Virus: Race & reality

They keep saying coronavirus “doesn’t discriminate,” but it does. 

It kills more men than women, it kills more elderly than young, more northerners than southerners, more people with medical issues than healthy people — and disproportionately more nonwhites than whites. 

So you could say COVID-19 is racist.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams holds an aspirator he carries. (Photo: Jim Watson/AFP for Getty)

Instead, during the Good Friday press briefing, Surgeon General Vice Admiral Jerome Adams was, indirectly, called racist by a PBS reporter.

Here’s what happened: Adams had just concluded a heartfelt explanation of why blacks and Hispanics are at greater risk — because they have greater underlying health issues. Adams is the picture of health, but held up an aspirator he has carried for 40 years because he suffers from asthma.

Talking about his own people, he cautioned them to take special care to avoid alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. It was no different than a diabetic telling other diabetics to avoid sugar. Adams didn’t know he had walked out on the thin ice of racial dynamics.

When he concluded, reporter Yamiche Alcindor pounced.

“I have a quick question for you. You said that African-Americans and Latinos should avoid alcohol, drugs, and tobacco,” Alcindor said. 

“You also said do it for your abuela, do it for big mama, and papa, there are some people online that are already offended by that language,” Alcindor continued. “Do you have a response for people who might be offended?”

My first reaction? There are people online who are offended by Jews, Donald Trump and people who kiss their dogs on the lips. Who cares? 

My second reaction? Boy, that didn’t take long.

Third? A woke woman of color, Alcindor might be hypersensitive to words she believes are racial code.

Cool and calm, Adams, who is African-American did not take the bait of insult. He did not anger, he did not fluster.

Adams said he spoke as he does with his own family members. 

“I have a Puerto Rican brother-in-law. I call my granddaddy, ‘granddaddy.’ I have relatives who call their grandparents, ‘Big Mama.’ So that was not meant to be offensive,” said the surgeon general.

“That is the language we use, and that I use, and we need to continue to target our outreach to those communities,” he said.

“And we need everyone, black, brown, white, whatever color you are, to follow the president’s coronavirus guidelines,” he said.

I thought his was a perfect answer, but I know a few of you are thinking, “What do you know, honky?”

So here’s African-American journalist Jason Riley, who found the question “to be an example of the types of belligerent questions” the administration gets from the press. Adams statement was “commonsensical,” said Riley, who works for the Wall Street Journal.

Statistics show that black and Latino communities are disproportionately impacted by the novel coronavirus. President Trump said he “didn’t like it” and said he wanted government to find the reasons for it.

The reasons have been known for a long time.

Poorer people have worse health than wealthy people because they have worse diet, get worse medical care and often have genetic problems due to generations of poverty. It affects blacks and Hispanics because they are disproportionately represented at the bottom of the economic ladder. It is a real problem, difficult to fix.

I hope no one finds that explanation racist, although I am sure some will.

23 thoughts on “Virus: Race & reality”

  1. The Left will go after anyone who is connected with President Trump, because: Orange Man Bad. 🙄 I learned that when I switched from Never Trump 4 months ago, to pro Trump. You should have seen how the friendship turned to irrational hate in minutes.

    I can’t wait till November 3rd, so I can see end stage Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    1. S.D.,
      I admire you for your fortitude both for your previous mention of being mostly housebound and support for our president. You’ve said several times that you were once a Never, but now a Trumpster like many, including myself. And that you switched 4 months ago! I’m curious as to why? Maybe you explained it earlier. I don’t recall. Of course, it’s up to you, but if you do I’d be grateful. Thanks

    2. I do not believe you. For 3 years that you say you were a NEVER you knew of tRUMP telling 17,000 lies. Now, by supposedly liking tRUMP, you apparently now believe the lies? IMO you were always a tRUMP supporter.

      What you are going to see come November is the end stage of the worst President in the history of the U.S.A., if not the world.

      1. HAPPY EASTER !!!
        Get your head out of the easter egg and lay off the chocolate for awhile. You’re getting yourself all worked up !
        When you come to your senses, in spite of our President’s wonderful use of air time, twitter and the like, you HAVE to realize that Mr. Trump – on his own, without help from the dimocrats or socialist – has done a lot of good for ALL of America. Most presidents, if not all, followed the party rule, which was, take care of your own first, then second. Then again, if you are a never trumper, then everything is his fault and his alone .

        1. Unlike you Tony, I am in complete control of my senses. You, however cannot see the forest for the trees as far as that piece of crap, tRUMP, is concerned. He is a lying putrid piece of bull…t.

          You try to come off as a good person but I see through you in many ways. You cannot shield your bigotry, nor your philosophy from me.

          Let me apologize to you if you are offended by what I said. I apologize because you have mistaken me for someone who gives a damn for how you feel PALLIE!

          1. HAPPY EASTER !!!
            I really have to stop wasting my time trying to reach you, as if you were a human being. Actually, you are a sub species. Of course I’m a bigot. I don’t agree with you.
            As I said to you and to your ilk before. Don’t accept the found money that our President has given you. Please gift it to an organization that will benefit our real heroes. Those that go out everyday and protect your sorry ….. You are fortunate to live in the Land of the Free because of the Brave.
            BTW I’m not your pallie. I’m your conscience.

          2. Something I forgot to ask you Tony…why are you trying to reach me? I already see you as you are. I just wonder what made you an anti-everything goose-stepper except for what lying tRUMP tells you be for.

        2. Getting a bit hot under the collar Tony? You say I am a sub-species and not a human being? Let me tell you something I am much more of a man than you and your lying, idiot, traitorous, piece of crap president is.

          As far as the money our Congress has given I know you are not going to accept it, are you? You are too much of a man to accept a government handout aren’t you Tony.

          1. Why are you so SCARED to answer me Tony? I know that is part of the cuckservative credo, (refusing to answer questions from people you disagree with), but i thought you were more of a man. I see you are not!

  2. still HAPPY FRIDAY !!!
    For now you are right with your survey. Sorry to say, the final tally did not take place yet.
    I only watch the daily report sparingly. I don’t care for the nonsense, the game, the back and forth barbs, the nonsense that comes out of the mouths of so called reporters and journalists.
    Vice Admiral Adams is a educated man. he happens to be black and educated. He, obviously, didn’t get his gift from U of P like our formal mayor. Does any of this make a difference to the press corp ? Not one iota ! Whoever dares to stand on that podium, puts themselves out there to be ridiculed . Why ? Because they are part of the President’s team.
    You are also 100 % correct concerning the diet, genetics, poverty level, etc of the minorities.

  3. WTF Stop all this politically incorrect sensitivity. We need scientific data along with good old fashion common sense practices. Most of us are self-quarantining for self preservation. No one wants to take the chance of contracting this monster virus and dying. Human beings have an innate will to survive and protect their own. We are at war throughout the World, for a change, against one enemy – Corvid 19. Currently there is no protection other than mandatory quarantine/self distancing, without exception. We must unify, with a common goal, throughout our beloved Country. Find a cure to save the World from both a pandemic and then re-start every economy that came to a screeching halt. These daily new briefs confuse viewers, desperate to hear factual lifesaving information, while defending incompetency. We should all be demanding the truth from our Government, starting from the top down, non partisan.

  4. I recall the time I went to sign up for Blue Cross at their Philadelphia office (a lot of years ago). There were five women signing people up, four white women and one black. I was helped by the black woman. The next day I realized I had given her some incorrect information, so I called the Blue Cross office and asked to speak with “the woman who helped me yesterday.” “Do you remember her name?” I was asked. I said, “No, but she was black.” I got an immediate angry question: “What does her color have to do with it?” I tried to explain that she was the only black woman among five women working that day, which I thought was a good identifier (like if she were a midget, or totally bald, or seven feet tall, etc.). I was appalled that I was immediately branded a racist. I sometimes think people are looking for a reason to get their panties in a knot.

    1. Anecdote has the ring of truth. Should have said she was the one with green hair.
      They say, None have green hair.
      Tou: Are you sure?
      They: Yea.
      You: Oh,,i meant the one with black skin.
      There you go. 😀

    2. Are you saying they did not ask for, nor did you start out by giving your name? That does not make sense because they could have looked you up in their system.

  5. barely HAPPY FRIDAY !!!
    As I watched the news on 3 ( after “Blue Bloods” ), a piece concerning SEPTA, where a passenger was BODILY removed from a bus ! It seems that SEPTA recently added a rule, “masks must be worn, etc.” Golly Gee Batman ! Does that make sense or what !?! If you are riding public trans(cough)porta(cough)tion, you are in a con(cough)fined space. Be it bus,Trolley, El whatever. COUGH, COUGH ! Now, SEPTA removed that rule. DUH !
    As Judi and friends point out. Commonsense goes a long way !
    No Vince. You are not a racist. You are old. Us old people identify people by what we see. Just like a cop. Burglar. 6′ skinny, 300 lbs., flaming red blonde hair with dark highlights………………………..

    1. I saw the guy being removed. SEPTA claims it wasn’t because of no mask. Cough, cough.
      Somthw mask rule was dropped because some morons are yelling police brutality on social media. The inmates have taken over… and a lot of them have been released.

      1. HAPPY SATURDAY !!!
        speaking of inmates being released. NYC’s crime rate shot way up, due to the inmates being released . We don’t want them getting the virus in jail, they say. Gov Wolf and company are set to release low crime, old inmates and have them under hose arrest. RRRRRIGHT ! Being facetious, why can’t the jail house keep everybody in jail. Stagger the meals eliminating a crowed cafeteria. Spread them out at play time. etc, etc

      2. Gov. Wolf now wants to significantly reduce the state prison population. It seems that criminals will be allowed out while the rest of us are forced to stay inside.

    2. Tony: reminds me of the hilarious Seinfeld episode when he was dating an Indian — oops, Native American — woman, and it seems every word he used had racial connotations. E.g., he told her he made RESERVATIONS
      at a nice restaurant, and he was going to buy tickets for them to a concert from a SCALPEr, and when she asked for something back that she had given him, he wanted to call her an INDIAN GIVER. I loved that show because everything was fair game to be mocked — religion, sex, racism, homosexuality (‘not that there’s anything wrong with that!’).

      1. True that, Vunce.
        My father’s people are Cherokee. I’m sure you remember the old westerns of the ’50s were the scenery was painted and the “indigenous people” sat around on a blanket and smoked a peace pipe. ( drums beating in the back ground ). Well, my friend, in construction, ” we were called “Blanket Asses” ! suppose that that was a term of endearment .

  6. This article was spot on. Not every comment that reflects race or ethnicity is racist. In my family, Big Mama was our grandmother who commanded respect and got it. As for the reasons why the Virus is affecting more Minorities, The answer is simple: POVERTY!

  7. In Trumpian fashion; I have little doubt that he was prepared for the insane “racially insensitive” attack question and was well-prepared to respond. Thumbs up to the good Doctor.

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