Charting a course on police

There is no hidden agenda in these two charts, from the accurate and nonpartisan USAFacts.
We start with the display of law enforcement killed on-duty last year, by region. How does yours do?

Facts are Facts

It is then followed by this chart, which shows many occupations are far more deadly than police work. But you have to understand most blue collar deaths come from on-the-job accidents, while most blue uniform deaths are intentional.

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    After all of these years, you know how much I ( sic ) love our government. Naturally, I don’t agree with the feds. Garbage in – garbage out. I’m pretty sure that that fact was proven when we started the tally on COVID deaths. Again, ( sic ) heart attack, covid )
    Sorry to say, your timing really sucks. Sergeant Mathew Fishman, of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, North Carolina died yesterday morning. attempting to serve involuntary commitment papers. Two other police officers were wounded.
    Here’s the current list.
    Total Deaths by State
    New Jersey2
    New Mexico5
    New York6
    North Carolina5
    South Carolina2
    South Dakota1
    Tribal Police1
    U.S. Government5
    West Virginia1
    Total Deaths by Gender
    I would think that since OSHA came into being, the accident/death rate would be much lower in construction. Fortunately, Ironworkers have been saved wearing the full body harness. The joke today is, “if you want to kill yourself, you have to jump off the side of the building – without your harness ” !
    I don’t see bartenders on the list. Insurance wise, they were always one of the highest trades in the mortality pool.

    1. sorry
      the list I included is from: Officer Down Memorial Page.
      When ever you are concerned about our law enforcement, go to this website. Everyday some cops are injured and too, too often, some cops die.

  2. “I would think that since OSHA came into being, the accident/death rate would be much lower in construction.” FYI, OSHA IS the government you profess to hate.

    1. freeze,
      Before OSHA, accidents on construction sites were primarily caused by ourselves. I call it ‘pilot error’, as in when the aircraft were built here in the USA, the pilot was the problem. Now that the bulk of the a/c is built overseas – and I just love inspections by foreign governments – the a/c fail because of manufacturing problems.
      In today’s construction industry, new technology that’s not proven , is often the cause of structural failure, coupled with poor inspection practices.

  3. Police work has many violent confrontations. Some of the the domestic abusers, the violent mentally ill, the shoplifters, the gun toting homicidal maniacs, illegal drug sellers, reckless drunken vehicle operators and protestors physically fight with the police. A lot of police officers injuries occur during these violent confrontations. What this chart does not indicate are the number of injuries sustained while officers make lawful arrests. During the 70’s officers did not have bullet proof vests. Many current officers are saved because of bulletproof vests. Secondly, the advancement of vehicle safety equipment, airbags, seatbelts save numerous officers lives. Proper Arrest tactics, use of tasers, pepper spray and common sense training can reduce injury and death to both the perpetrator and officers. So the chart indicates number of officer deaths but not number of assaults which can be misleading. There is an old saying when reviewing crime statistics, Figures lie and lies figure. Philadelphia was the safest city for years in the 1960’s & 70’s. You believe that, right?

  4. Someone recently sent me a video of a police officer talking with a driver he had just pulled over for some traffic violation. Suddenly, a car pulls up just beyond the policeman and a man leaps out with a hatchet in his hand and rushes toward the policeman. The cop pulls his pistol and shoots the man dead. It was incredible to see on several levels, but what impressed me most was how swiftly the cop reacted. He did not hesitate — if he had he would have been injured or killed. A routine traffic stop could have turned into another dead-cop statistic. Why would anyone want to be a cop? I don’t know, but I am thankful there are brave men and women who put on the shield every day. Defund the police? ARE YOU MAD?!

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