The ugliest attack on Barrett came out of Temple

The ill-starred assassination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett by Democrats failed, as it should have.

What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing. (Daily Mail)

The ill-starred assassination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh by Democrats failed, as it should have.

The ill-based assassination of Judge Merrick Garland by Republicans succeeded, and shouldn’t have.

Taking the last first, we’ll never know what dark “secrets” might have been trotted out by Republicans to besmirch the judge. The Senate majority simply declined its Constitutional mandate and refused to give the judge a hearing, using the ridiculous excuse that his appointment was “too close” to a presidential election, an excuse made even more ridiculous by the Senate acting on Barrett’s nomination during a presidential election. And any double-talk commentary by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is just bullshit. 

He knows the truth and so do you.

It was pure politics. And, sadly, if the situation were reversed, Democrats would have done the same thing because virtues such as honor, duty and honesty seem to have outlived their usefulness for many Americans.

As to Kavanaugh, I found him credible, as I did his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. She accused him of sexual assault at a party in the ‘80s. The problem was that she lacked details about the alleged assault and her chief support witness did not verify the reported assault. 

I don’t know why Ford would invent such a story, but it became “she said, he said,” and there was nothing else in Kavanaugh’s record to support Ford’s claim. The “worst” fact about him was that he used to like beer, too much.

The charge against Kavanaugh had a sort-of reprise when Mazie Hirono, the dim-witted junior senator from Hawaii, asked Barrett if she had ever sexually assaulted anyone or made “unwanted requests for sexual favors”?


I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard that. My reporter’s mind was flashing, Oh my God, what do they have on her?

A question like that usually is followed by a denial by the witness and then an explosive revelation of wrong doing by the questioner.

But, no. There was nothing, leaving the question hanging in the air as a psychological smear reminiscent of the late Sen. Joe McCarthy.

The tactic backfired, with many asking Hirono why she did that. She claimed that she asks all nominees that question. If true, why? Does she ask the male candidates if they still beat their wives?

But the most despicable smear of Barrett shamefully came from a Temple grad who has become an academic vagabond selling his race theories to many ivy-covered institutions. 

Meet Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, who graduated Temple in 2010 with a doctorate in African-American/Black Studies. He began his teaching career at the State University of New York/Oneonta, followed by the University of Albany, the University of Florida, American University, and finally Boston University. 

As you may know, Barrett has seven children, two of whom are Black and were adopted from Haiti, the poorest nation in the Hemisphere. 

Here is what the illustrious Doctor Kendi had to say about that, in a tweet that didn’t mention Barrett by name, but was clearly directed at her:

“Some white colonizers ‘adopted’ Black children. They ‘civilized’ these ‘savage’ children in the ‘superior’ ways of White people, while using them as props in their lifelong pictures of denial, while cutting the biological parents of these children out of the picture of humanity.”

This is about as low-down and mean as it gets. Out of curiosity, I messaged Dr. Kendi to ask how many children he had adopted.

No answer.

I have adopted none myself, but my sister has.

Her daughter, my favorite niece, came from a South Korea orphanage as an infant. My sister decorated her room with Korean art and dolls, and later books about her birthplace, taking care to preserve a bridge to her birth heritage.

My niece was never interested in any of that. Some adopted children are different, and have a need to find their birth parents.

Not my niece. Her brothers are her brothers, her parents are her parents, she is American and she is loved. I believe Barrett’s adopted children feel the same.

I think adoptive parents are acting out of love, and filling a need, not “kidnapping” children from their culture to raise them as faux white oppressors, which seems to be Kendi’s heartless, race-soaked point of view.

Kendi may be best-known for his book, “How to be an Antiracist.” 

I haven’t read it, and don’t plan to if his tweets reflect his ideas about race and humanity. 

12 thoughts on “The ugliest attack on Barrett came out of Temple”

    nice work, pallie !
    Justice Amy Coney Barrett is a woman with no equals. Obviously, she is a nerd with a sense of humor. You better have a sense of humor, if you have kids ! Also, she obviously has a memory that can’t be beat ! Never taking notes during the inquisition . Not too worried about any questioning, either, as she sat calmly listening and obviously attentive.
    Stu, you are right about politics. All statesmanship appears to have died a long time ago. Never mind the people that elected the politicians. Everything is for the chosen few. Senator Hirono was grasping for straws. That too was obvious. When you don’t have any fastballs left, throw junk ! Then you have Mr. Kendi. I am always amused with people that reinvent the wheel. P.T. Barnum would ( sic ) be proud of them ! Also obvious !
    I have an adopted daughter. I have never thought of the words, “adopted”, “half”, “step” or any other negative word that involves people that are part of your family, but not necessarily, of your blood. Those words are not part of my vocabulary.

  2. Yo, Stu, another homerun, err, touchdown! As you noted with your sister’s experience, my sister has also done the same, having adopted 2 African-American girls about 10 years ago. They came from a family of 6 sisters, and these two were the “middle” group. They were taken away by the state of VA from their parents since both had spent more time in jail simultaneously than not.

  3. Stu- your analysis of these 3 nominations is dead on. As usual, you are the most reasonable person in the room

  4. Good piece. I have two adopted nephews — my late sister’s children. She adopted when she failed to get pregnant, then Mother Nature had the last laugh and she gave birth to a daughter. But my nephews are as real to me as are all of my other nieces, nephews, and grandchildren.

    Now, about Justice Barrett: the ugly truth is that even if the Republicans had waited tor Trump’s reelection (might happen, folks), the Dems would have voted 100% against her. They hate her for being a mother, a conservative, a Republican. Forget her brilliance, she would NEVER pass muster with the sickos on the Left. What scares the shiznitz out of me is how political the SCOTUS has become. Justice should be blind, but I fear it now wears Red and Blue.

  5. Stu, I have seen so many liberal women cry rape when there is a conservative male they want to defame…Blasey Ford, Anita Hill…its also been done when management wants to get rid of a male union organizer who is too good at helping union brothers….

    A false cry of pregnancy by rape by Jane Roe was even what the Roe v Wade case in 1973 was established on!

    Although I am a woman who was once victim of an attempted rape in the 1970s in high school, I look at rape allegations cynically now. If the woman accuses a trash truck worker of rape, ok maybe.

    But if its an elected or other government official….nope.

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