Krasner stars in Profiles in Cowardice

There are two reasons incumbent District Attorney Larry Krasner won’t debate faux Republican challenger Chuck Peruto. (Chuck has been a Democrat his whole life.)

The first is smart: With a 7-1 voter registration edge in deep blue (and high homicide Philly), Krasner has nothing to gain, and possibly something to lose.

Larry Krasner (left) debated Carlos Vega but fears mano a mano with Chuck Peruto (Photo: Philadelphia Inquirer)

And that leads to the second reason. Because he risks losing some votes, he is a coward — arrogant and undemocratic, with a small “d,” about as small as his ball sack.

He has a spineless model to follow — Old Yeller Jim Kenney, who refused to face his Republican opponent, the hapless Billy Ciancaglini, who some say left town for Vegas after being thrashed by Kenney. 

Ciancaglini denies leaving town. “Vegas is my Margate,” he says. “I’ve been coming here once a month for 10 years. It’s a great town.” But he lives in Philadelphia.

Running against Kenney was like trying to climb a greased pole wearing a wax paper suit.

He got no help from businesses — some wouldn’t rent to him for fundraisers — unions steered away, and some of his own ward leaders worked against him, he claims.

“When you’re on the same team, you have to block for the quarterback even if you don’t like him,” he says.

“They didn’t.”

But he didn’t help himself enough, either. 

When Kenney refused to debate him, and the media was willfully ignoring him, I told him to pick up a bullhorn and stand in Dilworth Park under the mayor’s City Hall windows and bellow a challenge to debate, along with listing Kenney’s failed policies and stupid remarks.

Ciancaglini said he didn’t want to do something that would make him look foolish.

A defense attorney fearing looking foolish? Ciancaglini should have checked his ego at the door. In the general election, he was the invisible man. 

So he got crushed — 80% (213,390) to 19.7% (52,537). But, one could argue that since Republicans account for only 13% of the city electorate, with his 20%, Ciancaglini outran his registration by more than 60%. 

Small solace.

And now Krasner, who did debate Democratic challenger Carlos Vega in the primary, is taking a page from Kenney’s volume of Profiles in Cowardice by refusing to face his GOP rival. 

In 2017, Krasner did debate Republican Beth Grossman, whom he beat by a 3-1 margin. But he won’t debate this time.

Why? I would ask Krasner, but I’d be wasting my time. He doesn’t respond to my emails.

So I will answer for him: The sharp-tongued Peruto might slice and dice him, asking him about our soon-to-be record homicide rate, the illegal drug tsunami, sanctuary cities, failure to prosecute gun crimes, and turning his back on victims of crime.

Debates encourage democracy by forcing candidates to defend their records and their future plans, and to let voters judge how they perform under pressure, which many elected officials must do. Ernest Hemingway defined “courage” as “grace under pressure.” 

Ducking debates — which more and more candidates are doing — is more than cowardly. It is graceless. It is small. 

I called Peruto Tuesday afternoon to ask how he would smoke Krasner out.

“I like the term ‘smoke him out,’” says Peruto, who just finished filming TV  commercials in 15-, 30-, and 60-second cuts.

How many will he air? Depends on how much money he can raise.

Back in July, he told me if he can raise $500,000, he has a shot. As of right now, he’s raised &110,000, with fundraisers planned.

He also has a heavy-duty, megaphone-equipped pickup truck, pulling a 14×28 billboard, running around neighborhoods, concentrating on West Philadelphia, where he grew up.

“It’s important. I can’t win without West Philadelphia,” he says.

As to what else the flamboyant defense attorney might do, his lips are sealed.

Kind of like Krasner, but different. 

20 thoughts on “Krasner stars in Profiles in Cowardice”

    I had written a reply a few hours ago. POOF ! gone.
    As I was say’n’. I really dislike politics. The political arena , back in the day, was a respectful service to the American public, with the effort made to make this country a better place. Obviously, that idea was flushed down the old hopper.
    I would like to see krasner ousted. Chuck Peruto has, at best, a slim chance to do the job. We all know what we have in the current regime. This is why my battle cry is “DRAIN THE SWAMP ! and “VOTE THEM ALL OUT”!. They are all dirty. Some are so filthy that all of their monies won’t wash away the filth.
    For Peruto to have a shot, he has to get the people out to vote. When was the last time that you saw a politician standing outside of a grocery store ? Church ? Any place that people gather ? It is nothing but work. The people have to see you. You have to sell yourself to the voters. No bad mouthing please. Attack krasner’s record. Attack the citi’s record. Get city council behind you. The more names that come out for Chuck, the better his chances. The voting public has to relate to Chuck Peruto.

  2. IMO, he is denying the Citizens of Philadelphia a fair election. A debate between candidates is part of the democratic process.
    Have election
    debates been relegated to cancel culture thinking?

  3. The lack of responses indicates to me the battle is lost. ” I hear the cry, Roll up the flags, sheathe the weapons, feed the horses, and let’s get the hell out of here!”

  4. It doesn’t surprise me. Krasner considers his first term a success. But he also knows most people don’t share his view of success. He knows he will look foolish trying to defend his record yet he’s done exactly what he hoped.
    The people of Philadelphia deserve better. The only way to change what is happening is to vote.
    Fire krasner!!!

  5. Krasner, Kenny, Philadelphia, are but microcosms of our country’s demise. The left is winning and even the ballot box won’t stop them. Everything is carried out on purpose, while they accuse us of being the problem. We used to have a good laugh at the absurdity of these people. Nothing funny anymore. The way I see it is, Trump was our hope and they knew it, so they had to destroy him. And many of us reveled in it. Mission accomplished. The only other glimmer of hope is they are still a minority. I guess a prayer won’t hurt, either.

  6. I am sorry Stu but, as I have said before, I do not trust Peruto. While I agree with many of the things you have said about Krasner I cannot get past my feeling that Peruto got away with murder. I know your arguments countering what I feel but they do not prove if he had a hand in the killing or not.

    I will support any viable candidate, Democrat, Republican or Independant, against Kranser but IMO Peruto is not the person.

    Btw…I will not support, nor will I vote for Krasner. The same thing goes for Peruto.

      I appreciate your honesty regarding our political candidates for Attorney General. Hmmm. maybe ‘honesty’ shouldn’t used when discussing politics.
      You’ve been around the block a few times. Old school politics would say vote for the lesser of two evils. Not voting is a yes vote for the incumbent. If there was a legitimate third party candidate, a vote for that person told the parties that you the voter was not happy with the choice of candidates being presented on the slate. Obviously, that thinking went out the window along with us dinosaurs.

      1. Tony, voting for the lesser of two evils would mean, as far as I am concerned, voting for Kranser since I believe Peruto to be involved in a murder. I, in good conscience, cannot do that.

        Just to let you know, I do not consider ourselves to be dinosaurs…we are old farts.

        1. Vince, I agree with you about Simpson. I believe he killed his wife but the “facts” allowed him to go free.

          Stu, can you say for sure Peruto had nothing to do with the murder? Did you believe Simpson was innocent? Do you believe innocent people are never found guilty or guilty people are never acquitted because of facts?

          I will not vote for Peruto because IMO he is a POS that got away with murder. It does not matter if you think it is an excuse. That is the reason.

    1. Vince, I am genuinely curious…what makes someone a “real” Republican? I have heard that term used other times and it makes no sense to me.

  7. Vince, I agree with you about Simpson. I believe he killed his wife but the “facts” allowed him to go free.

    Stu, can you say for sure Peruto had nothing to do with the murder? Did you believe Simpson was innocent? Do you believe innocent people are never found guilty or guilty people are never acquitted because of facts?

    I will not vote for Peruto because IMO he is a POS that got away with murder. It does not matter if you think it is an excuse. That is the reason.

      1. Stu, you gave me a link that showed my why you feel the way you do about Peruto but you ignored my other questions. Would you please respond to them?

    1. Found the other questions. I believe Simpson was guilty and that some innocent people are convicted and some guilty people escape. Peruto is INNOCENT by the facts and I have no time for any more on this subject. (You sound like the Trumpsters who believe the election was stolen, contrary to the facts.)

      1. Thank you for answering the questions Stu. I am simply saying that facts can be manipulated and still be made to look legimate.

        The difference between the Trumpsters and myself is I am not spewing lies or misinformation. I am not going to the courts with verifiably false information. I am not trying to get anyone else to see things my way. I am just stating my opinion.

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