Facebook is run by morons

I was put in Facebook jail for three days for posting this:

which those chuckleheads seemed to think was ENDORSING terrorism.
I would share this on Facebook, except I can’t. 🙁

14 thoughts on “Facebook is run by morons”

  1. I think the chuckle heads are attempting protection for Joe.
    And Donald’s banned for life from tweeting.
    How long will the minority rule? Although we did get a victory in South Philly..Columbus Statue.

    1. Mr. Wetten,

      The wonderful irony behind the Columbus Statue ruling is the Common Pleas Court Judge is African American. The news media only reported her Political Party.

      1. Yes Tom, Judge Patrick. Instead the writer, B Moran, took a shot at her. Race is only useful when it fits their agenda.

    I just looked for your posting. It was there this morn, but alas, gone but not forgot.
    The Babylon Bee hasn’t had any trouble in quite a while. Could that be because they sued facebook ?
    sidebar: my buddy and I tried to get to Asia in the ’70s, when the oil refineries were under construction. Didn’t happen. It’s “who you know” when it comes to mak’n’ the big bucks. Just as well. You know me Stu. My buddy was almost as sick and demented as I. We figured we would have gotten our heads whacked off ! 😊😊
    see ya ’round, jailbird

  3. Well, I joined the crowd, I’m getting conflicting messages it’s either 72 hours for posting something on child nudity and sexual exploitation (me??) or 1 month for violating community standards.

  4. Not that I agree with it, but filtering / censorship on Facebook and other platforms is likely done by computer algorithm. Something like:

    If Score > 100 then send to Jail.

    If content contains “Rape” Score=Score+40
    If content contains “is bad” Score=Score-50
    If content contains “Taliban” Score=Score+60
    If content contains “Trump” Score=Score+200

    Appeals are probably done by “humans”

    zucerberger is starting to piss me off. All of the crap on facebook, and we get blocked. Stu for being an educated writer. Me for trying to address the murders of the 204 police officers this year. 99 of those officers died from COVID 19. The rest by every way imageable. We also lost 12 K-9s performing their duty.
    I look at ” odmp.com ” daily. Officer Down Memorial Page. I still have friends and family serving our civilian population. Some other day, we’ll talk about the military.

  6. I was put in FB jail today for posting a cartoon joke that showed someone slicing a bagel and having their finger in the hole. FB said it violated the Community standards for suicide. What kind of brain dead moron could equate something like that with suicide?

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