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    A FIRST ! Good thinking Stu. The few times that I caught you on the Dom show was because I was a more frequent listener. That and my bud Tom would let me know that you were a LIVE !
    to you Lawrence. Stu couldn’t straighten Dominic out with a 2 X 4 ! 😜

    about 15 minutes of PRESS CARD . You started to give away too much info on certain characters ( caricatures ). For clarification. Neither the mummers nor myself are in the book.

    1. Missed the broadcast as I got the heads-up too late. Did you wow? On the mummers, a grammatical question: if drummers drum, and hummers hum, do mummers mumm?

      1. HAPPY SUNDAY !!!
        You can still hear Stu’s “15 minutes of fame” on the Dom show. Pallie has it on his website and facebook. 1210 am probably has it on their website also.
        Do mummers mum ?, he asked. Well Vinnie my boy, history sez that the Egyptians ‘mummed’. Further proof of that little know fact would be the Bangles. In 1986, I think, they wrote and sung “walk like the Egyptians”

        1. I knew you’d know, Tony! In re Stu’s on-air thing, I don’t have Facebook (too scary), so I’ll try 1210’s site. Thanks for the info.

  3. I do not see anywhere here this could be posted and be in line with the theme so I am posting it here, in the latest article. I apologize to Stu and anyone else if I have done something wrong.

    I am sure that a number of regulars here are on Social Security and Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan so this really applies mostly to you (us).

    I have never been swayed by the BS commercials to inquire or buy any of thes policies because I questioned why so many companies are writing them. I figured they are a huge money-maker. and I am correct. In addition they are really bad.

    Please go to https://www.alternet.org/2021/09/medicare-advantage-scam/ to read a report on these plans.

    Just to let you know I have no connection with anything involving the report, the website nor anything else other than being on Medicare.

    1. Thanks for that. My supplemental Medicare plan is written by Aetna. I was led to it by a broker who understands these plans better than I can ever hope to. Since the broker gets paid anyway, which plan you chose is immaterial. I am satisfied with my broker, reference on request, and with Aetna.
      Medicare et Al is not worth the time it would take me to study it. I should be embarrassed to admit that, but a man has to know his limitations, says Dirty Harry.

      1. the two of you get an ‘ATTA BOY” !
        There is always at least one person in a doctor’s office who does nothing but deal wit insurance ! Oy!

          1. After many hours of searching, reading, emailing and phoning I decided to go with Medicare. I chose Humana for my prescriptions because they appeared to be the best. I also went with BC/BS Medigap Security Plan F. I chose the option where it paid all of my deductibles in full as long as Medicare covered whatever was being billed.

          2. Stu, for 2021 I am paying about $350.00 to $375.00 total for the year. Remember my plan is for prescriptions only.

        1. My wife and I have had a Humana plan (Humana GOLD) for a lot of years, with NO monthly premiums. Yeah, it’s an HMO but it has a good network, and ALL my Rxs are covered 100%. I THINK it’s a supplemental plant, but I’m not really sure. Nothing is more confusing to me than the games insurance companies play. Humana seems to be different.

  4. NO monthly premium and NO co-pays on my four Rxs. I’m in Montgomery Country. NO co-pays on doctor visits; $35 co-pay if a specialist. I’ve had this same plan for five years now. I have saved a lot of money with Humana and am thoroughly pleased with them. (Had both eyes fixed — cataracts — for a total cost of $350 per eye, start to finish.)

    From what I am reading, it seems that AETNA is your primary. That can not be according to the Feds. I believe that last year MEDICARE became ‘primary’ for us old people. We all seem to have supplemental insurance. Most plans are considerably lower than the 3 G that you’re paying. Most are below $400 per year, assuming that we meet the insurance companies’ definition of healthy. Prescription insurance is an add on ! No surprise. No dental or eye, either. Too costly. You may want to talk to your medical team for discounts or their private insurance plan.
    All insurance, as Ben Franklin said, is money in Ben’s pocket. Alright, my words interpreting Ben legally stealing money.
    Do we remember the long gone olden days. Insurance was simple. Give the family doctor $5.00. Then came insurane. Still not too, too bad. Then Ben Franklin’s relatives realized that there was more money out there, so here comes the HMOs, PPOs and whatevers.
    Ya gotta luv this country. Money is just lay’n’ there, wait’n’ to be picked up offa da sidewalk !

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