Time to send Sphinx Sims home

I don’t ask a whole lot from politicians who represent me. Basically, don’t behave any worse than I do, don’t steal, cheat, or lie. You must be an adult.

Drew Murray is an adult candidate for 182nd House District

Brian Sims could not handle it. He was elected in 2012 to represent me and 65,509 other residents of Pennsylvania’s 182nd house district, running across Center City from South Philly to the Art Museum. 

Sims is paid $88,478 a year, since narrowly winning the seat in 2012 from uber liberal Babette Josephs. Her loss followed a pay raise she and the other Honorables awarded themselves in the dead of the night.

It seems she felt entitled, and after a couple of terms, that sense of entitlement and self-righteousness infected Sims.

A lawyer, he was elected as the first openly gay member of the Pennsylvania legislature, whose district includes the Gayborhood. 

I supported him against Josephs because she forgot who she was working for — the people. I now oppose Sims for the same reason.

Sims is pro abortion. That is his right. 

About half of Americans oppose abortion. That is their right.

As a lawmaker, Sims is required to protect the rights of all citizens, and to protect their Constitutional right to peacefully protest policies they dislike.

Instead, in spring 2019, Sims went absolutely batshit in front of the Planned Parenthood office in his Center City district.

As an older woman quietly prayed the rosary outside the office, Social Justice Warrior Sims stalked her, screamed at her, calling her “an old white woman.” which is both ageist and racist.

“Don’t convince yourself that what you’re doing isn’t extremely racist,” he said without logic, and repeatedly shouted, “Shame on you.”

With a total lack of self-awareness, he accused her of shaming people who come to Planned Parenthood, while he shamed her.

Not content with gender, race and age bullying, he then played the guilt card to the camera, in a supreme act of virtue signaling.

“If you’re a white person like I am, we have a lot of catching up to do. We have a lot to apologize for. I’m going to start by apologizing for this woman,” he said. 

If crippled by white guilt, Sims can start by recruiting and supporting an African-American to replace him in Harrisburg, but that won’t happen.

His infantile harangue went on for more than eight minutes.  The simpleton actually posted his self-shot video on his web site — but it wasn’t a one-off. At another time, Sims harangued a mother and three teenage girls who were protesting at the office. 

Looking into the camera, he asked anyone who knew them to identify them.

Why would he need that, other than to threaten them online or in person for exercising their rights?

He did all this knowing, he later admitted, that Planned Parenthood’s policy is to not engage protestors. So he violated the protestors rights and the policy of the agency he was “protecting.” Quite a gem.

State Rep flips bird at V.P. , making Pennsylvania proud

The juvenile legislator also used social media to post a picture of himself holding up a middle finger to Vice President Mike Pence. What a self-absorbed warrior Sims is, just fearless against women and absent politicians.

Sims later was fined $750 for violations of the Pennsylvania Ethics Act, and earlier got into a dispute with Wawa, when he tried to gouge the company out of $6,000 to lead a LGBT diversity training class in 2015. Wawa gave him his first job as a teenager, and that’s how Sims says thanks.

Despite his big mouth, Sims has been unusually quiet about the illegal encampment on the Parkway, which is in his district. Suddenly, Sims is the Sphinx.

Not so Drew Murray, 48, who is challenging Sims. 

He knows he’s “very much an underdog” and agreed to run “mostly to have a name on the ballot for people to have a choice,” but then the encampment happened, and more.

“I believe with things such as the encampment, looting and rioting, a lot of people are unhappy with the Democratic Party,” says Murray, who was a self-described moderate Democrat until two years ago. 

Murray is a regional sales manager with a storage systems company, is married and has two preteen daughters. A Villanova native, he now lives near the encampment and was president of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association from 2015-19, among other civic volunteerism.

He earned a masters in business administration from Temple, but attended the highly-regarded St. Joe’s Prep, as did Mayor Jim Kenney, whom has shown a disastrous lack of leadership, he says.

“I advocate for people who are homeless, but this is not the way to fight this battle,” he says. “The mayor is just allowing these people to break the law.”

On a few hot button issues, Murray is pro-life, gay friendly, believes Black lives matter, but does not support the BLM organization because it would defund police.

He would like to lower the city wage tax, favors immigration reform but not sanctuary cities, favors criminal justice reform but not “nightmare” D.A. Larry Krasner, opposes “safe” injection sites, and favors affordable medical care, but not a single payer system. More details on his website www.murray4phl.com 

You may not agree with all his positions, but unlike Sims, he is moderate, and doesn’t need a diaper.

24 thoughts on “Time to send Sphinx Sims home”

  1. Great article. I do wonder about you labeling someone as “pro-abortion”. I think the correct term is pro-choice.

    1. Stu, Thanks for bringing this knucklehead Brian Sims to our attention. We need to elect politicians that work for the people. We need someone with a better disposition than Brian Sims.I say give Drew Murray a vote.

  2. my wife are pro choice and anti-abortion; we support pro-life financially with our auto registration. We just don’t think the govt has any right to interfere in the dr-pt rlsp

  3. Sounds as if Sims needs to go. Thanks for this Stu. One would never know this stuff from the Inky. He’s not my representative, but Philadelphia needs better than this guy.

  4. Sounds like a great cause, Stu. Yours, that is. I’d support it by a direct vote, but that’s tough to do from NJ. Or maybe I could do it the Philly way: Vote Early and Vote Often.

  5. That part about Americans having the ‘…right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…” is just so much bushwah in light of Roe v. Wade. How can anyone have a ‘right to life” if they are butchered in the womb? Sims sounds like a perfect asshole…just right for government service. Maybe he should read Margaret Sanger’s “The Negro Project” to understand what ‘right’ he is championing. One final question on a woman’s right to control her own body: if this is true, why is prostitution illegal? Why doesn’t a woman have a right to peddle her vagina to whomever she pleases?

  6. I remember seeing Sims’ piece on FOX, but from when, I can’t recall.  If it made it to the Inq. I didn’t see it.  He definitely has an anger problem and reacts instinctively, maybe a sociopath?
    I see he keeps getting reelected.
    They’re good at that.

    Wow, Murray sounds like a jem.
    One thing is I would hope he doesn’t support BLM for only their defunding-police-demand, but also who they are…Socialists. I’m totally disgusted how BLM has been warmly accepted everywhere. This is a dangerous road we’re on.

    I hope he wins!

    Good article, Stu.

  7. Stu, I was hoping that someone would write that story. I’m glad it was you, who can look at actions straight in the eye and report them honestly. Journalists like you are the reason I still get the paper at home, right in from of my door. Drew Murray is a leader. He wants to serve and is level headed and respectful. He will do so honorably if people vote for him.

  8. Philadelphia, PA

    Dear Stu,

    You convinced me. Though I live in another district, and I have never heard of Sims, I’m certainly glad to see you opposing him. I sure wouldn’t vote for him.

    We are seeing a great deal of pernicious self-righteousness among those who feel protected by the “PC” orthodoxy. Do we wonder any more what has become of America’s famed “Puritan” streak ? It has found a political home on the zany left.

    Why, precisely, do the Democrats put up with such nonsense?

    H.G. Callaway

  9. There were calls for his censure in the PA assembly. My three contacts with my local representative’s employees had no answers regarding that. Summer came, holidays arrived, then 2020 hit. Maybe voters will “centure” him at the polls.

    for those of you who wonder why I printed the word “test”. I’m having trouble connecting to the Who’s Stu Symphony !. Maybe there’s bad reception out here in Chester County. Maybe it’s the guy at the keyboard.
    NOW is the time for the grassroots republican party to get busy and start growing. The politics is in our favor. Should they start now, before the next election cycle, the republicans may just be able to find worthy candidates for all offices up for election. It’s a long slow progress, rebuilding a political party. This is probably the easiest it will ever be.
    now, when I hit “post comment”, I’ll shut my eyes and pray.

    1. Hey Tony,

      You made it. I have on occasion had this problem, but never knew why?? I figured, though, it was probably something I did. You should be loaded for bear. Always enjoy your rants.😁


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