Sanity returns, cops will enforce the law

About six weeks after Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw announced the wrong-headed policy that Philadelphia cops would not arrest and take into custody suspects in low-level crimes, it has been reversed.

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw. (Photo: Philadelphia Inquirer)

Want to guess why? Because the low-level criminals knew there would be no consequences and they starting running wild, shoplifting with impunity. If you look at videos posted by 6 ABC, it wasn’t shoplifting, it was plain shopping.

A gang of youths walk in, help themselves to merchandise on the shelves and walk out, knowing the manager could not stop them and even if cops arrived, all they could was take names (from people not carrying ID), and promise a court hearing in the future.

Yes, you can laugh your ass off.

As always, honesty and fairness rule here. There are two reasons Outlaw wanted the policy.

First, to protect her officers from possibly being infected by the COVID-19 virus. I am 100% in favor of that, but . . . . As Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson used to say, on any given day a cop might have to give a life, save a life, or take a life. I am not being cavalier when I say they know they might have to give their life.

They should be equipped with the best possible gear when they have to lay hands on a suspect, which is dangerous even without the disease. Cops ought to be tested when they report to work each day, and given the finest medical attention should they get sick. Hazard pay for street cops, too.

Outlaw’s second thought was that “low-level” inmates were being released from prison — another policy generated by highly-educated idiots unable to foresee the likely outcome — higher crime rates. It’s as plain as the nose on your face, but the fancy pants social scientists never even mention that possibility. (Pity poor New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was so disappointed to find released criminals were committing fresh crimes. This is a result of liberal thought that often is dominated by wishful thinking.)

The prisoners were being released because it was thought jails are breeding ground for the virus. That is true. So are nursing homes and even hospitals.

What you do with the convicts is keep them in jail until they get sick, and then transfer them to a prison hospital, or even a civilian one. Let me make this formula clear: Wait for the convict to get sick, then treat him or her. Do not release them. Is that clear?

Finally, we are presented with the problem of prosecution-averse D.A. Larry Krasner, who long before the pandemic decided there were a bunch of low-level and nonviolent crimes his office would not prosecute.

Under shoplifting, I believe the first $400 is free, but I could not find a clear statement from the D.A. How would you like to own a bodega, knowing the grifters could steal $400 per visit before the D.A. gives a crap? That kills into your profit margin, but the social justice warriors probably regard you as a capitalist exploiter of the people. Even before this, many CVS stores put Advil and some other popular meds in locked cabinets because of shoplifting.

As for non-violent crimes, Krasner includes drug dealing. Non-violent? How many of our homicides are drug-related?

Maybe not many in Wonderland, but this is Philadelphia with an enterprising criminal class. We have police to hold the line and now, thanks to sanity, they have been unleashed.

20 thoughts on “Sanity returns, cops will enforce the law”

  1. the paragraph starting with: “Outlaw’s second thought was that “low-level” inmates were being released from prison …” is near biblical.

    “These are the times that try men’s souls………………….” The liberal thought process, coupled with the lack of funding, continues to tear at the soul of this country. For years now, the people in power have been trying to placate every organization representing every one, while trampling on the constitution. AMERICA ! WAKE UP !
    A liberal commissioner from the west coast. A mayor that sold out so long ago, that he’s clueless to what’s right. Finally, a D.A. that came from the Soros club. His credentials read, “I hate cops”. PHILADELPHIA ! WAKE UP !
    I know quite a few of Philly’s finest. In my family, there has always – and still is – law enforcement. Some folks take the job because they care about their fellow man. Many just look at being a cop as a “job”. Decent pay, good bennies. All of them want to go home at the end of their shift in one piece. With the bureaucracy at the top, meaning no support for the rank and file, there are not too many cops that are going to stick their necks out, knowing that they are on their own.
    Releasing prisoners to “avoid” the flu. That’s rich. It’s also the common thought across the country, especially with the help of liberal judges. It even reaches into ICE. Let the illegals out do to overcrowding. Fact of the matter is this. The holding areas and prisons in question are neither over crowed are contagious with the virus. The feds are appealing these ridiculous (sic) legal decisions. And yes. The man on the street knew that when the inmates are released, it’s almost a guarantee that they will continue on with their life of crime. That’s all they know, that’s what they do.
    It is truly a scary world out there .

      1. Stu,
        you may have forgotten. I’m a little (lot) long winded.
        I tend to like the capital punishment distribution system of a lot of countries in Asia, the Middle East and the Orient. Steal something, first offense – cut off right hand. Second offense – cut off head………………..
        stay well
        Our positive test results for the last three days are going down, out here in Chester County. Most of our pain is found in the retirement / senior homes. ( surprise ! )

          1. faux pas ! Chester County is in Chester County. (city of ) Chester is in Delaware County. Chester is just south of Philly. That contributes to their problems. I do know where you live. I obviously had enough of Philly.

  3. The following is an example of liberal-think from many years ago that is eerily familiar with Philadelphia’s thinking. Let us go back to when Ramsey Clark — a self-described ‘New Frontier progressive,’ was Attorney General, the Number One lawman in the country. In the 1960s, when anti-Vietnam War sentiments were raging, there was chaos on college and university campuses: students were not only ‘sitting-in,’ they were trashing the schools — defecating on the floors of the Dean’s offices, setting fires, etc. Ramsey Clark was interviewed and asked what he was going to do to put an end to the chaos. He said, “A little damage is acceptable,” this following a $2 million fire on a campus whose name escapes me. Now, do you think Ramsey Clark’s thought process as a ‘progressive’ in the 1960s was any different from liberal-think in the Philadelphia political process? Times may change, but the ‘thinking’ of liberals never does.

  4. I’ve always wondered what Bush Sr was thinking with his “Compassionate Conservatism” line. As a Republican it was an insult. As a conservative it was an insult. As a proud American, the most comassionate country on earth, it was unpatriotic. Maybe why he didn’t win reelection.

      1. I was wrong about Bush Sr.
        Funny how I always attributed to him??
        I felt that it implied that conservatives werent compassionate?
        Correct me please Stu if you had a different take.

  5. I guess it’s time to move to Baltimore. Where you are still allowed to rape and pillage with government approval. Maybe they let Seth Williams out so he can make a comeback. At least he was the only one stealing.

  6. I always enjoy your perspective on things, Stu. Common sense has become a rare commodity in the liberal community.

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