Looney Left, yes, wants to abolish police

When I wrote about defunding police last week, I jumped on it fast because I thought an idea that insane would collapse under its own stupidity.

Take them at their word. (Photo: KSTP-TV)

I underestimated the Looney Left. I forgot they pitch their tents in Wonderland, and now the Minneapolis City Council has voted to dismantle the police department and replace it with something called community-based strategies. The insanity didn’t just squeak through — it had 9 of 13 votes. (Note to Minneapolis Controller: Place order for 9 straitjackets.)

I have called it Russian Roulette and it was a bridge too far for even uber progressive Mayor Jacob Frey, who was driven from a rally under a torrent of boos when he refused to go along with the insanity. One protestor said the mayor was up for election next year, implying he would be beaten.

That may be true, if the City Council kills the police department quickly. 

The population of Minneapolis is 429,606 now. How many sane voters will be left next year?

Imagine real estate listings: 

3BR/2Bath rancher, with bulletproof portico in excellent neighborhood near riot sites. Mediocre schools. Sky-high taxes. No water and sewer, but near mental health facilities and safe injection sites. NO POLICE SERVICES. Best offer over $65. 

There will be offers. Mostly from MS-13, but I can see a growth opportunity for gangs of all types. Why sell drugs when you can sell protection?

Lisa Bender, the president of the Minneapolis City Clowncil, was asked on CNN who you gonna call when someone is breaking into your home?

“I know that comes from a place of privilege,” she replied.

She messed up. Looney Lisa should has said it comes from a place of white privilege. She makes bumbling Philadelphia City Council President Darrell Clarke seem like Nobel Prize winner Ralph Bunche.

Our City Council is not in full zany mode, but 14 of the 17 have called on Mayor Jim Kenney to rescind his planned modest increase to the Philadelphia Police Department. I haven’t found a “defund” statement yet, but I haven’t checked Helen Gym’s Facebook page. (I think I am blocked.) 😀

Trying to seduce Council — an image that nauseates — the mayor’s spokesman said the increase is a tiny 1.6% and Jim Kenney had  signed an agreement with the cops for a one-year contract extension in May. (Kenney neglected to gain any concessions from the police union, because he trembles when facing live people, as opposed to statues.)

In any event, to further mollify Council, the police budget includes anti-racist training, body cameras, adding to the intelligence bureau and public safety officers in addition to small salary increases. Additional savings can be had by not buying any more bullets, the contract did not say. 

Going national, guess which members of Congress are attracted to the idea of abolishing police departments?

No, not the Freedom Caucus, not even the Black Caucus. There is no White Caucus. That is called the Republican Party. 😀 (Apologies to S.C. Sen. Tim Scott.)

N.Y. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (who never fails to find new ways to express hate for her adopted country) both want to defund police. They don’t want police to enforce the laws they write. 

Attention Citizens! The Looney Left plays games with language, omitting  some words — like “illegal” before “immigrant” — and saying “defunded” doesn’t mean taking away funds. And hot means cold. High means low. Etc.

We will be led down the rabbit holes by libs parsing and explaining the meaning of “defund.” Bumper sticker phrases seldom make for intelligent policy and if your catch phrase has to be explained — you need a new catch phrase.

On Facebook I am already seeing nervous, sane Dems — who see the political danger in attacking police — claiming, nah, they don’t mean “defund.” It’s harder to deny “abolish the police,” you know, like they have been yelling about ICE. Reforming police is one thing. Replacing is quite another.

Reducing police resources, or redirecting some police resources are debates sensible people can have, but “defunding” or “abolishing” or “disarming” are positions so extreme even Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden put out a statement disavowing it.

Can we trust him to remain steady as Dems go into a convention which is heavily salted with its most screwy?

I’m not sure if we can, and I’m also not sure the rest of the Democrats can convince the rest of America that when it says “defund the police” it doesn’t mean “defund the police.”

That is their problem as they steam toward a November election that they should win, but won’t if they go full bore stupid.

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  1. First thing I thought too, Stu: “Are they nucking futs?” Apparently, they really are, as you have pointed out in so many words.

    Regarding November and the election, I leave you with just one thought: “You can’t fix stupid.” Or, if you prefer: “The worst part about the loonies is that they are allowed to vote.”

    I think that you approached this topic in the best ( dull ) light possible. How can a person of intelligence discuss a subject that has no merit . Way, way, way left equals anarchy.
    We all know that the police departments of America are a “work in progress”. Just as with raising children ( or puppies ), it is a full time job. There is a need for a constant nurturing, tutoring and everything involved in taking civilians and turning them into protectors of people and property. I think that one of the biggest problems, is recruiting the best. We used to like our Veterans to go from serving our country to serving the public. I’m pretty sure that the liberals had a hand in changing that philosophy. Maybe we should reconsider “Helmets to Caps”.

    on a different note. Out here in Chester County, which went dimocrat in ’18, I think that the machine ballots have all been counted. We are at 33.55% of the total registered votes. Still have to count any mail-ins from military, etc, then certify the count. The normal process used to take 2 weeks. As it stands now, with the votes cast. Biden is ahead 59, 000 plus to Trump’s 37,000 plus. Historically, republicans don’t come out to vote in primaries or off-years. We Will See ! Somebody, awhile back, asked me if I favor only republican polls or the polls with the favorable results. I said that this is the only poll that matters. If we don’t get the republicans to come out for the good of the country ( TRUMP ), then we have a very serious problem on our hands.

  3. The real problem isn’t these idiot politicians. They have to be elected.The problem is the electorate who vote for them.

  4. Why should Biden win? Can you clarify?

    Trump is clearly the better candidate and has gotten more done in 3 years than any other President.


    1. He should win because he’s 15 points ahead in the polls and DJT lose 7 approval points. In the past I have said I will vote for neither of them.

      1. Glad you or not voting for Joe Biden, because that would mean Keith Ellison would be the new Attorney General.

    2. In the interest of fairness ,I ask this question: What has Trump done? Please respond.

      1. Barry,
        I wont waste space here. If you are really interested and serious about our president’s accomplishments, google ‘Trump Accomlishments’. Then for ytd accomplishments, scroll down one frame to frc.

        1. Thanks and I won’t waste my time looking for accomplishments that don’t exist!

          1. You asked, I delivered. “You can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make them drink”

          2. Barry, it is unfortunate but because you do not support tRUMP you will not be looked upon kindly here. With the exception of Stu, and a few others, most of the rest of the people here will either give you non-answer answers, lie to you, or ignore you.

            If you feel like looking up something you might want to Google tRUMP Election Promises He Did Not Keep or Google Lies Told by tRUMP.

    3. Nancy,
      Right now, in these dismal times, the fake news is chewing up our President. I don’t see the calvary ( A.K.A. republicans ) coming in to support Mr. Trump. Not much of a surprise, since the rinos are also part of the problem.
      As Trump has said many times, as we get through this pandemic, the economy will come back. Hopefully, he’s right – stronger than before !
      The rallies will be starting again soon. The young republicans in D.C. will also jump in and get things fired up. I’m hoping that the TRUMP STORM goes right through Pennsylvania and blows away all of the dark side !

  5. This reminds me of the movie Purge . Once a year anyone can commit a crime including murder with no consequences.

  6. Philadelphia, PA

    Dear Stu & readers,

    As I recall, and in my experience, the Democrats brought in the “looney left” (at the time of President Clinton), to strengthen their position and in part, to help push more conservative people out of the universities. In that way, the universities became regular party constituencies and continuing institutional sources of support for various talking points.

    This is a good example of “winner take all” politics, and of winning at any cost and by any available means. But no society can prosper by de-intellectualizing its own conservatives. Though I’m not one, I can sure see the damage done to them and to the country at large. Much of this comes under the heading of removal of self-restraint by removal of any constructive or positive view of American history and development. Notice in this connection the importance of something like “national neutrality” (aka “multiculturalism”) for very large firms, primarily engaged in the globalizing international markets.

    H.G. Callaway

  7. The Loony Left may have handed DT the (re)election. All the GOP has to do is print up millions of bumper stickers that read: DEFUND THE POLICE – VOTE FOR JOE BIDEN. The GOP’s political ads on TV should show what Germany was like when there was no police protection in the 1930s. At the end of each would come “I am Joe Biden and I approve of this message.”

  8. Stu,
    I’m not really sure what refunding the police is, but can we talk about how much money that the city of Philadelphia has wasted on the new Police Administration Building? Now I’m only a casual observer so my facts may be off. The City had The old Penn Mutual Insurance building in West Philadelphia which they owned and pumped 50(?) Million to refurbish to only scrap it and sell for a loss. The new location will be the old Inquirer building which is costing many more millions to refurbish but in this case they won’t have ownership. For what reasons? I heard rumors but I’m not sure it’s worth repeating.
    Thank you again

  9. I’m taking a poll 😀
    (No cheating allowed 🤣)
    I go first
    For President: DJT -1 for Trump
    Defund cops: 🤔🤪🙃🥴🥺🤡 and on and on
    More money for cops: yes = 1
    Thank you

  10. I recently caught part of an interview with a former cop whose dept was abolished, then re-established under a different title; all the cops re-applied for their old jobs. seems to be working well-anyone heard of this?

    1. Google ‘Camden County Police Force’. In fairness, don’t know if this is what you refer to, or if all got hired back?? Interesting though.

      1. HAPPY TUESDAY !!!
        Dan, Tom, et al,
        Camden “reorganized” under/after a lot of pain, dating back years. A new Chief came in and most of the original signed on as well. If I’m not mistaken, the chief just resigned .
        “ya just gotta love politics”

          1. I believe that to be correct. I remember Whitman going down there for a photo op. She had her pic taken as she handcuffed a felon

  11. I’m left leaning but don’t agree with the crazy notion of de-funding police Depts. What does need to happen is an examination of disciplinary procedures. Before I retired, If there were multiple complaints about your behavior, professionalism and they were confirmed; you’d be fired! Too many people have been harmed under the guise of the “police are just doing their job”. Many more have been harmed that we don’t even know about. My apologies to the respectful and decent law enforcement officials but they need to clean up their house and challenge this brotherhood of silence!

    1. HAPPY TUESDAY !!!
      You make several valid points, as do most of our bloggers. Believe it or not, Philly is a helluva lot better than most. Most municipalities USED to slap a badge on your chest, hand you a.38 & send you on your way. Law suits changed that lack of training to real education. Do any of you remember when the red cars were in the body shop most of the time ? Most of the recruits had a license, but didn’t know how to drive. BANG CRASH ! A little education saved a lot of money. The vast number of townships can’t afford to train their cops, so they hire part-timers, who come with some degree of smarts. Doesn’t make for better service, but it does save on court cases and high insurance. Having said all of that, then clearly – very clearly, defunding is not the answer. Better training – mental & physical are needed constantly. Ask a fireman about training. Ask a soldier about training.
      Then the last and least favorite. Police Brutality. As I said in previous blogs, we are asking ordinary men/women to do extraordinary work at any given moment ! A former P.C. said that at any time, a cop can be a victim, or a killer, or be killed himself. TRAINING ! They are not immortal. They don’t always leave their problems in their locker. They may not be at their best when only their best is good enough. TRAINING ! Everyone of them is better than I, and I’m sure all of us.
      I’ll bet that most of you thought that there was a “universal standard” for cops. NOT ! Far from it, but hopefully, this Minneapolis violence is the catalyst for such a training manual.

      1. F.Y.I.
        to date this year, we lost over 100 Police killed in the line of duty. This number is throughout the states. It includes all deaths of those on duty. Car accidents, COVID 19, succumbing to injuries and, naturally, KIA.
        Since the Minneapolis incident, cops all over the country have been shot. Most are killed, but a few will survive and even have a life, while others are not so lucky.
        sarcasm below:
        The innocent villains wear body armor when they can. Others just do what cowards do best. They shoot the cop from behind.
        Funny how none of this report makes it on fake news.
        Are cops always right? No. Do they deserve to be treated in this manner? Definitely not !

  12. Too many people have been harmed under the guise of the “police are just doing their job”. Many more have been harmed that we don’t even know about.

    Please quantify.

    1. I don’t need to quantify what I wrote! Just look at the lack of convictions of officers when innocent people have been killed. How many people in your family have been lynched or just routinely profiled?

      1. Barry, you might be wasting your time. Some people cannot see the forest for the trees.

      2. You can’t find statistics to back up your bigoted remarks.

        You can’t quantify. Ha Ha Typical lib bologna

  13. If the Left gets its way and the police are defunded, can defunding the military be far behind?

  14. 1- Until the pandemic and rioting greatest employment stats in years.

    2-Bringing back jobs last 4 presidents outsourced.

    3-Reducing US military presence in mideast. Lower taxes.

    Reduced government regulations for business.Haven’t overthrown a foriegn geovernment.

    4-Prison reform.

    5-opportunity zones in large cities.

    6-lower taxes

    7-reduced government regulations for businesses.

    8-greatly increased funds to historically black colleges.

    9-exposed corrupt cops Obama planted in FBI.The ones who screwed Gen Flynn.
    10-Increased PEs for emergencies.BO left little behind.

    11-Rebuilt military equipment.

    12-Relative peace with North Korea.
    13-refused to get sucked into syria.
    14-Destroyed the ISIS caliphate.

    Now you quantify all the police brutality you are talking about.

    Floyd was murdered because DEM candidate NYT endorsed for president,Klobuchar,refused to prosecute him in numerous cases.That cop had over 15 complaints.If Kloobuchar had done her job Floyd would still be alive.

    1. Charles,
      Nice list, short as it is. You don’t want to bore those from the dark side.
      15. Judges. Lots and Lots of judges. More Judges to come.
      As for Mr. Floyd. Videos only show part of the story. Yea, guilty vote by the public. How about the whole city is guilty for saving a few bucks and not training their police properly. ( see my comment to Barry ) That neck squeeze is still legal in most states. I’m sure that it and other strong holds will be eliminated in the very near future. The biggest problem in a situation like that, is the adrenalin takes over. That’s one reason why you have a partner. To be the calming influence. ( voice of experience )

      1. 16-If your a Vet and you can’t get in to see a Dr at VA immediately, you can go to local hospital and government will pay.

        17-If you are terminally ill you can get a medicine not approved by FDA if your doctor writes you a prescription.

        1. One more thing I’ve experienced, which I mentioned way back on Stu’s blog. They go out of their way (doctors and staff) greeting you, giving you time, listening,
          etc. I feel like a general and look forward to my appointment!

  15. I’m not going to join the DJT argument here. I happen to loathe the man. I’m also slightly right of center, but this “tyranny by woke” is moving me further and further to the right (never far enough to vote for DJT, but I digress). I am concerned, nay alarmed at the recent developments in our republic. I’m an immigrant — legal — whose parents were WW II refugees and we moved here to escape first Nazi and then Soviet oppression. Now here I am, decades later faced with a country my parents would not recognize and that I don’t recognize – one straight out of a dystopian novel. I think that this “defunding” of police is a ploy, which is thrown out to the left because it sounds more “radical” and PC than to re-organize or re-figure. And they will fall for it and embrace it because as Orwell wrote: “Orthodoxy means not thinking–not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.” I’m not too terribly worried about them actually defunding the police because that is sheer lunacy, as are open borders, re-writing history and safe injection sites, to name just three. They may call it that, but I hope cooler heads will prevail and how the defunding is operationalized does not actually look like what the word itself means. Again, I refer to Orwell.
    I do think we need to have a conversation about police tactics. The thing with George Floyd was nothing short of egregious and tragic. Frankly, you can’t control what each individual cop think, what their biases are, and sensitivity training is just so much BS. But you can control how they act and put in consequences for bad acts. And they have acted with impunity too often with unions as their enablers. My father in law was a cop in Detroit and oh, the stories he told.
    All this is to say that I agree with Stu, on all his points. This defund movement is “woke run amok” and it scares the crap out of me for the kind of a torn apart world I’m leaving for my grandkids where we no longer agree to disagree and become entrenched in ossified positions. I fear it will be, in the words of Thomas Hobbes, ‘nasty, brutish, and short.”
    On that happy note, I wish you all a lovely Tuesday!

    1. Here’s my op, Wanda, I agree with most of what you say about cops and the defunding of them… It won’t happen, and the dystopoia, Orwellian, scared, woke, and the rest.
      But I believe that Never Trumpers or Rino’s or people caught up in their ‘loathing’ for Trump, plays right into this ‘Defunding BS’. It seems to me, everything is about Dumping Trump. Not one minute since Nov 2016 has the MSM or DEM’S (MSM), and others let up their hatred for him. I said it before, I got over Obama in two days! Trump’s no angel, no smooth talker, nothing magical, but he delivers in spite of the insane adversity. It has been nothing but an uphill battle since day one. Those are facts!

      1. Well said to both Wanda and Tom.
        I would say, forget about Detroit. Philly was no Heaven and the cops were not angels. Many of time they would “forget to open the door on the “paddy wagon”, before you were physically tossed inside. Then on the way out of that same “chauffeured limousine”, you would be dragged out – feet first – as your hit hit the step plate on the way to bouncing off the ground. just say’n’.
        As for Mr. Trump. As I said in previous blogs, He’s an outsider cleaning up a very dirty corrupt city/ country.

          1. I think them cops were all TEN FEET TALL !!! I just remember looking up at them a lot. a whole lot.

          2. When I was four I got a ride in the front seat of a big red car, screaming bloody tears of pain, beside one of them 10 foot giants, siren wailing, on the way to Germantown Hospital.
            My arm up to just below my shoulder wrung up in a wringer washer. Mom rescued me!! He transported me.

  16. tps://thegrio.com/2020/05/28/amy-klobuchar-police-minneapolis-charges-cop-george-floyd/

  17. F.Y.I.
    to date this year, we lost over 100 Police killed in the line of duty. This number is throughout the states. It includes all deaths of those on duty. Car accidents, COVID 19, succumbing to injuries and, naturally, KIA.
    Since the Minneapolis incident, cops all over the country have been shot. Most are killed, but a few will survive and even have a life, while others are not so lucky.
    sarcasm below:
    The innocent villains wear body armor when they can. Others just do what cowards do best. They shoot the cop from behind.
    Funny how none of this report makes it on fake news.
    Are cops always right? No. Do they deserve to be treated in this manner? Definitely not !

    1. Retired St Louis Police Captain David Dorn will be laid to rest tomorrow. The public viewing was held today. He was shot and killed defending a pawn and jewelry shop June 2nd during the riots.

      1. They caught the poor misguided little boy. he should have been in jail for a previous felony, but………..

        Cap. Dorn will be buried with honors. Remember that reply I wrote about funerals for fallen officers……….

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