The facts from PolitiFact, and what’s missing

Today is Jan. 6, and I felt I had to do something, and thought this was an important piece. Normally, I would post this on Facebook, but I am still wrongly jailed.

So it goes here.

PolitiFact knocks down some of the lies before and after the January 6 riot.

The Trump law and order mob attacking police

I choose to avoid the word “insurrection” because no rioter had a gun, as far as I can tell, and to try to overthrow the government with garbage cans and flag poles seems ridiculous.

But I won’t quarrel with those who use it because there was an attempt to interfere with the election.

I urge you to click on the link, read the reporting and click on other links for details. It seems on the money to me.

What I would like to see is further reporting on the insane exaggerations that followed Jan. 6.

Was it really the “worst attack on democracy” since (fill in the blank) the War of 1812, when the British burned the capital, or the Civil War, when the nation ceased to exist, or 9/11? 

My vote for “attack on democracy” goes to the four Puerto Rican nationalists who actually opened fire on the House floor from the visitors gallery in 1954. But that would take some knowledge of history and a willingness to be called a racist by offering unpleasant facts.

What happened on Jan. 6 was terrible, and I have not heard any Fox host say it was good, or justified. Not even Sean Hannity.

I have heard some Fox show hosts — as distinguished from Fox News journalists — try to minimize it, as I have heard CNN and MSNBC try to exaggerate it.

Example: The Left often mentions “deaths” that day, without explaining the only death from gunfire was an unarmed woman shot by a Capitol cop. Her name was Ashli Babbitt. The other “deaths” were from heart attacks, other medical problems and suicide. Trying to suggest the rioters caused those deaths is extremely misleading.

This piece mentions Tucker Carlson by name. He is a show host, a commentator, a talking head, but he is not a journalist.

He occasionally has some good ideas, but the rest of the time spews propaganda and half truths. I have posted his egregious distortions at least twice on Facebook.

You can read the PolitiFact information and decide for yourself. 

As regulars here know, I am a middelist, a guy in the middle trying to lift fog, and knock down bullshit from both sides.

7 thoughts on “The facts from PolitiFact, and what’s missing”

  1. I believe the individuals who took part is the capitol riot on January 6, 2021 were wrong. They were stirred up in a frenzy by Juliana, Trump and others and led to believe the election was fraudulent. I believe the Democrats outhustled the Republicans in registering voters and following up to ensure they voted in large numbers through the mail in voting system. Trump was a victim of his own policy by discouraging people to not use the mail in voting system. What Trump should have done was encourage the republican voters to vote through the mail. The rules were changed because of Covid. I know a large number of people disagreed with the mail in voting system. For the next election the Republican Party should visit the homes of unregistered voters and have them register to vote. Then follow up and ensure they vote by collecting their ballots and dropping them off at the post office. The media, Facebook posts contributed to a belief system that the election was a fraud. Hopefully both sides will behave better in the future.

  2. Yes, good analysis, but isn’t collecting ballots and dropping them off called “harvesting?” I believe it’s legal in California, but where else I’m not sure.

  3. What amazed me about the kerfuffle was the idea there were still people in the USA who cared enough about SOMETHING to get off their keisters and cause a dust-up.

  4. still HAPPY THURSDAY !!!
    Well pallie,
    Here you go again, spewing the truth.
    Without writing paragraphs, I’ll simply say that the American public is very naivete and gullible. Both sides were slinging horse manure at the wall. A lot of it stuck. Does that mean that we are to interested in realityT.V., and care little about our country ?

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