The rehabilitation of Atlanta

Somebody didn’t get the message.

The New York Times is reporting that the neutral site for a potential playoff between the Kansas City Chiefs (go, Andy Reid) and the Buffalo Bills (go, Damar Hamlin) will be Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium

That game would be played Sunday, Jan. 29, at 6:30 p.m., should those teams advance.


You mean the Atlanta that lost the 2021 All-Star game because the race hysterics believed that a recent Georgia law suppressed Black voter turnout? That racist Atlanta?

Here’s the funny part. Black voter turnout increased after the law was passed. (The law, incidentally, is less restrictive than Delaware’s, where President Joe Biden lives.) The Georgia law expanded the Black vote.

Just in passing, Altlanta suffered great economic harm. A majority of Atlantans are minorities, so guess who got hurt?

The woke race hustlers created nonwhite victims.

Interestingly, African-American Times reporter Emmanuel Morgan chose not to mention the removed All-Star game in his dispatch.


Does this mean all is forgiven, and pro sports recognize that the voter law changes were not racist, after all?

Or that the NFL, like writer Morgan, forgot the All-Star game controversy?

Or that there will be a storm in the twitterverse and the NFL will reverse itself?

Hopefully, not the latter.

5 thoughts on “The rehabilitation of Atlanta”

  1. Call me cynical, but if the GA laws resulted in an increase of Dem voters, it was most certainly a case of unintended consequences.

  2. Heh. Stu, don’t you get it? The left’s “they want to take away your right to vote” is the flip side of the right’s “they want to take away your guns.” Neither is remotely going to happen, but both claims get people to the polls. Far from being the flop/fake you suggest, the campaign against voting restrictions was wildly successful, boosting turnout, as it was intended to do. That this was the stated strategy was obvious way before the election, as “outrage” at the laws was used to drive people to the polls. (Of course, just because the laws did not end up being racist in effect, does not mean they were not racist in intent. If you shoot at someone and miss, it doesn’t mean you weren’t trying to kill them.) Me, I get, but do not necessarily agree with the objection to universal absentee voting or the argument for voter id as fraud-suppression, but I don’t see how opposing early voting can have any intent other than reducing turnout.

  3. Take away my guns?! Take away my vote?! Hell, they want to take away my gas stove! Now THAT is going too far!

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