Minneapolis learned a lesson. Have we?

The 8 p.m. curfew arrived in Minneapolis, the protestors were on the move, peaceably, according to MSNBC’s Ali Velshi, who was walking with them.

Chestnut Street looters disgrace George Floyd’s name

The mayor and governor had withdrawn their earlier claims about a heavy out of town presence.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, the curfew passed and the police moved in to clear the streets.

In Philadelphia at the same time, looters had thinned out and police were making some arrests. At last. But around 10 p.m., someone torched a building at 17th and Walnut, risking a catastrophe. 

On CNN, Kamala Harris said she doesn’t condone criminal behavior, “but. . . ,” adding the usual “justice” loophole, while anchor Don Lemon spent most of his time justifying the criminal behavior. 

Wow — MSNBC straighter than CNN tonight.

Curfew in L.A. Will it be enforced? Apparently not. Fires were burning after curfew.

Chicago raised the draw bridges over the Chicago River to pen in protestors. Cops were out in force. 

And now a word of history, because I don’t know how much more of this I can take. 

I remember the riots of the ‘60s, and those were real riots where dozens of blocks were taken out in cities across the nation. Compared to that, this is a pin prick. 

The underlying cause was some form of racism. It was worse then than it is today. I say that because the black middle class is huge today, versus then, and black elected officials blanket America today.

This does not mean there is no racism today.

As I have said before, virtually everyone agrees George Floyd’s death was unwarranted and probably criminal. Arrests should have come faster, but one has come and others will follow. You know that.

There is no dispute that Americans were disturbed and wanted to have their voices heard, and almost everywhere mayors and police chiefs said they would be welcome, if peaceable.

And most were, but, sadly, the peaceful protests were hijacked by criminals who had their own agendas.

That was not protest and no one said it better than a black woman, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

Looting a store or torching a post office is a disconnect with the cause, it is a disgrace piled on the same of George Floyd.

The majority of the protestors I saw were on the young side, under 40. I almost get a feeling that this is their moment — that George Floyd is their Rodney King, whose beating by the L.A.P.D. sparked devastating 1992 riots in Los Angeles and incidents of  unrest across the country. 

At 8:48, MSNBC’s Morgan Chesky was moving with Minneapolis protestors who were being pushed back by advancing state police, firing tear gas to keep the crowd moving. 

The only violence is coming from people in uniform, said MSNBC anchor Joshua Johnson, which was stunning, given they were violating the curfew and what had happened in the past few nights.

Minneapolis U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar told CNN “If people truly cared about black  lives they wouldn’t be setting fires risking black lives.”

Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, rioters set a couple of police cars on fire, and were throwing objects at cops. After a while, cops started making arrests. 

In Washington, D.C., kept away from the White House, rioters broke windows and torched a car. 

But, you know, I just don’t want another 3 a.m. night.

It looks like Minneapolis learned the lesson — Minnesota Nice won’t work on criminals. Legitimate force does.

Lesson learned. Were you paying attention, Mayor Kenney? 

33 thoughts on “Minneapolis learned a lesson. Have we?”

  1. If I was one of the peaceful protesters yesterday in Minneapolis or any city and witnessed the outcome, I would not have to think twice about doing it again.
    One has to be very naive or impressionable to continue to be used and abused in this manner. I think I will stay home and watch tonight.
    Thank you Stu, for staying up. Now that I’ve read you, I wonder what Will Bunch has to say. 🤔

    1. Yo, Tom…I love the fact that you brought Will Bunch into the conversation. Otherwise known as the Phillly Inquirer’s Resident Communist, the vast amount of his written production is just that – a Bunch of S-it, and it stinks to high-heaven. I wish that that the Inqy would Bunch out of our collective misery. They counter that they carry George Will and another national conservative (whose name I can’t recall at the moment). Such tokenism! It’s 10 to 1 in the liberal’s favor with this newspaper, and they call “balanced,” with their lead person (Bunch) a communist – quite literally.

      1. Randy & bloggers,
        gone from the local print:
        Christine, Dom & Stu, although Ms Flowers can be read in DELCO papers. She & Dominick can be heard on WPHT 1210 am
        stay well,

        don’t know what happened to my pallie, Stu

      2. Randy,
        No kidding, Bunch is a great fiction writer like both Lemon and Maddow are good fiction storytellers. The latter two though need to brush up a bit with the teleprompter.

    The sun went down yesterday. The rioting started early ( synchronized ? ) This morning, you get to see the rewards of criminals and the lack of enforcement of the law. Once again I say, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY .
    You should be held accountable for your actions. You are breaking the law when you ignore the order to stay home ( curfew ), refuse to disband, destroy property, be it public or private property. The punishment for breaking these laws is usually a slap on the wrist. You, the criminal. just caused millions of dollars of property damage, endangered lives and all you get is a slap on the wrist ! That harsh punishment will get us another night of riots and vandalism.

  3. Any sympathy I had for the protests went up in smoke yesterday. I was outraged at what happened in Minneapolis and could not imagine what those police officers were thinking. But the torching of cities and the looting of struggling retail shops is not going to help and all it does is anger people who would normally be sympathetic. This is not civil disobedience. It is crime, pure and simple. I wonder what it cost the city which is already financially crippled due to the pandemic. Along with that sympathy went any desire to live in this corrupt city in which my high sky taxes gain me — what? We moved into the city from the burbs due to the perceived benefits of living amid cultural vibrancy and a creative, energetic entertainment and restaurant scene, as well as world class health care to which we could walk. What we got was inconvenience, traffic grid lock, crumbling infrastructure, Made in America desecrating the Art Museum and its environs, sanctuary status, aggressive panhandlers, proposed safe injection sites, litter, corruption, sullen bureaucrats who act as though they are doing you a favor by listening to your request or questions, parking nightmares and I could go on and on. We are putting our place up for sale and moving back to the burbs where my taxes will be lower and where I can see where those dollars are going. Philly has burned me out. I’m done.

    1. Wanda,
      In spite ( or because of ) your venting – HAPPY SUNDAY !!!
      Everything that you just said is so very true. We all bailed out of Philly for pretty much the same reasons. I weighed the center city enamor versus the city drudge. Chester County here I sit. There is life to be seen and appreciated. You just have to drive rather than walk.
      As for the cops and National Guard. When you are given orders to “stand down”, etc. You have to wonder why you put on the uniform.

      1. Tony
        I believe most cops, firefighters, military wear the uniform because of the financial security. That I believe is the bottom line. If you’re lucky or smart or both you live a long time after.
        I thank God I’m out!

        1. Tom,
          When I was gainfully employed with PWD, I knew quite a few cops and firemen to talk to. Shoot the breeze would be more like it. You are 110 % right about looking for security. Hoping to get a quiet house or station and just “do your time”. Very common phrase in Philly. ( SIC ! ) wonder why ?
          Military, not so much. The troops that I knew/know all volunteered because they believe in this country. Sure they want a better life and the Gov will help them get the education that they’re looking for. Yea, there are those that belong to “The Few. The Proud, The MARINES ! Every Marine that I ever knew has only one objective. Kill the enemy. It doesn’t matter to those grunts if they come home carrying their shield or being carried on it !
          HOORAH !

          1. Tony,
            That was Financial! security. Sure, we didn ‘t want to get injured, but the guys I know, we hungered for fire. Can you imagine hoping for a fire? We did. We wanted to be busy. Esp, when young. We understood this might be someone’s home, but this was our job. Some stayed at busy firehouses until retirement, others went to slower places as we aged.
            The nature of the job.
            Leathernecks! Hooorah!!

            Check out FNC LIVE LOOTING 52nd & Walnut 25
            minutes ago. We are in for one hell of a night!! I sense History!!
            Keep safe Stu.

        1. Actually, Stu’s suggestion is a good one. He’s encouraged me before to send my emails (when he was still with the Inquirer) to him as letters to the editor. I did for all the good it did. I actually was an editor of a major journal in a past life, so I can edit this down with no problems and send them my parting shot. Suggestions for more indignities to list will be appreciated.

          1. Wanda, I think you covered it all. Moving to a small town is great, I lived there once. You’ll never have to worry about what we are witnessing now. Most Big Cities stink because of, (hope you can use as more fodder), just a sarcastic op.
            From a few months ago.

            THE LEFT
            “We’re The Left…Hi there neighbor! Vote for us, we’ll return the favor.

            We’re always looking out for your health. We ban smoking on the beach, and tax soda by the ounce.

            And if you like crime, don’t worry about jail, in Philly the DA will pay your bail.

            To hell with innocents caught
            in cross fire. Our bleeding
            hearts provide lots of cover.

            And if an illegal on the run, California’s bigger, enjoy the sun!

            We take from the rich as much as we can, and tax the hell out of corporations.

            Besides who cares that it’s wrong, when you’re getting back what’s yours all along.

            And If illegal drugs is your hoot, head back to Philly, there’s a place to shoot!

            We’re in the east coast, the west coast and everywhere between. ‘Heaven Now’ is our motto to fulfill all your needs.

            This is just the beginning and don’t you forget, we’re getting much bolder as we drift further left.

            In about ten years or so, if you vote with us we’ll have attained our goal.

            Oh! But there is one thing I haven’t said, if AOC’s right, we’ll all be dead!!

            But just in case that lady’s wrong, Vote for Bernie, you can’t go wrong!!

  4. Taking the long view for a moment, Philadelphia, the poorest big city in America, took huge steps, last night, to make sure it stays that way. How many downtown employers, and potential downtown employers, are reassessing the risk of going forward. All the negative aspects of visiting the commercial district became amplified and turbocharged in an orgy of irresponsibility. Those with the most to lose seemed to be primarily responsible last night. I live 25 minutes from the city, and over the past several years, my visits to the city have dwindled. I miss the Reading Terminal Market, the Philadelphia Museum of Art,
    Stocks Bakery, the Christmas Market etc… But the hassles that have to be ignored or fought through became too much to continously deal with. I have had my car broken into twice, been accosted once and have seen things that I would not want my children to see. Last nights tragedy is just evidence of what is always bubbling just under the surface, and which could erupt at any time. None of the violence, theft and destruction did anything to honor the memory of George Floyd. The responsibilty for bringing some if the rioters to justice, now lies in the hands of DA Krasner. Good luck Philly, God help you going forward.

    The name George Floyd will be long remembered as the black victim of a rogue cop who used excessive force to effect an arrest. Who won’t be remembered were two federal officers who were killed protecting lives and property from rioters in Oakland California emanating from the same tragedy. Also, officer Cody Holte and officer Nate Lyday both killed in the line of duty during the hours of the rioting for just routine police calls. Psychiatrists use the word “Mob mind” to describe those who join a demonstration which becomes a riot as giving up individual responsibility to the feeling of universality as one. One death that could have been prevented is never less important than any death when it could have been prevented buy destroying property, burning and looting stores should have no support in a civil society. They call themselves progressives like DA Larry Krasner who opposes cash bail. Hollywood actors Steve Caroll Seth Rogen showed the fallacy of that position when they funded bail for all those arrested for involvement in the rioting and looting at the scene. Could they not understand that they allowed those who participated in a crime to return to the scene to commit more criminal acts. Bluntly we have elected many pussies into office who fear not being politically correct at the cost of law-abiding citizens. The Justice system may need an overhaul in certain areas but outright criminality and killing the representatives of our Government is Anarchy and must be condemned and eliminated to protect the lawful citizens of our country.

    1. Tom,
      Send that to Krasner and Bunch.
      They won’t care, but it can’t hurt.

    2. Four more ( so far ), we will hear the wail of the Bag Pipes. as the Stars and Stripes are folded, then handed to the grieving partner left behind
      then the volleys of the rifle brigade will make you jump as you stand there in a trance

  6. In my many years of living in Philly, I was a victim of black crime (once violent) on three separate occasions. Naturally this affected me, causing me to relocate away from certain areas.

    Despite that, since joining FB I have sincerely tried to understand black people. I met black people with intact families, good careers, retired military….
    But after all of these riots, I have retreated into my former mindset of putting my safety and that of my family, above all else. For us that means moving next year to a very safe small town where my husband’s paternal family still lives. His uncle told him on the phone yesterday that he doesn’t understand why we are still in Philly even though my husband no longer has a career holding him here as a retiree.

  7. I was disappointed to note that many of the rioters were not wearing their covid-19 masks. How selfish of them! Does anyone else find it odd that riots would break out simultaneously across the United States? One might suspect there was some unifying dark force behind the rampages. (“There you go again, with your doggone conspiracy nonsense!”)

  8. Just heard they’re looking for retired firefighters, no age requirement, to work downtown firehouses tonight. I wonder if we’re allowed canes and walkers.😄

  9. Stu lives in center city. I wonder if he’s trapped in his place. That’s the downside of living in Philly. I’m not sure of any upside.

    1. Vince,
      Don’t worry your pretty little head about our boy Stu. He has Half-pint to sic that man eater on anybody that can walk up all of those flights of steps !

      1. Stu,
        you know that I have nothing but respect for you, even though at times we see things a bit different.
        I am very much PRO 2nd amendment . My problem is this, and I say it to all whom I get in a discussion. A may have mentioned my former neighbor out here. He is a park ranger. Very gun ho ! we got into a discussion about concealed carry. He said that if he was ever in Philly on a night out, and was confronted, he would draw on the perp. I told him that he was a freak’n’ idiot ! You are a country bumpkin, going to a big city were the criminals are pretty good at what they do. With no regard for life – yours or theirs – they would shoot you in a heart beat if you gave them a reason. And you put your wife and whom ever in jeopardy. He said, Oh. I meant I’ld wait for him to turn and walk awy, then shoot. I told him that he’s still a freak’n’ idiot. He’s the perfect example of why there are guns on the street. Taken from idiot victims.
        Please don’t become a statistic.

        1. Your friend is an idiot and supports my feeling that in addition to proficiency, gun owners need to get legal advice as to when they can draw. I know the law. I also know I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

          1. not a friend, a neighbor, and yes, we agree that the macho man talks the talk ( IDIOT ), but being a country bumpkin – clueless !
            You on the other hand, my friend, are over the hill and I doubt that you were ever prone to violence. As you know, the NRA wants all owners to be well trained and ready to react in any situation. That’s all well and good, until you have to actually face down a perp. Never mind that he already has his gun pointed at you and he has probably done it many times before. The biggest difference that I know of, when comparing Joe average vs Joe from the hood is; you have everything to lose and he has nothing to lose.

  10. Washington’s Burning!!
    They set St John’s Church on fire.
    Time for more than the Skunk.

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