Facebook is nutz

The Good News: All you subscribers here may be seeing more posts from me in the weeks ahead.

Why? The Bad News: I have been kicked off Facebook for 30 days for violating its mysterious “community standards.” Take a look at this:

A note from Facebook to me

Can you read the comment? It followed an exchange with me applauding the U.S. diplomatic boycott of the winter Olympics, but not a total boycott, and getting pushback from some who disagreed.
My comment says, “A full boycott WOULD hurt our athletes. If we can go to Hitler’s Olympics, we can go to China’s.”

The nature of the violation is not explained. I was clearly disparaging Hitler, and implying China is in the same class.

Is Facebook saying China is not in that general class? Who is the offended party here — Hitler? China?
Well, I have protested to Facebook — as I did for previous 7-day suspensions — but I doubt it will do much good.
A bunch of asshats, they are.

19 thoughts on “Facebook is nutz”

  1. Stu
    You used the two magic words — China (can’t say anything bad, almost bad or seemingly bad about China. Facebook has the guts of a worm.
    You also used “Hitler”. You might be thought of praising ole Adolf in the minds of the simpletons who protect Facebookers from thinking.

    How did we survive our youth? In my case, 8 years of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary – IHM for short, make facebook and friends look like a bunch of amateurs. We were told what to think, how and why. Don’t forget when and where, either.
    We all have the scars to prove it ! Yardsticks, pointers, a piece of an old desk top and the almighty ‘hand of god’.
    The priests and lay teachers at the High School were mere amateurs compared to our nuns !

  3. Tony,
    How about the clickers and the thrown erasers that Robin Roberts would have been proud of?

  4. I was reprimanded and my comment removed several months ago for making a comment about Chinese business “ethics.” They told me it was racist. I have commented about other countries and never gotten a comment. Clearly they have an issue with criticizing the Chinese.

  5. Very glad I don’t TwiiterFace or whatever it’s called. I have friends, and I’m 70, who use Facebook and I’m told that they post stuff like a teenager. I don’t care a) where you’re having dinner b) why you think Trump sucks c) why you love Biden over Trump d) what your grandchild did like split an atom or some other nonsense
    And I could go on and on.

      1. I consider Facebook to be dangerous because of what others may post about you, because seemingly harmless chit chat about you (without your input) could open a chain of information about you that you don’t want the world to know. Just my opinion.

          1. Yeah, but once the info is ‘out there,’ the damage is done. As I said, just my opinion. Better safe etc.

  6. I was happy to discover it was only “FB jail” that has befallen you! I noticed no posts for a while at a time when I knew there was plenty of material to
    post about. Been reading your columns for many years up to the time when you and Christine F were the only ones left who made any sense at that paper that shall not be named. Keep them coming!

  7. I was wondering what happened to you over there on FB. It is funny how so many people often throw around the Hitler/Nazi stuff with impunity, yet you are banned for a month. Most likely, someone reported you.

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