Joe Biden, dream believer

Today, shortly before 12 noon, America executed a 180-degree turn, choosing to be led by a flawed, emotional Irish-American, rather than an egomaniacal builder millionaire and TV reality host.

After eight years of the professorial calm of Barack Obama, America chose to do something entirely different, and now has U-turned to Joe Biden, who was No. 44’s loyal vice president.

No. 46 takes the oath of office

Taking the oath today marked the successful end to a campaign that dated back to at least 1988, the first time Biden ran for president. So that’s 33 years we know of, and the presidential hunger must have existed for years before his candidacy. So cheers to Uncle Joe — persistence paid off, as well as his moderate (for Democrats) path.

He wasn’t my candidate, but he is my president.

Donald J. Trump was not my candidate, but he was my president.

If you bemoan the division and hatefulness in America, but you don’t accept the occupant in the White House, you are part of the problem.

After arriving in D.C. Tuesday night, the oldest incoming president Biden, Dr. Jill, triple “first” box-checker Kamala Harris (woman, Black, South Asian), and her husband, memorialized the 400,000 American COVID dead, something Trump never managed to do. 

I believe the coronavirus broke Trump’s presidency because enough Americans believed he was to blame to cause his loss. Enough Americans believed he underplayed its seriousness in the early stages, as reported by Bob Woodward, and enough Americans were offended by his poo-poohing the early reports, and his baseless beliefs the plague would end by itself, by a “miracle,” by Easter.

Although he survived a bout with the virus, in a figurative sense, it killed Trump.

Plenty of Americans still believe his bullshit, but not enough to re-elect him. Had he shown any empathy early on, he might have managed a win. Had Twitter taken away his account three months ago, he might have pulled it out.

But his perceived heartlessness, belligerence and ignorance fed the forces arrayed to stop him.

To this day Trump claims the election was rigged, yet across the nation other Republicans won state and county races, while Trump lost his.

So only a part of the election was rigged? How can you believe that?

Because turnabout is fair play, Biden now will busy himself undoing everything Trump touched as Trump did to Obama.

It’s the politics of spite. I think that goes back to the White House correspondents dinner when Obama made fun of Trump’s ridiculous birther claims. The public humiliation may have, um, incited Trump to actually run, because he had threatened to run for president in the past.

I believe in giving credit where due, and Trump was perhaps the biggest political wrecking ball we have ever seen. In the primary he ended one political dynasty — the House of Bush — while in the general election he ended another — the House of Clinton (although Hillary still believes she won).

During the four chaotic years of his presidency, Trump did achieve a soaring economy (not the best-ever, as he falsely claimed) until COVID killed it. Unemployment sank to historic levels for Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and women; the stock market hit record levels; he did destroy the Caliphate and did assassinate infamous terrorists; our Southern border was sealed (by Mexico, even if it didn’t pay for a wall);  four enemies of Israel were brought to talk peace under his guidance; the Space Force was launched; Operation Warp Speed produced vaccines in record time; China was harshly confronted; North Korea was sweet-talked.

North Korea remains something of a threat — not a real one because I can’t conceive Dear Leader Kim actually attacking the United States. He’d be toast in a New York minute. Fat Boy does not have a death wish.

Trump also pulled out of the Paris and Iranian deals, which Biden will reverse, pronto. That is no dream. 

Here is what No. 46, Joe Biden, said about the future.

Unity is important and we should strive for it. That was the major theme of his 21-minute speech in which he spoke softly and carried no stick.

In addition to getting Obama’s Resolute desk, Biden needs one of Obama’s speechwriters because there was not a memorable line in Biden’s heartfelt address. It was strong on sincerity, but short on applause lines, hard to get from the small crowd hearing it.

Referring to what happened right there two weeks ago, Biden said our democracy had been tested, and had survived.

He acknowledged “deep divisions” among us and asked we end the civil war of red versus blue, and urban versus rural.

We should disagree, he said, but should do so respectfully and civilly.

Martin Luther King wasn’t the only person with a dream. 

30 thoughts on “Joe Biden, dream believer”

  1. Biden’s inaugural speech was perfect in my opinion. We need calm, steady, empathy, decency and brains right now; not a sound bite for the news channels to repeat.
    For the first time, while watching the inauguration today, I became very emotional. I was happy to watch Obama’s inauguration, uncomfortable watching Trump’s, ambivalent previously.
    Today, there was pride, respect, and hope. Let’s all be happy that dignity has returned to the Presidency of our United States, and wish President Biden and Vice President Harris well.

  2. I almost always agree with you but not on all of this.Anyone blaming Trump for all the covid deaths is denying reality.(A liberal specialty) Has any other country in the world fared any better?However the big picture is not about Trump or Biden or red versus blue.The real danger is the large and dangerous penetration of anarchists and Marxists in Government,education and the media and entertainment.No person in history has been villified every day for five years as Trump has been.What are CNN and so called comedians(ass clowns) going to do for material now?I have heard and seen on TV pundits and elected officials on TV say Trump voters should be re-programed.Do they mean like the wegurs in China in labor camps? Our education system is almost 100% marxist and teach our children lies and hate your country and make their own poison history(1619 project) if you do not know what is look it up and see if you want your child listening to that poison.I have been a center leftist all my life.You now I was for save the trees,clean water and air,whatver sex you are in to is your buisness and your private chioce,peace and no war ,have fun raise a family and have a decent wage paying job.However lately every day by the action of the radical liars taking over the government is forcing more to the right.If this current new administration does what they say they are going to do I am afraid the country we grew up in will cease to exist.And the mess at the capital two weeks ago will only be the beginning of mass civil unrest.74 million people are not going to stand for insults and re programming.

    my pallie,
    We are still friends and we will still disagree on our choices of Presidents. Neither one of us is blinded by these past political faults, failures or non descript players. We both know that the constitution welcomes freedom of speech, etc. We both know all too well that the constitution was challenged.
    What we also know is President Trump’s record of accomplishments. Too numerous to mention here, yet all is documented. Most people are not aware of these accomplishments, mostly because of the fake media. One of the biggest accomplishments is Operation Warp Speed. Never before has pharmaceutical and government joined to produce a vaccine in this record time. ( wait till we get this bill ! ) Unfortunately, partly because of Trump being Trump and partly because of everything else, this major win turned into the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Oh well. We had President Trump for four years and he did things that no one had done before him. Hopefully, his even bigger win, will be the awakening of the American public.
    And yes, I do recognize President Joseph Robinette Biden II. I will not disrespect him nor his office. I will watch with eyes riveted to the swamp. I will be heard again, and hopefully, America will be listening.

  4. I always thought the ideal definition of chutzpah is killing your parents, then pleading for mercy because you’re an orphan. But I have to say the Democrats, by way of Joe Biden’s plea for unity, takes the definition of chutzpah to new heights. For four years — beginning on day one of Donald Trump’s presidency — the Democrats did everything they could to divide the nation — FOUR YEARS of unremitting hatred and bile aimed at DT and anyone who voted for him. FOUR YEARS of dividing us by race, by income, by education, by whatever means the vile Left could come up with. And now, on Day One of our descent into the progressive nightmare to come, the Dems want UNITY? God help the USA.

    1. Could not possibly agree one iota more, Vince. Try to merely explain your opinion to one of these contemporary Democrats (as if you could even get a word in edgewise) and you’ll witness some sort of puerile temper tantrum. Ironically, something similar to the behavior of most of those “peaceful protesters” we were shocked to see all last summer long. And they’ll tell us that WE need to be de-programmed while looking you with pinwheels for eyeballs from an overdose of CNN and the Philadelphia Inquirer. God help the USA, indeed. If he hasn’t taken the phone off the hook yet.

  5. Let’s give the man (Biden) a chance… hmmm….. that’s exactly what I said about Trump, but, it is what it is (actually, he is what he is, the President of the United States).

    My only apprehension is his age. He is the oldest President to be elected. He will be 82 in 4 years. How many 82 year old Air Line pilots are out there? I doubt there are any, unless they are instructors. Sorry but I don’t think he will have the stamina (no Viagra jokes, please) or the mental fitness to complete his term, but that’s just my humble opinion.

    I didn’t vote for Trump, nor Biden, but I respect their office but did not agree on everything Trump did in the last 4 years.

    We know what we are getting with Biden but hopefully he can reach across the table and fix everything that is broken with this country.

    Cheers! *clink click* good luck and good health to number 46!

  6. Trump Republican that I am, I listened to President Biden’s speech, thought it was good and hope it was sincere, which it seemed to be. But if Mr. Biden is sincere in wanting American unity, he and the Democrats in Congress are on different planets. This vindictive unjust snap-in-the-House pending impeachment of Trump; media, social media and other Bigs censoring speech, including of the President while he was President; Dems howling now for investigating Trump (s/b themselves) for colluding (ho-ho, again) with Russia pour oil on partisan fires. We Trump Republicans are furious with GOP Congresspersons siding with the Dems on impeachment, further stirring division. After the impeachment trial is over, whichever way it comes out, we all have to start calming down and working together on what’s best for the country. Alevai.

  7. Hi stu, I am a faithful reader of your commments but today I objected to the first adjective you used – flawed. in describing Biden. Arn’t we all? Keep safe Stu! and keep writing!

  8. I agree with Vince above, but we have to try something because they’re in control. An olive branch if you will…
    #1–A tweet to big tech to knock it off with the censorship.
    #2–A call to stop the boycotting by retail outlets on The My Pillow guy, and all boycotting. It’s stupid and hurts everyone.
    #3–End the impeachment bs. It will prolong any possibility of unity and only divide us more.
    Instead of his platitudes he could do these things, if he cares.
    He’s my President too, but I have him in on a short leash, so to speak.

    1. I more than agree with Tom and those like him above, and would add two points:

      [1] The post-Presidency impeachment trial Schumer is looking forward to so breathlessly is a two-edge sword: It will further galvanize us Trump Republicans and be the acid test for us of McConnell et ilk’s self-respect. (Trump is done being the President and that is not the form in which he’ll be back, so barring him from holding office again just shows how terrified the Dems are of him and of us.)

      [2] When we take back the White House and Congress, we’re going to do two things:

      [a] We’ll make June 16, the Day Trump Came Down The Escalator, a National Holiday and require every man, woman and child in America, in the presence of the Republican Committeeman of their Voting Precinct, to commemorate that occasion and keep Making America Great Again by drinking a tall glass of Kool-Aid; and

      [b] We’ll call a Congressional hearing and put that guy Jack who’s the head of Twit or Twitter or whatever it’s called on the Stand and ask him this: At the very tail end of Trump’s presidency you barred him from sending Twits Where the hell were you starting Inauguration Day 2017 when we who lauded Trump but deplored his Twittering really really needed you?

  9. Great article Stu! I think the politics of spite were amp-up when, after Obama’s 1st inauguration, Mitch said “My goal is to make him a one term president”. I watched the correspondents dinner and Trump got humiliated and deservedly so. The birtherism lie like all lies have consequences!

  10. Let’s see if anyone can argue against the following:
    1. Rahm Emmanuel said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” (In fairness, Churchill said it first, many years ago.)
    2. Covid became for the Left an instant crisis about a year ago.
    3. To date, a little over 400,000 Americans have died from Covid or related problems.
    4. The 400,000-plus represents about .14% of the US population
    5. To ‘protect’ the remaining 98.86% of us, the government decided to virtually ruin the economy by shutting everything down
    (restaurants, churches, businesses of all kinds), but thankfully left the liquor stores open.
    6. Once the economy was ruined, the US workers who depend on the economy to pay their bills (silly stuff like mortgage
    payments, rent payments, employee payments, heath insurance premium payments, etc.) begged the very government
    that was ruining them for help.
    7. The government then issued checks, and more checks, and promises to provide even more checks. Along with the checks,
    the government forbade foreclosures and evictions (wouldn’t you hate to be a landlord having your own bills to pay? Or a banker
    holding mortgage papers that are now virtually worthless?)
    8. And all the checks being sent to everyone, regardless of need or want, are backed by…absolutely nothing.
    Printing money by the trillions (each trillion is a thousand billion) MUST lead to hyperinflation.
    9. When ultimately the whole house of cards comes tumbling to the ground as it must, who will be there to
    make us all better again? Government, of course. But not the government you are used to. No, this new form of government
    will be EXACTLY what the Left has planned since the days of FDR. You can guess the descriptive word no one wants to say
    that describes this form of government.
    Someone once said, “We can vote ourselves into socialism, but we will have to shoot our way out.”
    Happy presidency Joe Biden

      1. As the actor said, who had rotten tomatoes tossed at him because he did a bad Hamlet, “Hey! I didn’t write this shit!”

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