No, Cos, you ARE guilty

A New York minute after Bill Cosby released, he sent word that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court had declared his innocence. 

The liberal-leaning court did no such thing. Cosby is a creepy sexual predator.

Bill Cosby after his release, shaming his high school by wearing its T-shirt. (Photo: ABC News)

The court vacated his condition on a technicality, which was that a prosecutor had given his word — and a later prosecutor broke that word.

The first prosecutor was Bruce Castor, who believed Andrea Constand’s claims of sexual assault against the Superstar, but felt he couldn’t achieve a conviction in 2005, when Cosby was still America’s Dad, and #MeToo had yet to be born.

He got Cosby to waive his 5th Amendment rights, and testify, in the hope that testimony would allow Constand to win a civil suit against Cosby.

The strategy worked. A year later, Cosby settled the suit for an undisclosed sum (reported to be more than $3 million.)

No, Cosby didn’t go to jail, but Constand was compensated, and because of what Cosby admitted to, without fear of prosecution, he was branded as a serial sexual offender in the minds of anyone paying attention.

Then, 10 years later, D.A. Kevin Steele, for whatever reason, decided that Castor did not have the authority to make the promise he did, and Steele arrogantly abrogated it.

Steel charged Cosby, and won a conviction. 

But he had done it at great cost — the reputation of the Montgomery County’s District Attorney’s office. 

Justice must be fair, and Steel’s stunt was not.

A lot of Cosby’s alleged victims are understandably howling that justice was not served.

But Cosby did serve almost three years, and if it helps to think this way — you can pretend Cosby was not guilty.

But he was. 

His reputation is forever ruined and the first paragraph of his obit will include the term “sexual offender.”

It seems just to me.

6 thoughts on “No, Cos, you ARE guilty”

      1. said the guy resuscitated and brought back to life, ” it’s great to be back “!

    You beat sundown ! We are all saved from eternal damnation !
    As we were lamenting the problems of the blog, I have been given cosby a lot of thought. Getting right to the point. The man is a typical male chauvinist pig ! Back in the ’60s, drug and alcohol flowed in the fast lanes. Professional sports, the arts and Hollywood were a good place to get ‘screwed, blewed and tatooed” ! Now, put yourself back in them times. The girls that were part of the scene would do anything to anybody for notoriety . Here comes a young black male. Good looking and a rising star. Of course they were jumping all over him ! What I don’t understand is this. You’re getting just about everything you could possibly want. Certainly more than you can handle. AND STILL YOU ARE NOT SATIATED !?! That would be cosby and guys like him.
    Yes. He was released on the technicality of the law . Where would be without that same law ? Politics played a large part in this case. Obviously name recognition did it’s part also. The fall was simple. The Attorney General of our Commonwealth permitted the District Attorney of Montgomery County to bring forth these charges. KNOWING that a “legal” deal was struck preventing this case being ever brought forth.
    Because of the original agreement, the criminal case never happened BUT libel cases appeared for every woman that was wronged. Some are still proceding.
    Finally. cosby is a walking P.O.S. ! May he burn in hell for eternity.

  2. I’m insulted that that scumbag was wearing a Central H.S. shirt (my alma mater 235th class). Another disgraced alumnus, like Ira Einhorn.

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