Meme of the day

As you know by now, publishing does not (necessarily) mean agreement.

It just means it made me laugh, and this one has an unexpected edge.

9 thoughts on “Meme of the day”

  1. He may be showing signs of dementia, he may be slow, he may not always understand what he is saying, but we can all take comfort in the fact he has his finger on the nuclear button.

        1. That is an exact quote from Mr. Trump.

          Then there is his daughter in law who is the head of the RNC who recently announced, “Lara Trump says the RNC has been working hard to tackle voter fraud ahead of the upcoming elections. “We have lawsuits in 81 states right now,” Lara told Newsmax on Tuesday.”

          If anyone is suffering from dementia its these two.

          1. Remember, it was Obama who said “I have visited all 57 states.” Goofiness knows no party.

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