Sunday toon time

This isn’t your first rodeo or your first time here. You know the rules — if it makes me laugh, I use it.

This makes me laugh because it satirizes Sen. Warren’s propensity for assuming identities. I can’t say this is why her poll numbers are collapsing, but I can’t say this is not why.

I know this makes both Trumpsters and Berners very happy.

It is not my intent, it just can’t be helped.

7 thoughts on “Sunday toon time”

  1. Tis a great one Stu! Not sure if it’s funny because it’s so true, or true because it’s so funny. Well, you know what I’m getting at. As to your thought that this is why her poll numbers are dropping, I would say that this is only a small part of it. She has much bigger issues to contend with, but that’s another article for you on another day.

    I believe that that “toon” came from Babylon Bee. Another good one is Patriot Post. Check them out boys and girls. They take shots at everybody

  3. Back when Warren first said “You didn’t build that, etc……..” she reminded me of the character from The Beverly Hillbillies, Jane Hathaway (Nancy Kulp), the rich bankers secretary. Still does.
    This toon is funny and truthful.
    It would be nice if Signe Wilkinson would come up with something similar. Of course, she won’t.

    Having said that I hate seeing Biden satirized. I sense dementia.
    I wish his doctor wife and he would both retire. He probably is just a “Regular Joe”…..slippin’ away. And as the saying goes “A legend in his own mind.”

  4. Sen. Warren, an opponent of school choice, claimed her children attended public schools. However, her son Alex Warren spent the majority of his formative years at one of the country’s most elite private schools, the Haverford School.

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