Decoder ring for protest graffiti

In today’s effort to mansplain, or is it whitesplain?, I thought I’d bring the class up to date on some new terms you have been hearing, but maybe not understanding.

Can you decode the graffiti on Robert E. Lee? (Photo: USA Today)

Sure, you understand BLM.

Or do you?

It stands for Black Lives Matter, and it is a social crime to reply, All Lives Matter. Don’t say it. Ever. It “proves” you are racist.

Next up — 12.

A dozen? No.

Twelve steps to recovery?

Not in the context of protest, where 12 means police or law enforcement. In common useage it is preceded by “Fuck.”

Why? Perhaps taken from Atlanta Police Department police code where “12-10” means cops (12) have to break up a crowd. Remember the old NBC series “Adam-12” staring Martin Milner and Kent McCord?

They never shot an unarmed suspect. 

Will 12 replace 5-0? Time will tell. 

#8cantwait refers to eight police reforms that protesters believe could greatly reduce police brutality. You can learn more here.

Now we get to Defund the Police, which seems simple enough, but appearances are deceiving. Its meaning ranges from, yes, actually eliminating the police budget and creating an alternate peace-keeping force, to moving some funding from police to other agencies.

I’m sure you’ve seen ACAB spray painted on statues and walls. It stands for All Cops Are Bastards.


15 thoughts on “Decoder ring for protest graffiti”

  1. If ACAB does that mean ABAC? Same letters, just rearranged.

    I don’t even bother most of the time trying to decode the language of the far Left. Everything I need to know about them I have seen in their violent, destructive behavior.

  2. It’s so sickening to see and hear this all the time.
    I see it on the news all the time. During all this they have not shown any positive stories about police. There are so many good things police do and yet the more I watch, it feels like the media turns the police into the bad guy.
    Now the city is apologizing to rioters/criminals, it’s so pathetic. The mayor/DA and Commissioner are spineless and pandering to the mob, why???Where are the rights of the law abiding, tax paying citizens?

  3. I am so sick of seeing this destructive graffiti from these anarchists! As for the police commissioner apologizing to the protesters who blocked interstate 676 for the tear gas, shes a tool for Kenney and Krasner! Back the blue baby back the blue!

  4. I wish it were a war of words and the larger ones overcome the ones that are less Impressive and numerically inferior. I have heard your attempt to verbally castigate my position with certain short bursts. My response is to use overwhelming strength to stifle your activity. My words cover most of your activities like thuggery, rioter, infantile, reactionary, anarchist, criminal arsonist, provocateur, unemployable, cellar dweller. I am sure this shows that until you can amass a vocabulary of words with more than five letters you have a right to remain silent.

  5. even before the Floyd killing my daughters friends were signing off with ACAB .Now I am hopeless to fend off a tsunami of daily radical internet propaganda that these kids consume in our covid age instead of doing normal teenage activities.The latest?-the daily barrage of fireworks are a police tactic to cause unrest in the black community.

  6. It’s unfortunate that the volume of noise emanating from the Woke on policing issues crowds out any reasonable discussion of what practical and effective steps could be taken to restore cops to their more traditional and respected role.

    Two thoughts on this.

    First, as a believer that most cops are dedicated professionals who do the right thing under difficult circumstances, it would be useful if they collectively applied the ‘broken window theory’ to instances of non-professionalism within their own ranks. When you let the minor things slide, worse problems become inevitable. They know their culture better than anyone, and are in the best position to bear down where it’s needed. The ‘thin blue line’ mentality seems to get in the way, but I do believe that good cops want to see the bad actors purged, even if they are reluctant to take action. Time for this to change.

    Second, what we ask cops to do has suffered from considerable ‘mission creep’ over the years, particularly when it comes to intervening with citizens suffering a mental health crisis. Cops are the first to admit they really aren’t trained to be mental health workers. We need a more effective method of responding to ‘wellness checks’. Asking cops to do this, unaided, just makes no sense.

    I thought that I replied this morning, while sitting at the Dr.’s office, after listening to Zeoli. Not the first time I didn’t get “published”.
    You stated in your “administrator” blog, that this is starting to look and sound like “Senior Citizen Fight Club”! Maybe the protesters, agitators, anarchists and all of the other bored little darlins should have these blogs read to them. Then, of course, explained to them.

  8. I’m waiting to see what happens with white flight from Philadelphia. It will happen. Who needs this dose of daily indignities?

    1. Must we always flee from problems? Can’t we find people with backbone to solve the problems? One man CAN make a difference: Rudy Giuliani turned New York around. Of course, his successor have turned it back the other way, so maybe fleeing makes sense. It’s all so confusing.

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