Parker tries to pull a fast one

Here’s a small lesson in massaging the press and the public.

Democratic candidate Cherelle Parker tries to pull a fast one. (Photo: Billy Penn)

I gave credit yesterday to the Inquirer for smoking out Cherelle Parker, the Democratic candidate for mayor who had been ducking demands that she debate David Oh, the Republican candidate.

In my closing comment, I asked that there be a couple more debates.

In its reporting on the scheduled debate — Oct. 26 at 8 a.m. on KYW Newsradio — the Inquirer noted Parker had been laying low lately, and it raised the question of additional debates.

“Parker spokesperson John Dolan indicated the KYW debate will not be the only time the candidates meet up,” the newspaper reported, and I have added helpful italics.

The news story continued: “‘We’re in touch with other organizations, working out scheduling and logistics for several public events that’ll feature both Mr. Oh and Cherelle,’ Dolan said Tuesday.”

You get that? You see the sleight of hand? The slippery language intended to mislead?

Candidates “meeting up” and being at the same place does not mean a “debate.”

It could be separate speeches, it could mean handshakes only, it could be serving draft beer, it could mean anything.

It does not mean a debate — and the Inquirer, and the Committee of Seventy, and the League of Women Voters should not let Cherelle Parker get away with it.

The next mayor will be the 100th.

As the Inquirer itself said, Philadelphians deserve to hear the candidates’ plans for the city they hope to lead.

8 thoughts on “Parker tries to pull a fast one”

  1. Stu, sadly, it hardly matters here. In the words of Nancy Pelosi, “a glass of water with a D next to it” will win in Philadelphia. Hardly anything can be done to avert that outcome at this point in the game. Unfortunate, for sure.

    While I agree we dodged a real doozy by avoiding Helen Gym, it is a true shame the democrat primary voters could not bring someone forward with some intellect and vision such as Domb, Brown, or Rhynhart.


    1. While brown , rynhart and domb would have made great mayors , none had the ground game to beat gym . Look at that last poll published. Basically a 3 way tie for first with gym slightly in the lead but 12 % undecided. Once people saw that final poll they got so scared of a gym victory that nearly all the undecideds broke for parker because im guessing they thought she was the only other candidate with the ground forces to match gym s white progressive base .
      In addition, while brown and domb and Rhinehart would have been great mayor’s , if they had tried to bring back targeted stop and frisk of corner drug dealers in order to combat the dealers they would have been labeled as racists and there would have been protest marches by all the white progressives in the city and once tarred with rhe r word they probably would have backed down. So only a black woman with a 10 yr old black son can bring back stop and frisk of drug dealers and successfully get away with it

    2. For almost 100 hears the GOP controlled Philadelphia and no one thought it would ever end. The GOP has to offer strong candidates and smart policies. Remember Sam Katz came within 1% of knocking off John Street.
      It will not be easy.

  2. Party politics aside, one can only hope the new mayor does what is right and best for the citizens of Philadelphia. A member of either party can accomplish that by being a caring, honest, competent human being. That much is crystal clear.

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