he missed the boat on his assumptions. In the world of dirty politics, the dimocrats keep firing on all cylinders. The Republican Party did not present an unified front to these dems. No one led the charge to fight the lies. No one pushed to stop the violence that is taking place and has escalated to a low, never seen before in this country, but is fairly common elsewhere. I know that this violence is a controlled distractor. The level of violence has been growing. The tools are increasing, ever steadily, in their level of terror. This is what is seen in other countries, except for much earlier on, the guns would have come out – from both sides of the fight.
    I see Biden as the lesser of all evils. If a candidate had shown more promise to unite the dims, then that person would have gotten the nod. You do remember Biden sitting on the bench, like a second string player, waiting for his chance to get into the game ?
    Wall Street is following a winner. They know, from experience, what takes place in elections. Now, hopefully, big business gets the message and starts coming back home. Those first back are going to get a huge windfall from Trump.
    The faux threat in the ‘burgs exist because the Republican Party could not or would not get off their dead ass ! Everybody sat back with their feet up, thinking that this election was a shoe in. ( except me ) When the crap hit the fan, the republicans were knocked to their knees and didn’t know how to recover. ( they should have asked me )
    The only people taken for granted are the die hard loyal Trump supporters. I wouldn’t put me in that category, but I am aware of reality. That reality is that the dimocratic machine has been broke for as long as they have been in existence. They are not for the working man. They throw crumbs to us down here, while the chosen few gets the whole loaf of ( Italian ) bread !
    What the world will witness now, is President Trump organizing the Republican Party. They will fight back and crush the dimocrats, because they have nothing to fight with. The SWAMP RATS are scared and running for higher ground. That also includes the RINOs.
    Hopefully, ALL of the Republicans running for office, jump on Trump’s coat tails and ride the BLUE WAVE into Washington D.C. !
    stay well, all

  5. Trumpaloosa!  Why not?  Who else would give praise?  Zilch from the media. I loved it, Trumpster that I am. 

    The whole presentation spoke to traditionalism, via the president, thank you. That’s who I am. And the dangers of a far left D party.  I thought Maximo Alvarez hit a homerun when he alluded to them ….paraphrasing, “seen before…heard before..too familar promises’……and what his father said,  who escaped twice, “there is no other place to go.” meaning the US.  He said to visit The Freedom Tower in Miami.

    I also like the way Trump briefly engaged each former prisoner that he has brought home, 6 of the 50 and more to come, he promised!  Plus the same way he engaged the first responders.

    Nothing is more exciting than when a black person says I think for myself, namely Herschel Walker. If only more of our great black conservatives were given credence like Al Sharpton. 

    Charlie Kirk, an up and coming 27 year old conservative, amazes me how articulate and passionate he is. Twenty seven!  Isn’t that what it is all about?  Our future. What if past generations yielded to internal threats to our democracy like the one right now?  He referred to them as the ‘Woketokians.” 

    Overall I’m happy they showed the rioters, and that they bought out some common people that I thought delivered their story well! 

    I agree with you on Kimberly Guilfoyle, overkill by being too loud. It distracted me from the content. 

    All and all it’s what I was hoping for.

  6. The Trump convention last night needed a fact checking scroll at the bottom of the screen. The lies, exaggerations, and misrepresentations were abundant.Sadly, so many Americans believe him and his minions.

      1. Susan,

        I don’t know where you get information on Trump, but I would suggest, if the media in general, turn it off, all media for the next 3 nights, even the convention, if you wish, and just follow Stu. I know he doesn’t like Trump, but he’s fair. He’s always made me think, not react.


      2. Susan is clueless.

        I live in the middle of Democratic Philly.

        When I ask them to tell me Trump’s lies or policies they disagree with they merely reply they are pro choice. Which I take to mean pro abortion.

  7. Love him or hate him.You can not deny the fact he has been the most harassed and lied about president by the media and opponets in the history of this country.And that bias is never a good thing.If you love it now your guy will be next.The anarchists and Marxists are taking over this country.Trump isn’t fiddling while Rome burns,you the honest working taxpayers are.We must fight this harder and wake up.

  8. The Left hated Nixon, but never to the extent of its hatred of Trump. The opprobrium began when Trump announced he was seeking the presidency, and only increased with every appearance he made in the debates. On election night the sobbing Hillary followers took to the streets to chant “Not my president!,” even as the CNN, MSNC, CBS, et al ‘news’ outlets expressed their dismay at a legitimately elected president who happened NOT to be Hillary. Now, you heard it here first…and try to remember this when it happens: Joe Biden will be elected. Six months to a year into his election, before he has done anything of consequence, he will ask to be relieved under the 25th Amendment as it becomes clear his brain has atrophied. Kamala Harris will then be sworn in as our new president and the floodgates of ‘progressivism’ (nee: socialism) will be opened. Bernie Sanders may not have the job, but his policies will be put into practice. REMEMBER, YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!

    1. HAPPY TUESDAY !!!
      Vinnie, Vinnie, Vinnie,.
      If I was wit cho, I’ld twist your cheek and then give you a little love tap on the same side .
      Did you fall and crack the egg shell we call a nogg’n’ ? You “heard it hear (pun ) first” is almost as valid as my coming out strong, many months ago, for Pocahontas .
      I still don’t believe that Trump will run away with the election. I don’t believe that the race will be as close as we all have been thinking. An analogy. You got a good pony that is fantastic in mud. You’re on a hard track and there is a lot of talent out there. So, you keep a tight rein and keep in out of the dust for half the track. Then, GO ! You don’t even need a whip. This boy/girl was born to run as you make your way down the track. It’s a dead heat at 1/8th ! Not for long. You’re passing them like they’re standing still ! Things happen and they happen for a reason.

      1. I will be at the polling place (with my wife of 54 years) and we will vote to keep draining the swamp. But I am convinced the Left has so poisoned the well, and young voters are so ignorant, that Biden will win going away. I PRAY I am wrong, but FEAR I am not. And make no mistake: Kamala Harris will be dreadful as president.

  9. Thank you Tony,
    I’m thankful for the opening night being uplifting &
    Patriotic & full of hope. The Democrats were doom & gloom!

  10. Thank you, Stu, for a true and clear summary of the GOP convention last night. You left it up to the reader/watcher to draw conclusions. It was interesting. Like him or not, Trump is a born entertainer, and puts his all into what he believes and relates. The stories from the speakers were worth listening to.

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