Will Bunch’s blind spot(s)

Philadelphia Inquirer national columnist Will Bunch is a guilty pleasure for me, as is Christine Flowers, kicked out of the inquirer, but now published in the Delaware County Daily Times.

Bunch is my connection to the Looney Left, Flowers to the Wing-Nut Right.

Columnist Will Bunch, a man of imagination

I agree with her maybe half the time, Bunch 20%. He can turn an occasional good phrase, even if his point of view has an utterly predictable trajectory. While occasionally harsh, Flowers can delight with references that reveal her classical education.

I enjoy good writing, whether or not I agree with it. I think it is important to, um, consume contrary points of view. First, you may learn something new. Or, you may get a good laugh, as when Bunch made passing reference to leafy Lower Merion as “diverse.” This was a prime example of a liberal blind spot, seeing things not as they are but as you wish them to be.

I could not resist the temptation to shoot him a quick email about diversity in Lower Merion: “85% white.  5th highest per-capita income in the country.”

He did not respond, maybe because these are things he despises — white people and the wealth, although he is both. Bless his heart, as they say in the South. 

He next offered his game plan for Dems to make a comeback from the recent election that sounded Democratic alarm bells from Boston to San Francisco. 

Democratic stalwarts like New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd and Democratic strategist James Carville were screaming to abandon the USS Woke, but Bunch devised what he believed would be a winning strategy in the cultural wars — voting. 

I remember about a decade ago Bunch detected a world-wide slide to the Left (which was inevitable because Bunch wishes it), just before Donald J. Trump was elected and most of Western Europe shifted right. It’s beginning to shift back again, because that’s what it does — very much like the U.S., which went from George H.W. Bush to Bill Clinton to George W. Bush to Barack Obama to Trump to Joe Biden. Right to left, back and forth, meaning we are generally centrist and can be swayed by anyone with a cool groove and smooth moves. (No, that does not explain Joe Biden.)

In the latest page from his Dream Journal, Bunch believes the wedge that will cut through the opposition  and lead to victory is — voting rights. Hit it! he advises Joe Biden.

I don’t want to argue with him, because he won’t listen to me. But he may listen to the high-quality and nonpartisan Pew Research, which finds voting issues totally absent from the top things on voters minds.  

Here’s the graphic:

Voting rights isn’t on the list.

This means that Bunch and his Marxist buddies would like to make a cultural issue out of it. Kind of like Eagles coach Nick Sirianni using flowers as motivation.

Will it resonate like Critical Race Theory? It will not, even as they pretend and insist CRT is not taught in schools. The subject itself is a college course, but the beliefs within the course have seeped into schools, infuriating parents, white and Black, who don’t want their children indoctrinated to think that they are better or worse than anyone else because of the color of their skin.

The people who deny CRT are at the head of the line screaming about white supremacy, as if that were proven to be in all white hearts. 

Bunch’s most embarrassing public failure was his book, “Tear Down This Myth,” his screed against President Ronald Reagan. 

The interesting thing is that many of the claims he made against Reagan are true — he raised taxes while always opposing tax increases, for instance.

But the book did nothing to change the public’s overwhelmingly positive view of Reagan.

The “why” is in the title of Bunch’s attack — the word “myth.”

Once someone has achieved mythic status, it is almost impossible to unseat them, especially through a vicious attack. People just tune out.

So, now, in the present, while it is true that because Trumpsters have managed to place acolytes on voting boards and in governmental oversight positions, there is a danger of improper election interference, it has to be demonstrated without the usual dyspeptic rage of Trump haters.

Up against issues like the economy, race, health care, jobs, Covid and illegal immigration, they have a tough road.

19 thoughts on “Will Bunch’s blind spot(s)”

  1. Stu, you’re a better man than I. I have long given up reading Bunch’s columns because it’s like Groundhog Day, I’m reading the same column, or rather screed, over and over.

    Must be great having a job where you can write the same thing week after week and only have to change a few words to be able to label it as new.

  2. cool groove and smooth moves? not 41 43 45,although 41 was a great American albeit flawed, as are we all. as for RR: tax-raising deficit-increasing cut and runner(after Marine barracks bomb in Lebanon)

  3. For someone who spent many years down in the South I’m sure one might hear, “Mr Will, please tell us another story, you sure know how to. Thank ya.”

  4. Will Bunch is a first class Marxist always twisting the facts and telling lies .I read his headlines and get sick in the stomach.He is a SCUM BAG. The one thing he shares with progressives is a total lack of common sense and logic.There is one thing I will never understand why do these white communists rip the system which makes them millions?

    1. One answer to your question Rich I suppose is because they keep their millions . Try preaching democracy in China.

  5. Bunch is a ‘weatherman’ disguised as a columnist: right or wrong in his prognostications, he always seems to have a good job.

    1. IMO Steve it puts you in the same bad light as others, both on the left and right, who want to commit violence against those you disagree with with.

      1. The operative word is ‘fantasizing.’ Think Playboy Magazine when you were a young male.

        1. Vince, fantasizing about the women in an adult magazine when you were young is different than fantasizing about hurting, or killing, someone as an adult.

          1. Vince, again, you are taking about things a child would do or think as opposed to things an adult would do or think.

      1. Steve, it is easy to claim “only joking” since there is no real way to prove or disprove what someone has said unless that person acts on their thoughts.

    I just couldn’t hold out any longer. Everybody’s pick’n’ on Bunch . Not me. I’m gonna join his fan club ! I’m also registering as a dimocrat, changing my gender and am moving a bus load of illegals ( expatriates ) into my house. I’ll probably start buying everything under the sun – on credit, and take a trip around the world.
    Why not, he says. I’m on a fixed income BUT the outgo is going faster the income . That measly raise we got from Social Security won’t put gas in my truck.
    I can’t understand how ordinary people can be so brain washed.

  7. Engaging in a culture war, and not listening to the opposed viewpoints, leads to both sides getting smacked around and little getting done. Also leads to Raymour and Flanigan truck drivers now needing to develop legislation…

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