Jeff Brown, cleanup on aisle 4, then get out

Well, wasn’t that anti-climatic?

I mean Friday’s Committee of 70 poll that seemed to show a five-way tie for mayor, with the three women candidates in the lead. (Unlike some, I can define “woman.” And each of the three is a mother, not a “birthing parent.”)

Jeff Brown in a ShopRite store (Photo: Philadelphia Inquirer)

Anyway. . .

The reason it can be called a “tie” is because each of the candidates falls within the 3.8% margin of error, as you can see in the terrific chart in this Inquirer story.

The range is from Rebecca Ryhnhart with 18%, to Jeff Brown with 11%. If you subtract 3.8 from her and add it to him, she has 14.2 and he has 14.8. That’s the margin of error effect.

That works mathematically, but probably not in reality.

While polls are imperfect, it seems clear Jeff Brown is on the skids. He should get out of the race and endorse another candidate.

The one most like him is Allan Domb, but there is bad blood, given how they have been beating each other up. Cherelle Parker has lied about how much Brown pays workers in his supermarkets, and has lightly played the race card against him. 

That leaves Rhynhart as a likely beneficiary, assuming those who were going to vote for Brown would switch to Rhynhart.

But the biggest bloc of voters — 20% — is undecided.

That is amazing this late in the game, I quoted a local Democrat leader as saying.

As I wrote this morning, I was hoping the 70 poll would reveal a strong leader, but that hasn’t happened.

The results, however, were generally in line with private polls circulating in recent days. 

A result showing a strong No. 1 could have coaxed some of the undecided to get off the fence, but we didn’t get that. With that said, I can’t believe anyone is “undecided” about Helen Gym. As an astute political observer told me, “She is either your first choice or your last choice.” Her progressive base is insanely loyal — but they have been counted. The “undecideds” are not her friends.

What we do have are three queens. Helen Gym is the Queen of ♣️ for her truculent style; Rhynhart is the Queen of  ♥️ for her beaming smile, Parker is the Queen of  ♦️because there is no way I’m using ♠️ for her.

With such tight bunching, 70 says a relative handful of votes could provide the margin of victory. A candidate could win with as little as 65,000 votes out of 775,000 registered Democrats — less than 1 in 10. That would make for a true minority candidate, even if it were to be a white male, which seems unlikely.

Especially if Jeff Brown stays in.

In recent days he has been caught in various lies or misstatements. He said an Ethics Board case against him had been settled, which it had not. He accused his Council opponents of voting to defund police, when they had not. He denied seeking an endorsement from the building trades, when he had “practically begged” for the endorsement, said Ryan Boyer, who heads the building trades.

At this point, Brown is like a dented can on a ShopRite shelf, damaged goods. It’s time for him to go.

If he bows out, at worst his support will be distributed among Domb, Parker and Rhynhart. Few of his supporters would find the uber progressive Gym palatable.

If this sounds like I’m saying Anyone But Gym, or Stop Gym!, you are very perceptive.

Brown getting out might help the 20% of undecideds to reach a conclusion. Experienced election observers are fearing low turnout, even though this is the most hotly contested mayoral race in decades. Low turnout helps Gym, who racked up 106,000 votes in the 2019 primary.

This is not Tweedledum and Tweedledumber. There are important differences among the candidates. There are differences in their strengths, which were included in the poll.

Rhynhart: White, male, Center City men, with high incomes, plus younger voters.

Parker: Latino and Black voters, Northwest moderates, and people 50-64.

Gym: “Very liberal” with high incomes who have already voted by mail.

Domb: Northeast, high school graduates, moderates.

Brown: Older voters, many of whom have voted by mail.

In about a week, I will dedicate a column to Gym, and after that, I will figure out who to support to send the shrewish Marxist back to the Woke swamp from whence she arose.

17 thoughts on “Jeff Brown, cleanup on aisle 4, then get out”

  1. I love that fact that this city is getting worse and worse everyday (for quite a while, actually) and 80% of the people can’t even get off their ass and vote. East Detroit.

  2. “Parker is the Queen of ♦️because there is no way I’m using ♠️ for her.”

    I damn near fell out of my chair. Hilarious!

  3. If ever there were an election for ranked voting, this is it. Sure would make it interesting!

  4. In the end Rebecca Rhynhart will win because the polls will not shift much, since all the candidates have their street strength troops, whether union or volunteers. The well known law of probability is a given amount of quantity vs given amount of division will have the same outcome

  5. Not likely, to get the city out to vote these days it seems like a promise or threat will have to do it. Apathy rules here, people don’t even want to be polled.

  6. I’m still undecided. And it sounds like you are too. Am I reading that right?
    Anyhoo, I’m not surprised that 20% are undecided. I think it’s because almost all of them are impressive and certainly would be better than what we have now. Except Gym, I’m with you on Gym.
    Loved the spades crack.

    1. I took a chance with ♠️ which is why I am not putting this on Facebook.
      As I wrote, I will decide who to back later. It will be the person best positioned to beat you-know-who.
      I did not relish writing that Brown should get out. I like him. But this is about making sure our city doesn’t wind up in the hands of the uber progs.

  7. What’s with Brown taking a victory lap in front of union leader over his stores not selling Coke products. He has stated he has given up control of his. Has he? Or is he just pulling our leg.

  8. Stu, with the lies and/or misstatements Jeff Brown said I hope you can see now why very early on did I said I did not like him.

    Hopefully he will do something right, for a change, and throw his support to someone worthwhile (not Helen Gym).

      1. Stu. I did not say what my reasons were because I only had a “gut” feeling about him. In hearing him speak he sounded, to me, like he was not being truthful.

  9. If brown loves Philadelphia he’ll drop out and stop the disaster of gym becoming mayor .
    Everyone knows that progressives are fanatical about voting ( a very good thing) so 100% of her 16 % are going to vote but probably only 90% of everyone else’s voters will vote which gives gym a very,very good chance of winning ,maybe she’s the favorite unless brown pulls out or brown voters can see the disaster that maybe coming.
    It’s a nightmare thinking about having a mayor that will congratulation krasner at every turn and increase taxes to find her 10 billion dollars extra for the schools

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