Lockdown is for YOUR “safety,” cops say

It’s like the Pope is back in town!

Remember when he visited Philadelphia in 2015 and the police turned a huge area of Center City into a fenced-off, no-go zone?

It’s ba-ack.

The Philadelphia Police Department has created a traffic box that will be implemented during the third quarter of the Eagles/Niners Sunday championship playoff game.

In the announcement, the cops talk about fan “safety.”

I ask a police spokesman, “This has NOTHING to do with expected celebrating mobs in Center City?” (Trying to avoid the word “riot,” not to mention “looting” and “vandalism.”)

His reply: “The traffic box is put in place for public safety.”


There was no major looting after the 2018 Eagles’ Super Bowl win.

There were “isolated acts of vandalism in the early hours of Monday, according to Ajennah Amir, spokeswoman for the mayor’s office,” reported CNN.

“Amir says windows were smashed out of some buildings. Police received at least one report of looting at a gas station. Fans also took down several light poles around town, injuring a few people, according to Amir.”

Fans turned over one car in Center City.

When the Phillies won the 2008 World Series, Robinson Luggage at Broad and Walnut aas looted. 

This year’s traffic box, from 8th to 20th, Vine to Lombard, creates a lockdown of almost all of the city’s retail district, notable Chestnut and Walnut, wrecked during the 2020 George Floyd protests.

Metal bike racks are already lining south Broad Street, the chief assembly point after major victories — from the Phillies to Joe Biden’s.

In the PPD handout, businesses are told “you may consider removing any sidewalk signs or temporary exterior decor such as planters, trash receptacles, propane tanks(!) and other items that may nor be secure and could be used in a destructive manner. [Italics added]

“Some may consider adding security to increase the security presence during the celebrations.”

Just “public safety,” the cops said.

“Remove valuables from plain sight, leave your cash register open and empty and turn on your burglar alarm.”

Public safety?


Look — I’m fine with the precautions, but when asked a straight question, admit these are anti-crime measures.