Today’s toon

You know the rules. As long as I find it funny, it goes up.

A pretty low bar, I will admit.


8 thoughts on “Today’s toon”

  1. 🤣 Another good one Stu. That would make for a funny commercial for a hearing aid company.

  2. A woman goes to a concert one evening and whispers to her her husband, I just let loose a very long silent fart, what shall I do? The husband replied, replace the batteries in your hearing aid 🙂

  3. A nervous flier, during a terrible storm that is shaking the plane violently, makes a promise to the Almighty: “Get this plan to land safely and I’ll give you half of everything I have!” The weather suddenly clears up and the plane lands safely. A priest sitting next to the man says, “I heard what you promised, and I urge you to fulfill your commitment.” The man says, “I made a better deal: if I ever get on another plane, I’ll give EVERYTHING I have!”

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