What happened to Girl Scout Samoas cookies?

It was believed that in it’s forward slither to cleanse any offense, real or imagined, from American life, Wokeism had attacked a cherished (and tasty) institution — the Girl Scout cookie..

Funds raised by the sale of cookies fund various Girl Scout activities, as well as community projects. Each year, around 200 million cookies are sold, raking in about $800 million. All net proceeds stay local. 

Fun Fact: Girl Scout cookies are kosher (Jewish dietary law) and halal (islamic dietary law).

Fun Falsehood: In the past, some conservative groups organized so-called “cookiecotts,” believing that cookie sale proceeds went to support Planned Parenthood. 

That was a false rumor, as was the one that Samoas cookies had been canceled.

They are still with us, according to the Girl Scout fwebsite.

A favorite meme

Why did some people believe they were canceled?

Because the Girl Scouts licenses two bakeries — ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers — and each Girl Scout Council decides which to contract with, and the two bakeries use different names for the (almost) same cookies. So what one bakery calls Samoas is called Caramel deLites by the other. (The recipes are slightly different.) Do-si-dos are Peanut Butter Sandwiches, and Tagalongs are Peanut Butter Patties.

The Girl Scouts say that 100% of the net profits from Girl Scout cookie sales, or about 65 to 75% of the cost of each box, stays in the local community. (The rest covers the cost of making the cookies, packaging, shipping, etc.).

Thin Mints is the most popular Girl Scout cookie.

Samoas had been my favorite, and now I know to order Caramel deLites if I don’t see Samoas.

15 thoughts on “What happened to Girl Scout Samoas cookies?”

  1. Thank you, Stu, for providing this vital information to us cookie lovers. I’m gonna give you a tip because I like you: best cookies I EVER had can be found right here (The Amazing Cookie), and it comes with a great cause: https://colletteys.com/. Trust me.

    1. I’ll stick with Famous 4th Street, thanks. I will buy Samoas to support the GS cause.
      As a friend noted, Thin Mints lie. I ate 2 boxes and didn’t get thin.

    For years we would buy the cookies for the kids to have a snack.
    Then, we would just give the girls cash because they would ship cookies overseas.
    Then the GSA stopped supporting our troops, so I no longer support the cookie sales
    Still sick

      1. I just looked at the website. Not much help.
        Back in the day, you approach the cookie station and you are asked to buy cookies. I would pull out a double sawbuck and asked if they sent cookies overseas. The youngest girl there would know the answer.
        Then, a few years later the GSA stopped. “Too much trouble “ !
        Check it out!

          1. Yet you put up a website that misleads one to think that’ you actually researched the topic ‘. NOT !

          2. It seems that the GSA \ participation is optional. According to my research:
            “If your local Girl Scout troop participates in a program called “Gift of Caring,” you can simply check off on the form that you want your order sent to military stationed overseas.
            In fact, individual Girl Scouts, or their Troop, now manage their sales on line, so it may be up to the individual scout. Here’s from the Girls Scouts 2022 “Troop Cookie Manager Manual”:
            “Action steps: Talk to girls about the importance of delivering on their promise to customers. They can also consider offering a Girl Scouts® Gift of Caring option.”

            So, it’s not the GSA abandoning the troops. Could be that the troop option complicates sales, and a GSA troop or scout decide not to offer it. (“Too much trouble”) Here’s the Manual. https://www.gscnc.org/content/dam/girlscouts-gscnc/documents/Troop%20Manual%202022.pdf
            Of course, if you want to send the troops cookies, you can buy them from a scout and “… you can send boxes of [Girl Scout] cookies directly to organizations that specifically work with sending care packages and shows of support to the military. Organizations like Any Soldier, Hugs for Soldiers, or Soldiers’ Angels are ready to assist and get those treats directly into the hands of troops.”https://www.romper.com/p/how-to-send-girl-scout-cookies-to-troops-because-thin-mints-are-always-a-joy-19772979
            Though I can see that might be “too much trouble.”

  3. Somoas are amazing and are my favorite also, I’ve never seen them called “Caramel Delights”. I like the thin mints as well but they are a distant 2nd. Nobody’s hit me up yet, I guess they will soon enough. I will always support GSA.

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