A novel ‘Birth’ announcement

As an author, there’s nothing like receiving a box ‘o books to end the gestation period. It is sort of like birth, but there will be no gender reveal.

Those books are already in the mail. A second printing has been ordered.

After six decades of writing journalistic nonfiction, I produced my first novel, Press Card, which is faction — fiction based on fact.

Here are four reasons you might want to buy it:

1- It is a fun read.

2- It is fast-paced, a sometimes bawdy story of the conflict between a hard-edged reporter and his editors, and others. It is filled with humor, colorful characters, sex, and suspense.

3- Its setting is a Philadelphia tabloid in the 1970s, when print was still king, before newspapers hit the skids. Press Card takes you behind the scenes, giving you the most revealing look at how newspapers really work, and how decisions are made, since All the President’s Men.

4- It’s how you can show your support for Stu in his possibly lengthy retirement.

There’s a lot more information on the website https://www.presscardthebook.com where you can order the book as an ebook ($9.99), or as a softcover from Amazon ($15). Autographed and/or inscribed copies must be ordered directly through me ($20). You can do that by check or PayPal on the website. 
I look forward ro hearing from you.

8 thoughts on “A novel ‘Birth’ announcement”

  1. again HAPPY MONDAY !!!
    Me knowing you. I’m betting that the book is well worth the bucks – and your back, hauling those books over to the post office.
    I didn’t know you back in the ’70s. I did move some machinery in / out of the Daily News back then.
    When I worked in the neighborhood, I would always pay my respects to the bar ( morning glory ) near 16th and Vine . There was always a shift of drivers in their celebrating life.
    And as for as your retirement goes. ” one hundred years ” !

  2. Both copies of your book arrived today. As I grew up reading the Inquirer, the Bulletin, and on occasion the Daily News, I feel a tie to the book that will make the read a lot of fun. Having tried in the past to write, and having learned how difficult it really is, my hat’s off to you for facing that blank page every day and winning the battle. Review to follow.

    1. Excellent USPS service. Writing is not hard said a reporter friend of mine. Just sit down at the typewriter and open a vein. Honestly, it is not that hard. Writing GOOD stuff is hard.

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