8 thoughts on “Today’s toon”

  1. “I was once a male trapped in a female body: those vaginal exercises can be brutal!”

  2. Did you intend to post this a second time?
    I still don’t know what a “femaile” is. Makes me suspect a foreign “meme factory” made it, because it is an odd mistake–though I suppose there are also plenty of Americans who can’t spell.

    1. Oops. No, I did not mean to post it twice. My mistake, but no point taking ir down.
      I don’t know the source of it, and I usually kill them after using them.
      Your memory is better than mine. 😁

    I do believe that BABYLON BEE listed this meme and others last week.
    BTW. It’s about that time that you corner the Big Guy and have your annual chat.

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