A word from the administrator

I am glad to see the squabbling has been reduced in recent days.

This is not Facebook, and some of the name-calling and fighting here has scared off other people who might want to comment. They have told me my site sometimes seems like Senior Citizen Fight Club. That is a fair observation and I’d like to see a lot less of it.

Your comments should be about my posts, pro or con. If you want to take a shot at someone, keep it brief, civil, and once. This is not a venue for running battles. If you want to engage in an ongoing fight with someone else, please use email and stop tying up the comments section.

Please limit yourself to one or two comments a day, not 6. If you have that much to say, start your own page.

Your cooperation will be appreciated by the other subscribers. Thank you.

17 thoughts on “A word from the administrator”

  1. Great idea. I would like to see you limit it to 1 or 2 comments per topic,not per day.

    1. Why was my comment deleted.

      I said I agree with you.I just said there should be 1 or 2 comments per topic.not per day.

      What is so bad about that.
      If you don’t want me posting I’ll be happy to stop.

  2. I agree with you.I just want it limited to 1 or 2 posts per topic,not day.

    I posted this and you deleted it.I tried to repost.Your site wouldn’t accept it.

    This is my last try. If you don’t want me posting you should just tell me.

  3. Stu,

    I think you run a very good blog and commentary rarely devolves to the extent of other comment sections. I enjoy your well thought out topics and analysis. Although I may not agree with you on some, they are thought provoking and backed by sound logic. For that I thank you.

  4. In the “old days” of early posting, we used to call it “flaming.” Certainly things can get to a hot (headed) level, and it’s good of you, Stu, to remind everyone of something lacking from time to time: Human Civility.

    I agree with you that some of these bloggers do talk a lot. Obviously that’s not me. I’m only long winded !

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