Open letter to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Hon. Greg Abbott

Texas Governor

Austin, TX

Dear Gov. Abbott:


I am writing to congratulate you on your pioneering policy of getting illegals “undocumemted” people to places of shelter in New York City, a proud and sprained brain “sanctuary city,” which says it is “welcoming” to people regardless of their “status.”

Philly mayor Jim Kenney (left), Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

You are testing that policy and sending a message by sending them oodles, who have crossed your Texas border illegally.

Nice touch, even though I know it was motivated by sheer frustration and desperation. 

Largely because of Democratic policies, the border has been erased. And some numbnuts claim the border is “closed,” even as “surrenders,” and get aways reach record proportions, as reported by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Question: Where are Philly’s illegals unfortunates? On behalf of the city, I am demanding our “fair” share of Texas border-busters. Share the, um, wealth.

Speaking of which, Philadelphia has the highest poverty rate of any large American city and you know what our mayor (a certified clown) wants?

More poor people.

And he is backed by a majority of nimrods who comprise our City Council.

The problem is their reasoning power has been diminished by a disease called progressivism, which places feelings about a problem above any realistic solution to it, by defining deviancy down to normalcy.

It allows the interests of the least productive members of society, legal or not, to be elevated above those who pay the bills. You see evidence of this in the proliferation of shanty towns in cities across America.

Our mayor, Jim Kenney, did a goofy little dance when the courts said the feds could not cut off assistance to the city in response to the city’s refusal to deal with Homeland Security and ICE. Both of which enforce the law. Philadelphia’s actions block enforcement. 

You haven’t heard it all yet. The mayor proudly announced he will protect convicted foreign felons from the federal government. I know that is hard to believe, but it is true. 

Some were captured without his help.  But many more were not.

Anyway, not to belabor a point, could you send a few dozen buses here?

Let the mayor figure out how to feed, shelter, educate, medicate, and sustain them, and just how long it will take for the taxpayers to understand they are being asked to subsidize foreign nationals who have come here illegally?

I mean, we can’t feed, shelter, educate, medicate and sustain our own.

It seems Democrats are averse to law — is any sanctuary city under Republican control? Maybe Democrats will respond to the sacking of their treasuries for the benefit of law breakers.

In closing, I am sure that you, like I, welcome anyone who has come here legally, and shown respect for our laws. 

We keep hearing that nobody is above the law, but that doesn’t seem to extend to illegals um, “undocumented.” You get the picture.

If you’re ever in town, give me a shout. I’m buying. 

34 thoughts on “Open letter to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott”

    Well said. Too bad that your advice is either ignored or falls on death ears. As you are aware. Philly has always welcomed those from foreign countries that were/are afflicted with war and natural disasters. We recently welcomes Ukrainians from their war torn country.
    It’s so right for you to point out the failures of our local government. For too long, these elected buffoons have held office, only to reap their own rewards.
    Once again, at the annoyance to some. DRAIN THE SWAMP ! and VOTE THEM ALL OUT !

    1. How refreshing to have you post something about one of the many disastrous democratic policies. Keep up the good work. Maybe it will get the haters head’s out of their asses so they can see what is really going on.

  2. Philadelphia is what happens when feelings are substituted for reasoning. Blame not only the idiots running the asylum, but also the bigger idiots who voted for them.

  3. Well done, Stu. Thoughtful, logical and a good read.

    I’m curious: How did Governor Abbot respond?

  4. You are 100% correct.If this insanity does not stop soon we will no longer have a country of law& order.It is obvious by doing this the radical Marxists are supporting ANARCHY to bring our system down.

  5. I need help. Can anyone remember who had a stay in Mexico policy and tried to build a wall. I can’t remember his name.

  6. Some interesting pros and cons of Sanctuary Cities can be found here. There are two sides to every story. And to say that all progressives are 100% in favor of the concept would be a gross mischaracterization. Reasonable people seek reasonable solutions. People with felony convictions, for instance, should in no way be protected by such laws. That would certainly not be considered a “progressive” position to take, but that’s what THIS progressive believes. Bottom line: if reasonable people get together and are open to reasonable solutions, progress can be made.

    1. Freeze,
      You are welcome into our country when you come through the door – NOT UNDER IT !

    2. What a bunch of bull shit. Trumps border policies were very reasonable. Biden should have kept them.

      1. Those policies were keeping the United States of America safe. Xiden ceased them almost the moment he was sworn in. Same with shutting down the PA pipeline. He could hardly wait to get from the Capitol to the White House to begin the destruction of America as we once knew it.

    3. Who would seek sanctuary in Philadelphia, a city whose murder rate makes a mockery of the word ‘sanctuary’?

    4. Always interested in the “other” side. Most of the “pro” ignore federal law and Philly DOES Protect CONVICTED FOREIGN FELONS under “progressive” leadership.
      Oh, and we have had several cases of rape committed by those here illegally
      under the protection of Kenney.
      As others have said, come here legally and we welcome you. Disrespect our laws and we disrespect you.Seems fair to me.

  7. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Spot on, Stu. I’m sure we’ll all be interested in any response from an actual person at the governor’s office.

    Hope you’re feeling better every day.

  8. I’m not going to repeat what many here have heard before about my family’s story. Suffice to say that we came into the U.S. legally after WWII under the DP Act of 1948. We had to wait until the amended version of 1950 that upped the number of Jews who could come in). The operative word was legally and wait our turn.
    Having said that, we could actually use some more immigrants (legal ones). The employers in the Research Triangle are gnashing their teeth trying to find laborers.

    1. Why don’t you ever condem lousy democratic policies. Your one of the biggest haters who post here. Let me here you say Biden was wrong for reversing trumps border policy.

        1. You GQP haters KNOW NOTHING about me or my political inclinations. As it happens, I happen to think that there has not been a decent immigration policy under EITHER party. You can breath now dudes.

        2. Oh yeah GQP dudes you also ignore my stands on girls’ sports and transgender participants, PC speech, gender pronouns, wiping out student debt, fiscal responsibility, and any number of “conservative” positions. But you have trouble with complexities I guess. Hate? No, just alarmed at what the GQP and their hero is trying to do to my country.

          1. We know plenty. You post your hateful thoughts all the time. Your a close minded hateful person who doesn’t see good in anyone who you disagree with.

      1. Daniel, You’re way out of your league GQP dude. This is what you are gonna hear from me. There’s a huge difference between disdain and hatred; disagreement and hateful thoughts; pointing out absurdities and abhorrence.

        1. Show some disdain for the Biden administration. If you can’t see the difference between how the country is being run compared to the Trump years your nuts. And blinded by your hatred.

          1. Indeed, Daniel. You are hitting a nerve, and as you can see, the truth hurts. Probably one of those Red Chinese bots anyway. I dig your posts.

    boys and girls,
    I would suggest that you all go back in the files and find the blog where Stu gives his opinion on what an immigration law should look like. Take a look, give a thought, then reply.
    I have not been out of the country in a few years. I know that when we were building the refineries in the Middle East, all were welcome – because they did not have the skilled labor. As time went on, most locals came skilled and degreed.
    In Europe and Australia, you could not go there on a work visa, if you were putting a local out of work. I would have been permitted had my wife taken the overseas jobs that she was offered.
    We, on the other hand, have very lax immigration laws, then we don’t bother to enforce them. If you come here on a student or work visa, no one really checks up on you. Does the twinn towers ring a bell ?

  10. Send ’em all to Tony Clark’s home. BTW, FYI, Trumpo the 🤡 is against ALL immigration (including legal immigration). The worlds’ best, brightest & most educated want to come here, start businesses and make a successful life and bigots like Trump & Clark want to keep them out. This country was built by immigrants, but the orange haired king and Tony forgot that. Too bad Trump & Tony can’t be deported to Russia.

    1. still HAPPY TUESDAY !!!
      I can’t address you as Mister anymore and I won’t capitalize your name. either. I have no respect for you.
      I am curious, though. What are you on ? Scripts ? Street? You obviously don’t follow the conversations AND you surely don’t read opposing viewpoints in the press or listen / watch anything other than the garbage from where you get your misinformation.
      The suspense is not killing me. I ( yawn ) can hardly wait to read the next ( ha ha ) writings from one such as you.
      Mr. Anthony Clark

      1. Tony, you have got to be the biggest hypocrite ever. You bitch and moan about people attacking you and yet you do the same thing. In your tiny self-serving world nobody is allowed to disagree with you because your ego will not accept anything anyone says if it is contrary to what you believe.

        The orange-skinned SOB is a piece of shit and you know it. You just cannot admit it because of how long your nose has been stuck up his ass.

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