Michelle steals Dems’ first night

I settle in my armchair, notepad at my side, expecting two things from the first night of the Democratic National Convention.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama at DNC

First, a shower of oatmeal around the personalities of Joe Biden and his historic pick for VP, Kamala Harris.

Second, a hose of vinegar aimed at the incumbent president, Donald J. Trump.

It starts off right, with moderator Eva Longoria Baston, of “Desperate Housewives” fame, now a desperate Democratic partisan. She was a low-key moderator, even when criticizing Trump. 

An early surprise, to this skeptic, was the Zoom chorus singing “The Star Spangled Banner,” recently damaged in some quarters by its author’s racism, even contained in one verse we don’t sing. I guess it hasn’t yet been cancelled.

Theatrically, the 2+-hour infomercial began to wear thin in the second hour, with one speech following another. Even though most were short, it became numbing, In a “real” convention, networks would cut away from the lesser speeches and turn to their floor reporters. Last night — no floor reporters. 

Last night, in the final slot, batting cleanup, was former First Lady Michelle Obama,

How did she do?

So well Joe Biden probably regrets choosing Harris as his vice president. Michelle was lights out.

She spoke for about 20 minutes, reading perfectly and empathetically, from a TelePrompTer, opening with how much she loves this country. “Donald Trump is the wrong president for this country,” she said, drawing attention to the chaos and division he creates, and his lack of empathy.

We are “a nation that is underperforming. . . On character,” she said. “Things can get worse,” she warned. 

In the pre-convention chatter, some talking heads predicted a slashing attack, which this wasn’t. She revived the line about going high when others go low, but she said going high didn’t mean smiling at meanness.

She was more calm than Bernie Sanders, who preceded her. Oddly, there was no introduction for the Vermont senator, who I had heard was to be introduced by U.S. Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who had endorsed him. It did not seem like a glitch, in a largely glitch-free night, with videos coming in from across the nation. AOC was AWOL? 

Trump was portrayed by Sanders as an existential threat to democracy, to the economy, and to the world. Sanders said he would work with progressives, moderates ‘and, yes, even conservatives” to unseat the president.

The losers given time to praise Biden were Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who lost to Biden in the primary race, and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who was considered as a vice president candidate.

The biggest name in the Benedict Arnold Brigade was Republican John Kasich, former Ohio governor, who got quite a bit of time — and look! — there was Republican New Jersey Gov. Christie Whitman, also praising Biden. 

Each said they remain loyal Republicans, but that Trump does not operate on Republican principles.

The heaviest attack on Trump came from someone you haven’t heard of.

Christine Urquizo said her father was a Trump supporter who believed the president when he minimized covid-19. Her father went to a karaoke bar, contracted the virus and died. His only pre-existing condition, she said, was believing Trump.

50 thoughts on “Michelle steals Dems’ first night”

  1. Christine Todd Whitman. Are you really serious? The woman was an incompetent clown. She was the person Bush appointed EPA Administrator.

    After 911 she let the brave NYC firemen and cops enter the pit without respirators
    After 911 she let the brave NYC firemen and cops enter the pit without respirators
    After 911 she let the brave NYC firemen and cops enter the pit without respirators
    After 911 she let the brave NYC firemen and cops enter the pit without respirators

    Am I getting through to you STU?

    How many of them got life threatening respiratory diseases down in the pit.? How many of them died due to these illnesses? Are you manuring me with your Christine Todd Whitman refererence?

    But then you once wrote a column saying maybe the US needs another 911. A very close friend of mine was left with children 9,8,6,4 and 2 because of 911. I don’t think we need another 911.

    Before you try to malign me by calling me a partisan REP tell me how times I’ve told you the last 4 presidents we had over the last 28 years STUNK.

    You also neglected to mention Trump’s great advisor Dr Fauci was quoted

    Your columnn missed a lot of facts.

    But then you had the audacity to call me irrational.You may have been right. But you were smart enough not to call me uninformed.
    You can get better info from Jericho Green than Cristine Todd Whitman. She was an incompetent joke at the EPA.

    Stu I’m just trying to keep you informed in spite of your nasty ” irrational ” tag you labeled me with.

    I guess I’m a bigger fan of you than you are of me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha

    1. HAPPY TUESDAY !!!
      here comes the sarcasm.
      Stop picking on my Governess ! When I was a N.J. State Construction official, she was my boss.
      okay, got that out of the way.
      As I recall, she came in after beating Jim Florio. Florio, a democrat, was serving during economic hard times. He did more for N.J. by accident, than the money girl did on purpose. I, like Stu, vote the man/woman, not the party.
      She did, at best, a mediocre job as governor. She got the state economy moving as the U.S. economy picked up. Christine Todd Whitman left the state in debt. Her parting gift was to give all taxpayers a (?)$700.00 (?) stipend as she was ending her reign.
      Politically and financially, her family were loyal soldiers and that’s how she got the job as EPA wip. sic. Highly qualified sic !
      As for Michelle. I caught snippets of the show, but couldn’t stay awake for her performance. We’ll pick on the Obamas another time.

      1. HAPPY TUESDAY !!!
        If your taking a shot at me Pallie, don’t miss. Everything that I said about Whitman is factual. She comes from money, she married money and her family was serious in the republican party.
        As governor, look it up. She wasn’t as tall as you, but she was and is better looking than you. You were cute when you were young, but I didn’t know you then.
        Without looking it up, I believe the stipend was $700.00. Didn’t Uncle Sam just give everybody $1200 or some figure ?
        So what’s delusional ?

  2. I think members of the GOP who oppose or express concerns about Trump are taking an honest assessment of where the United States currently stands. I don’t consider them traitors and if they are; does that make the silence of the GOP representatives on Trump’s conduct cowards?

    1. Barry

      I didn’t mention Kasich.

      I mentioned Christine Todd Whitman.

      It’s apparant you are totally clueless about her lack. of action in not getting our first responders respirators.on 911.

      Anybody taking Christine Todd Whitman serious shows just how little they know about 911.

      1. Charles,
        I understand your bitterness when talking about the stupid ridiculous actions of our government. Back then, 2011, it was not the norm to put on a respirator when combing through debris, on a recovery mission.
        Where the problem was is this. Asbestos was a mineral used as fireproofing from the early 1930s up to the 1960s. It was known to be a carcinogen, but the language back then was very loose and mild, as it was with most of the products that we used in construction and in everyday life. Basically, nobody realized that the city would be dealing with a potential cancerous fallout! If they did, they kept it a secret all of these years. We all lost friends and fellow workers in that catastrophe. Hundred of my fellow workers were involved in that recovery. Many of them have the asbestosis lungs to prove it !
        As a side note. The last building erected with asbestosis in Philadelphia, was what started out as the Girald Trust Tower, then became the Meridian tower. It was across from city hall, built to 40 stories, because of the “Billy Penn Hat law”, but designed to be a 60 story building. I believe it was completed in 1969. I left the job right before my fellow workers got killed when the precast panel came down. Two guys were standing on it at the 10th floor level when the stone cut loose. Two guys on the truck below got crushed. That building took 12 people, including the firefighters that got caught in the stairwell during the fire.
        stay well,

          1. tell me something that I don’t know Charles? I was working in Jersey city on that day. I watched the south tower disappear. I’ll leave out my feelings. Just about every construction worker along the river jumped into what boats were available and charged across that river.
            Most worked right through the night. Most were as gray as a stormy sky in a few hours. Many had to throw their work boots away. The souls were shot. Should I keep going ?
            We were the generation that went to war. We CHARGED INTO THAT HELL !

      2. I take offense to you calling me clueless. I have an opinion that did not need an insulting response. WTF does my post have to do with 911? If you don’t like what I’ve said,then don’t read my posts and more importantly keep your pompous-ass responses to yourself.

        1. Barry

          You posted

          I think members of the GOP who oppose or express concerns about Trump are taking an honest assessment of where the United States currently stands.

          I think anybody taking Witman seriously is cluless.It’s obvious you know nothing about your republican hero. You only like her because she is against Trump. So you forgive her incompetence responding to 911. If I am a pompous ass you are a dumb ass.

    2. Barry,
      Kasich is a rino ! He is obviously a bitter Trump hater. He hasn’t done thing one for the party since loosing in the debates for the Presidency. The other potential presidential candidates are loyal republicans. Some joined in with President Trump. Some are respectfully quiet.
      Keep in mind, that these are, politically, the worst times that this country has ever seen. If you believe in the platform of a party, you don’t switch sides as part of a vendetta. Normalcy went out the window when Donald Trump won the right to represent the republican party. Then, the following January, the bitterness really came out.

        1. Charles,
          Everybody’s dirty ! I wouldn’t doubt that Noah took a bribe when building that ark . If he built it in Philly, I’ll bet he paid off the building inspector.
          just say’n’

          1. Were you friends with Noah?

            This is it for me.

            I used up my quota of posts on this topic.

          1. HAPPY WEDNESDAY !!!
            Let it go. It’s hard enough these days to have a honest discussion in person, never mind on the internet.
            BTW I told Noah that the damm boat was too small……………………….
            and bring lots of Oars. ( he misunderstood me )

          2. Charles, I honestly believe you are bipolar and either not taking medicines for it needing them changed.

          3. Charles, you said ‘You are a BIG BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

            Really bringing out the big guns now.

  3. It was Michelle Obama who said (and I paraphrase) she was finally able to be proud of the USA — this only after her husband was elected president. Up to that time I guess she despised the country. If I am not mistaken, this is the first time a former First Lady ever spoke at a convention to rip into a sitting president. Shameful. I wish the Obamas would just go away, as the Clintons seem to have (at last) done.

    1. Wasn’t Trump who said in January, 2017, “The American Carnage stops right here and stops right now.”.. One of the ugliest and most dishonest statements ever to come out of a U.S. President…….The previous administration had guided us out of the worst economic recession since the Great Depression. Shamefully most Repugs will not admit this. How quickly they forgot that THOUSANDS lost jobs, homes, life savings. Yet, prior to Trump’s “American Carnage” speech, our Country was experiencing slow but steady economic growth and a healthy stock market. You can trash Michelle, because that’s what Repugs do, take one out-of-context statement and twist it. Keeps from focusing on the REAL issues..like here we are, 3 and 1/2 years after Trump took office, living in the hell of American Carnage.

      1. The only ‘carnage’ is the death of honest reporting. The hatred of DT began on election night and has been unceasing since. Obama (the man not the woman) did more to harm race relations than any sitting president ever.

      2. Naomi,
        Wasn’t it our President Trump who said that he knew that D.C. was dirty, but he didn’t realize just how dirty ?
        True, The Obama administration was pulling the country out of the latest recession. (sidebar:)” It’s a recession if you still have a job. It’s a depression if you are out of work.”
        The Obama administration had the help of every administration to keep America in the gutter. When you believe in a world without borders, you have a serious problem. But then again, the Obamas are not collecting food stamps, are they ?
        Everybody wants to be an editor. Everybody selectively remembers or forgets. I try to see the big picture. How did we get this far in a couple of hundred years where countries have been formed for thousands of years and don’t have what we have. Will we keep what we have or will we disappear and get absorbed in a socialist world ?

    2. Vince, how do you equate someone not being proud about something with despising it? If someone is not proud of something that probably means they are ashamed of it. Just as I, and many others, are ashamed at what our country has become under the current sitting President.

      As far as you wishing the Obama’s would just go away…you wish everyone who does not agree with your way of thinking would go away.

      1. So the pussy Bogaart thinks I am bipolar. I can call names too. You are a pussy.

        And what has our country become.

        1. Charles, If I am what you called me, I am still much more of a man than you or tRUMP, could ever hope to be.

        2. Charles, even if I were what you canned me, (I am not), I am still more of a man than you and your boy tRUMP.

  4. Ahhhh, it was great to recalibrate to the “high road”. Indeed, she is our national Mom. Alas, my gut says two terms for President Trump. He stokes a national anxiety, using high-sounding with little meaning language that changes faster than his mood ring. And we talk of little else!

  5. I condemn the worst Director EPA ever had and I get called names by 2 moronic posters bogart and pollard. She was a disaster. But you 2 dopes like her because she is against Trump. You 2 dopes don’t have an iota of sympathy for the responders who got sick cleaning up the debris at the WTC because Whitman was too stupid to provide these first responders with respirators.

    1. Charles, you are proving what I believe…you are either bipolar or suffer from severe mental issues. What is next for you? Are you going to come after the people who do not agree with you?

  6. Why did you ban Charles and keep Bogart who started the namecalling.

    If you knew anything you would have realized he was right about Whitman.

    1. Francois,
      How do you know that Charles is banned ? Part of Stu’s opening statement, no censure , no nothing . Or did I miss something ?
      Personally, I would rather see the two of them get a yellow card ( soccer warning, minor foul )

      1. maybe today’s children curse at each other. WE didn’t. Did ya ever taste Fels Naphtha ?

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