10 thoughts on “Today’s toon”

    very appropriate. I’m serving a 6 day suspension on facebook

      1. my cousin sent out a video of angry young men destroying a business and beating up all that was in that store at that time. I offered my opinion as to how to handle the situation. I don’t curse, I use *&^ to fill in the blanks.
        Apparently, I don’t measure up to ( down to ) some community standards. This suspension followed a list of suspensions, with the last being 3 days. I graduated to 6 days.
        Oh well. The woke, liberals, far lefts and all the rest can have what they want when the mney backs them. Hopefully, come November, we start to take back America.
        Follow Governor DeSantis’ ‘suspension’ of an county D.A.. Clean House !

          1. HAPPY MONDAY !!!
            True that . Like you, I’ll be myself, trying to keep myself in check but not always successful.
            An acquaintance said to me a long time ago. Write whatever you darn well please. Curse as much as you like. yada,yada. THEN HIT DELETE !

  2. DeSantis is Trump, jr. Another hatemongering rightwingnut extremist. I am a veteran and Republican. I belong to the party of Lincoln & Reagan, not the vile, racist cult of Trump like some of your friends, Stu. Trump espouses bigotry, misogyny, authoritarianism, and, yes, fascism. He is the greatest threat to American democracy, and a bigger crook than Nixon!

    1. Keith, that was well said. I can understand your frustrations when it comes to the Trump Cult and mentality.

      Although I am a Democrat I am not fanatical about my party. I always vote for who I feel will do the most good for the people. I do not care about their party affiliation, race, religion, sexual orentation, etc.

      Hopefully it is people like who will band together and keep the Trump Cult from ruining our great country.

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