Winning dolphin makes Super Bowl pick

Many of you are consulting sports books, touts and friends to help you with your Super Bowl picks.

Meet Nicholas, a rescued bottlenose dolphin who lives at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. He was rescued after being stranded, years ago.

Nicholas makes his pick. (Photo: Clearwater Marine Aquarium)

Nicholas was presented with two footballs – one with the logo of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and one with the Kansas City Chiefs. He selected the winning team by touching the ball featuring the Chief’s logo with his nose.

He chose Kansas City.

Big deal, you say.

He’s correctly picked two Super Bowl winners since 2017, the aquarium says.

Now what do you say?

It’s not fishy because dolphins are mammals. Would he be biased if the Miami Dolphins ever get to the Bowl again? Maybe not, because Tampa Bay is right next to Clearwater, where Nicholas lives.

Here’s more about Nicholas, the prognosticator.

20 thoughts on “Winning dolphin makes Super Bowl pick”

  1. Should have used it to pick the last President… just sayin…. obviously transparent, no bad ballots cast… Thoughts? 😀

  2. I believe Nicholas touched-down on the winning football, although I’ll be for Tampa only because of relatives there.
    This will be the first game I will have watched this season, given the politicization of the game. Look for some commercials to be ‘in your face.’
    I miss Donald!

    Can I call you “Nicky ?”. I could care less about football. I would appreciate some help with the lottery. I’ll keep you in your favorite treats. No more doing shows. I’ll even get you a girl friend……………

    1. According to the article, no. But did pick the winner of the last six sporting events he was presented with.🦈

      1. Stu,
        For the sake of accuracy and Tony having to look up the stats 😁: The last six Super Bowl winners would include the Eagles. Nicholas picked New England.
        His last six picks to date
        include the 2020 Super Bowl and NBA Champions, 2021 College Rose, Sugar, and Outback
        Bowls, and the 2021 College Football National Championship.

        1. Yes, Tom, I was imprecise. Nicholas has picked correctly Super Bowl winners since 2017, which includes the Eagles, and a total of six consecutive correct picks. I have corrected my post, thanks.

      1. Yep. Now, just for fun, what is the ONLY root word in the English language with three CONSECUTIVE sets of double letters?

        1. I’m out, I looked it up.
          One time Vince you added another word after: nil nada none zilch……
          What was it?

        2. HAPPY MONDAY !!!
          As soon as I saw this offer, I thought of MISSISSIPPI , knowing that it was incorrect. The letters are not consecutive, but it is a root word. Actually, it’s a river word !

          1. That was my first thought, also Tony. Mississippi.

            Nichivo, yes!
            Thanks Vince for nothing😅

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