It’s trite, but vote

Every Election Day you hear the same helpful wisdom from do-gooders: Your vote counts. Voting is important. Voting is not just a right, it is a duty. All of that is trite, but true.

Everybody has an opinion, most everyone anyway. The difference between my opinion and yours is I get to share it here, but you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and God knows what else.

High on the things that are important to me is the law, because without law, we have chaos. I also am for justice as it applies to the accused, but also to their victims, who often are disrespected. Looking at you, D.A. Larry Krasner.

So last week I laid out my case for doing the unthinkable and voting for a Republican for mayor. Yeah, crazy, I know.

The reasons are simple: Billy Ciancaglini opposes Sanctuary Cities and “safe” injection sites (which are not safe) because they are illegal. He has a three-prong plan to deal with the opioid crisis.

Mayor Kenney’s plan is to support public shooting galleries, which are illegal. It is surprising — but maybe not — that he is opposed by liberal Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez. Why? The shooting gallery would be in her district, already staggering under the burden of drug abuse.

And when YOU have to pay the price for liberal policies, that can change your mind pretty fast. The “who pays” is what separated some other Council members from the mayor on the regressive and unpopular soda tax.

Sanctuary Cities, injection sites and the soda tax are three issues Ciancaglini would have brought up in a debate with Kenney, but the cowardly, arrogant mayor refused to face him, not even once.

What a gutless wonder. Chicken to debate even with a 7-1 registration edge. Once he is in his second term, what further nonsense might he dream up? Under Kenney, the city budget has increased 25%, from $4 billion to $5 billion. Has the city improved 25%? We know the 25% poverty rate hasn’t budged, the infrastructure is a mess, the homicide rate in rising. But the freedom-crushing Communist China was saluted by City Hall on its anniversary because Kenney is so, um, diverse.

He might have had to answer for these policies in a debate, but no.

You would think in a mayoral election year, turnout would be high. Not this year. Nor when Krasner got elected. Elections have consequences.

Here is the good news: When fewer people turn out to vote, the weight of each vote is increased. If Kenney’s people stay home, Ciancaglini has a shot, if a poor one.

If you don’t like where Kenney has been leading Philadelphia, send a message, even if we can’t defeat him.

On the other hand, some right-thinking Council candidates might be elected. I wish I could endorse a Democrat, but I can’t find one who sides with the law on Sanctuary Cities, and the addict-enabling injection sites.

Two Republicans strongly oppose them: Matt Wolfe and Bill Heeney. I suggest you vote for them, and ONLY for them for Council At-Large, even though you have five votes. Using only two magnifies their impact.

Finally, there are ballot questions. One is for Marsy’s Law, expanding victims’ rights. Send a message to Krasner and vote YES, even though one court put a hold on enactment should it pass.
The city wants to borrow more for parks and rec centers. I thought the soda tax took care of that. Vote YES so Kenney won’t tax cheese steaks next.
Vote YES on a charter change that amends contract bidding procedures. It might not really fix things, but it couldn’t hurt.

Same thing for your vote.

9 thoughts on “It’s trite, but vote”

    Here we go again. Please agree to disagree.
    1) Don’t know why you would use capital letters for D.A. and Larry Krasner. Capitals are showing for respect for the
    institution and the man. He deserves neither. His buddy is opposing a good D.A. in Delaware County. krasner and
    the bud got big bucks from soros.
    2) Vote no for the two proposals, Parks and Contracts. Let the council do some reasoning and negotiating as they look
    for the money. A word. How about making contractors and vendors live up to their contracts. Same for city
    and in agreement;
    1) Philly has been one party to long. Vote the person not the party. For all of the right reasons, Billy C should get the
    2) Back in the day. Politicians used to really look at he numbers on polls and votes. Their conscience would help to
    make those questionable politicians try to do a better job and get reelected. That went out the window when those
    lousy pols learned to take care of a chosen few, who in turn, took care of the masses. ( psst. want a job in city hall?
    how about we fix that ticket or we get you a handicap parking space in front of your house)
    3) It used to be called “bullet voting” when you voted only for one or two rather than the bigger number. These two
    Republicans are the :conscience” of City Council. There job is to fight to uphold the law, and let the world know that
    the rest of council is taking care of the good ole boys and girls.
    these are my rambling thoughts. I have been ( still) involved in politics and was a city employee, to name just two reasons to have an opinion.

  2. P.S. other than being outside of the country for our Uncle Sam, I have never missed casting my vote for every election that took place. School Board, Council, dog catcher, you name it, I voted

  3. Posted to my FB today:

    (To and for Philadelphia friends):

    My city is in the craphole and its too dangerous to go outside in broad daylight in most areas. We are the heroin capital of the US, the poorest city in the US, property taxes go up yearly, schools are beyond atrocious which is why many homeschool, the city run animal shelter is known amongst local rescuers as an Auschwitz for animals, we have a soda tax that has driven businesses out of the city as well as even more residents, a 5 yr old girl was raped bc we are a sanctuary city that allows convicted illegals to stay, and we have a DA who is very soft on crime. The city has been run by Democrats for over 50 years. Tell me again why I should vote to keep these criminals in office one day longer?

    Trump, you say? Trump isn’t the one running this city into the ground! Its had a corrupt government since Trump was about 10 years old, but its worse now than its EVER been.

  4. I urge all supporters of Jim Kenney not to bother even voting tomorrow, he’s got this in the bag. There are ballot questions. I’m voting no on all 3. Marsy’s Law is unconstitutional and will be struck down by PASC. I don’t like charter measures and I won’t vote for a bond issue when city can’t account for $1B and is flat out missing $33 million.

  5. While I’ve lost my taste for voting Republican at a national level, for Philadelphia it makes sense. There’s been a few good ones (John Taylor) and quite a few bad Democrats. I totally agree Kenney hasn’t done all that well, he’s playing a bad hand. Yet a vote for him is undeserved praise. Same goes for some of the council members.

  6. Billy for Philly, Kenney and Krasner give not one crap about the citizens of philadelphia. Kenney obviously has bigger plans in his head and is playing national politics instead of worrying about what is best for Philly. Personally, I feel Kenney should be arrested for disregarding federal law and putting his constituents in harms way.

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