Democratic leaders are loco over borders

Let’s talk about lies, and where some lead. 

“There are three types of lies,” said Benjamin Disraeli, “lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

The Top Ten sending nations are nonwhite, with Mexico far in front (Chart: You Tube)

I disagree, at least as far as the media is concerned. I think there are black lies, white lies and casual lies, the last being the most insidious because the tellers may actually believe in the falsehoods they are spreading.

There are few black lies — outright, deliberate falsehoods — in the professional media. I define professional media as those that require an education and which (with rare exception) pay employees. 

On the other hand, social media, generally speaking, is a boatload of lies and misinformation.

In the Mainstream Media, there are some white lies, that might be thought of as polite lies — a shading of truth rather than an upending of it. Example: Giving an exaggerated crowd count for a candidate you like. Forgetting to report a gaffe she made. Correcting an error in something he said. 

But the casual lies — there is danger in that.

Here is one repeated almost daily in newspapers, a shorthand definition of Sanctuary Cities as “protecting the rights of immigrants.”

That is a lie. 

Sanctuary Cities have different elements, but this they have in common: They shield illegals [undocumented persons] from law enforcement, specifically from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which is a branch of the Department of Homeland Security. 

The “why” is hard to explain. They apparently believe anyone who gets here has a right to stay here. That is Bernie Sanders’ position. He would deport virtually no one — “99% of those who are here” would stay, he has said. He does not believe in borders, obviously. 

Under federal law, with a few very minor exceptions, when illegals are taken into custody, they have a right to a hearing to determine if they are to be deported. Cities like Philadelphia mightily try to prevent illegals from being arrested, demanding that city police never ask detained people about their immigration status. That protects terrorists, but don’t think too much about that.

If an illegal falls into city custody, say through a fight, drug sale, burglary, etc., the city will not notify ICE and will not willingly turn them over to ICE even after they have been convicted of a felony.

Let me repeat that. Philadelphia will not willingly turn foreign convicted felons over to ICE. 

The city demands ICE secure an unnecessary judicial warrant to receive the felon. I don’t understand why that is hard to obtain, but it is. If you think the city would want to rid itself of convicted foreign criminals, think again. It puts their interests above those of actual citizens.

Both Mayor Jim Kenney and City Council President Darrell Clarke are on the record as saying they “welcome all immigrants,” regardless of their status. That means they welcome people who come here illegally.

Let that sink in: Sanctuary Cities welcome lawbreakers. There is no question of that. It is a matter of record.

It is not just Philadelphia. This is a Democratic Party notion of recent vintage, as if a strange disease has infected Democratic officials. 

Up until about a decade ago most Congressional Democrats were for building a wall, while presidents spoke passionately against illegal immigration. Also governors, such as Ed Rendell:

Bill Clinton’s 1995 State of the Union address promised a crackdown on illegals.

Senator Barack Obama spoke strongly against illegal immigration as early as 2005.

Sen. Chuck Schumer in 2009, declared that illegal behavior is wrong and said terms such as “undocumented worker” hide the truth.

Now, Democrat-run New York is giving drivers’ licenses to illegals so they can legally drive to jobs it is illegal for them to hold. Federal law prohibits undocumented people from employment.

Philadelphia passes out “municipal IDs” to make it easier for illegals to open bank accounts and to pass for citizens.

What the f— happened to respect for law? Have Democrqtic leaders has a mass epiphany? Have they all got smacked by the woke paddle?

Republicans have a theory: The illegals of today are the Democrats of tomorrow, they say, and since Democrats can’t win by convincing Americans to vote for them, they are importing sympathetic people.

That is appealing to some, but it has amnesia about the 2020 election in which Americans voted for Joe Biden in record numbers. The Democrats did convince Americans to vote for them. Yes, they did, and illegals can’t vote. (Please don’t insult my intelligence with one or two reports of illegal votes cast out of 160 million votes.)

Bernie Sanders wanted to break up ICE and suspend deportations. Joe Biden could not do the former, but has pretty much succeeded in the latter. Record numbers of illegals are swarming our borders and the majority are not deported. 

If you enter this country illegally and are not sent home, that is Open Borders. That is a fact.

During the presidential campaign, Democratic candidates, including Biden, wanted to give illegals free, full health coverage. Bernie also promised child day care and a free higher education. I mean it. His Secret Santa bag was filled with goodies for those here illegally. 

Do his ideas reflect the feelings of most Democrats? Do my fellow Democrats want to destroy the meaning of citizenship and the sanctity of our borders? I doubt it. But unless sane Democrats stand up, the loons suck all of the air out of the room, and will enable a resurgence by Republicans, who barely deserve success with their subserviance to Trump’s lying claims of fraud.

Despite that, prepare for sane Americans to rebel against woke, law-breaking Democrats, who are positioned to lose the House, and maybe the Senate in 2022. Whether it is crumbling borders, prosecutors who don’t prosecute, critical race theory, or allowing men to compete against women in athletics, Americans have had enough.

Don’t be fooled by the recent tactic of immigrants to get in by claiming asylum. That is just a way of trying to slip around the quotas that are established for each country.

In the top five, Mexico sends us the greatest number of legal immigrants, by far, (not to mention illegals) followed by four other nonwhite countries, Pew Research reports.

The idea that U.S. immigration policy is racist is a black lie, pun intended. 

Generally speaking, those seeking asylum must prove that they are escaping their homeland because of persecution due to race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.

Poverty, criminal gang activity, drought, a dictatorial government, etc., sad to say, are not grounds for winning asylum. That is the situation of almost everyone arriving from the Americas — they want to come here for their economic well-being, or safety. I don’t blame them and they are welcome to join the line of legal immigrants.

There is no way the lifeboat of the U.S. could take in everyone who wants to come here all at once. 

Gallup reports 158 million would come here right now if they could. That would increase our population by 50% — an unsustainable number that would sink the lifeboat. 

To protect ourselves, the flow of immigrants must be orderly and predictable.

Back to the start: Sanctuary Cities do not “”protect the rights of immigrants.” They enable and sustain illegal behavior. Not everyone who knocks at the door is entitled to admission. The door is there to protect Americans. 

News organizations damage their own credibility when they serve up their political preferences camouflaged as truth.  

16 thoughts on “Democratic leaders are loco over borders”

    Good job, as always. The truth hurts – in the form of illegal immigration.
    I have said often, the dims have been trying to get rid of the middle class since its inception. ( give credit to President Eisenhower ) Congress figured out the removal plan. NAFTA ! We took a hit in the middle class which also was coupled with the rise in illegals. Staying on that thought, here we are in 2021. We are sinking from the added weight of all of those illegals, which bring down wages and generally corrupts the system.
    By getting rid of the middle class, the rich obviously get richer and the poor even more so, becomes wards of the state. In the short run, it’s great to be a millionaire. In the long run, we’ll be another Venezuela.

    1. Officer Down Memorial Page
      United States Department of Homeland Security – Customs and Border Protection – United States Border Patrol
      Total Line of Duty Deaths: 149. 32 from gunfire
      K9 Line of Duty Deaths: 5. 1 from gunfire
      (something to think about as you say your prayers as you climb into bed )

      1. Sergeant Marlene Rittmanic
        Bradley Police Department, Illinois

        End of Watch Wednesday, December 29, 2021

  2. A legitimate question (and do NOT read anything into the question): if there is no I.D. required to vote, how do we know whether illegals voted in the last election — or in any election, for that matter?

    1. Because the first time you vote you have to prove your identity.
      With that said, you may know I favor ID to core every time.
      Btw, most illegals stay in the shadows and have little interest in showing up at the polls.

      1. So (and again, please do not read anything into the question; it’s merely a search for information), if an illegal shows a phony i.d. the first time he/she votes, going forward no i.d. is required, right? So, the only block to illegal voting is the first-time proof of i.d.? Illegals have phony social security cards and phony driver licenses. Seems to me there is no real impediment to an illegal voting at will.

        1. You have inadvertently provided a reason to oppose voter ID, since it can be faked so easily, right?
          2 things to consider. 1- Fact. NO evidence of widespread voter fraud. Like in Georgia, for instance.
          2- Logic. They live in the shadows. Why would they risk exposure to vote? What is in it for them? Half of Americans don’t vote, but massively illegals do?

          1. You make a lot of sense, which is why I asked the questions. Thanks for the insight. Happy 2022.

    2. HAPPY FRIDAY !!!
      Vince and fellow bloggers,
      In reading the ( to me ) muddled law here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I find that we are, or can be fairly strict. The law spells out the proper I.D. required to vote as a first timer. That person can still be challenged, which means you sign the challenge paperwork and go vote. The rest falls in place at a later time.
      Without spending hours doing research, I do believe that whether you are a first timer or not, anyone can be challenged. It used to be in the code, but I didn’t readily find the answer.
      Vince, as always, there are plenty of rules, codes and laws that are not used or implied. Should we ever decide to follow the law on any given subject, for one, we would be putting people out of work. Another reason. There would be a lot less ‘water fountain’ conversation.
      Last item for Vince. In researching this topic, no where did I find and support for Vince to draw his own I.D. !

    1. I do not control the ads. I have not seen the one you reference. The ads are targeted by AI to those who might be receptive.
      If I allow conservatives to speak, and I do, why would I object to conservative ads?

  3. lies damn lies statistics

    You really cracked me up with that. I am a statistician and former part time undergrad and grad instructor at a local university.

    That’s what I told my students the first night of class. If you are presented a statistical argument without the raw data don’t believe it and you will be right more than you are wrong. I have actually had students with exceptional backgrounds who will vouch for me. I’m not the irrational person you once accused me of being. Ha Ha

    I told them most people use words to lie , statisticians use numbers.

    As far as election numbers you must be very careful. As Joe Stalin said it doesn’t matter who voted. It matters who counts the votes.

    My biggest failure as a statistician was my inability to pick more winners from the statistical data in the Racing Form.

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